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Master of Science in Nursing Program-Library Resources
by Anita Dey, Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Apr 19, 2014
Library Resources and SVSU links for students in the MSN Program
NURS 362/363: Critical Thinking and Communication
by Anita Dey, Beth Johns, Kathleen Kroll, Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Jun 12, 2013
This library subject guide is for students enrolled in NURS 362/363.
NURS 630/634 Online/Hybrid
by Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Jun 15, 2012
Study of theoretical foundations of nursing. Emphasis is on evaluation and utilization of concepts and theories as the basis for advanced nursing practice.
NURS 648
by Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Jan 29, 2013
Research in Advanced Nursing Practice-Study of research design and data analysis appropriate to the investigation of nursing phenomena. Research projects provide opportunities for intervention in advanced nursing practice.
Nursing & Health Resources
by Anita Dey - Last Updated Sep 9, 2013
Use these resources when looking for information related to nursing or health
Off Campus & Online/Hybrid Course Library Support-Health & Human Services
by Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Nov 16, 2012
This guide provides library resources and services for students taking classes from the College of Health & Human Services either off campus or enrolled in an online/hybrid course