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ILL MeLCat and Document Delivery: CardCat Hold

Resource Sharing options including Interlibrary Loan, MeLCat, and Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery. Guide author: Thom Zantow

Quick Facts & Links

Quick Facts

  • For students who take courses at a remote SVSU campus it is better to use Tipasa to make sure the book is mailed to you.
    • If you do opt to use the Request Hold feature please send us an email to to make sure we correctly process the book, etc.

Quick Links

  • My Library Account is where you review the status of your Hold Request, cancel the Hold, renew it once it is checked out, etc.

CardCat Request Hold

Request a hold on books, etc. on our Library system


  • This service permits you to request that an item be retrieved from our collection and held for you at the Circulation Hold Shelf (it will be held for 7 days from the time the email notification is sent out before being returned to the regular shelf)
  • To request a hold you must be registered our Library system (for current faculty, staff and students this is done automatically at the start of each semester. Contact the Circulation Desk for assistance).
  • Use only your SVSU username and password to use this feature
  • TIP:  This feature is not connected to Document Delivery services for faculty, staff and Off-Campus students. Use Tipasa to request materials for Document Delivery


  • Select item you want on CardCat
  • Click on the "Request" icon at the top of the page
  • Enter your SVSU username and password at the prompts
    • Do not use the alternative Name/Barcode authentication
  • Complete the "Cancel if not filled by" information
  • You will be notified by E-mail to your SVSU account when the book, etc., is ready for pickup at the Library 1st floor Circulation Desk
  • Once checked out treat the book, etc., like a regular Library check out.

Additional Information

  • To cancel a hold
    • Go to "My Library Account"
    • Check the box in the "Cancel" column
    • Click on "Update List" button