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Help: Articles

This guide offers library services and resource assistance.

About this page:

Use for help with finding articles from the library databases. Call the Reference Desk with questions @ 989.964.4242

Find an article

toggle Find your article by filling in the information in the boxes below:
Journal Title
Article Title
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Use the Library Databases to find articles

Enter your SVSU username and password when prompted to access the library databases.

Research and Database Search Tips!

Use quotes for "phrase searching" to search for words in that order
Use AND between different concepts to refine reduce results (internet AND privacy)
Use OR between similar terms to expand results (internet OR web AND privacy)
How to develop a Research Strategy (online tutorial)

How to use Find Text

Use "Find Text" when a full text link to an article is not available in a library database. Click the
"Find Text" button to try and locate the article in another database.

Image-Find Text Button  (PDF Handout)

How to link to an article

Use the library subject guide linked below for help with creating stable/durable links

Linking to Library Sources