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ILL MeLCat and ZEDD: Document Delivery & ZEDD

Resource Sharing options including Interlibrary Loan, MeLCat, and Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery. Guide author: Thom Zantow

Quick Facts & Links

Quick Facts

  • ZEDD is to assist students who typically take night or weekend courses and need assistance in getting Library materials
  • It is similar to the Document Delivery service that we currently provide faculty, staff, and students who take courses at a remote SVSU campus.
  • For books, etc., it may be easier to use the CardCat Hold option
  • NOTE: even if you use ILLiad to request books, etc. we own, once we process them use My Library Account, not ILLiad, to track and renew the request.

Quick Links

  • ILLiad to request items for ZEDD or Document Delivery, and to access articles delivered electronically
  • My Library Account for books, etc., checked out through Document Delivery

Document Delivery and now ZEDD

Understanding and using Document Delivery and ZEDD (Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery)


  • Document Delivery is the service to provide materials we own for faculty, staff and students who take courses at a remote SVSU campus
    • For those students it is the service to bring the library to them
    • For faculty and staff it is a courtesy service to assist their instruction and research
  • ZEDD (Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery) is the digitized article delivery corollary that uses the Odyssey feature of ILLiad

Requesting Books, etc. (Document Delivery)

  • You may use the CardCat Hold function to reserve books, etc., for your use.  Follow the instructions on that tab.
    • Students who take courses at a remote SVSU campus should follow up a hold request with an email to so that the materials may be mailed to you.
  • You may also use ILLiad to submit a request
    • If we own what you request through ILLiad we will convert the request to a Document Delivery request.  Treat the book as a regular check out from the Library
    • If you note that the request is a document delivery request (best to add "ZEDD" in the notes field) but the item is not available (it is already in use, missing, etc.) we will automatically convert the request into an ILL request.  Treat the book as a regular ILL request in that case (follow the instructions on that tab).

Requesting Articles or Chapters in Books (ZEDD)

  • Submit the request in ILLiad as you would an ILL request (follow the instructions on that tab).
  • Add the word "ZEDD" to the note field before submitting the request
  • Whether supplied from our resources or procured from another Library, articles will be made available the same as ILL articles (see the ILL tab for more information)