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Health Sciences
Health Science
by Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Feb 15, 2016
HS 220: Information Management in Health Care - by Kathleen Kroll
by Anita Dey, Kathleen Kroll - Last Updated Aug 5, 2014
Provides an introduction to information acquisition, comprehension, processing, and utilization in health care. Topics include search engines and web sites of interest to health professionals; medical terminology; & cross-cultural communications.
HS 540 Health Care Finance
by Anita Dey, Kathleen Kroll, Scott Mellendorf - Last Updated Jan 18, 2016
This course is designed to provide an operational knowledge of healthcare finance management concepts and provide students with the ability to apply these ideas to real-world healthcare businesses.
HS 600: U.S. Health Delivery Systems
by Anita Dey, Kathleen Kroll - Last Updated Aug 24, 2015
by Kathleen Kroll