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First Year Students: SVSU Librarians

An introduction to the library's resources for first year students.



Any librarian can help you with your research question.

Each librarian on staff is also dedicated to supporting faculty and students in specific subject areas at the university.  You may contact your subject librarian directly if you choose, or you can visit the Research Center desk on the library's 1st floor or use online chat to get help from any of the professional librarians.

SVSU Librarians

Catherine Curtis

Catherine Curtis 

Research and First Year Experience Librarian

Subjects: History, Geography, Philosophy, Modern Foreign Language

Contact:, 989-964-2152


Matt Buckley's picture

Matt Buckley

Research and Collection Development Librarian

Subjects: Art, Business, Economics, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing

Contact:, 989-964-2844

Kathleen Kroll's picture

Kathleen Kroll

Research and Instruction Librarian

Subjects: English, Literature, Psychology, Rhetoric, Theater

Contact:, 989-964-7054

Scott Mellendorf's picture

Scott Mellendorf

Head of Research Services

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Educational Leadership, Nursing, Social Work

Contact:, 989-964-7052

Michelle Strasz's picture

Michelle Strasz

Research & Online Course Support Librarian

Subjects: Computer Science, Political Science, Sociology, Kinesiology

Contact:, 989-964-7094

Heather Fisher's picture

Heather Fisher

Metadata & Catalog Librarian

Subjects: Children's Literature, Music

Contact:, 989-964-7053

Beth Johns's picture

Beth Johns

E-Resources Librarian

Subjects: Communication, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Contact:, 989-964-2158

Thomas Zantow's picture

Thomas Zantow

Head of Access Services

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics

Contact:, 989-964-4238