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Resource Sharing options including Interlibrary Loan, MeLCat, and Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery. Guide author: Thom Zantow

About MeLCat Libraries

The list of participating MeLCat libraries has two important pieces of information:

  • Since SVSU is part of the Visiting Patron program, if you visit another participating library (e.g., CMU or MSU) you may check out their materials directly at their circulation desk.
  • The list also indicates whether the library loans media through MeLCat as we do. 
  • If you visit libraries that are participate in both Visiting Patron and media loans you can check out media at their circulation desk.

Choosing the Right Service

Which service is right for you right now?

What you need Students Remote 
Faculty and Staff
Books and Sheet
Music (ours)
CardCat Hold or
ILLiad (ZEDD) CardCat Hold or
Books and Sheet
Music (not ours)
Prefer MeLCat
also ILLiad (ILL)
ILLiad (ILL) Prefer MeLCat
also ILLiad (ILL)
CD's and videos (ours) CardCat Hold or
ILLiad (ZEDD) CardCat Hold or
CD's and videos
(not ours)
MeLCat Not Available MeLCat
Articles and Book
Chapters (ours)
Articles and Book
Chapters (not ours)
ILLiad (ILL) ILLiad (ILL) ILLiad (ILL)
Textbooks (ours) CardCat Hold or
ILLiad (ZEDD) CardCat Hold or
Textbooks (not ours) Not Available Not Available Prefer MeLCat
also ILLiad (ILL)
Other materials Contact Thom Contact Thom Contact Thom

Overview of Services

The Library offers several services to provide materials to currently registered students, faculty and staff. Each service is described in detail under the appropriate tabs on this page.

Services that supply you with SVSU-owned material

  • CardCat Hold is an option to reserve a book, etc., while on our Library CardCat catalog.  
    • Items are held for pickup at the 1st floor Circulation Desk.
  • Zahnow Electronic Document Delivery (ZEDD) and Document Delivery both use our ILLiad system to process requests for our material. 
    • As with CardCat hold, materials are held for pickup at the Circulation Desk or delivered to faculty/staff offices. 
    • Articles are delivered electronically, and students who take courses at remote SVSU locations have materials mailed to them.

Services that supply you with materials from other Libraries

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) also uses the ILLiad system.  ILL connects with over 5000 libraries around the country and a growing number from around the world.
    • Requestable materials are limited to books, chapters from books and articles. 
    • Because of the expense there are other limitations based on availability of the requested item.
  • MeLCat is a Michigan-based ILL system funded by LSTA grants. 
    • Though limited geographically to participating Michigan libraries, it does offer the ability to request CD's and videos in addition to books. 
    • Currently MeLCat does not support requesting articles.  

Choosing between ILL and MeLCat

  • In general prefer MeLCat for books if the title is available in MeLCat
    • MeLCat loan periods are guaranteed for 21 days with a 21 day renewal whereas ILL loan periods are determined by the lending library with renewals not guaranteed
  • If you have special loan needs ILL offers more flexibility.  Contact Thom to make arrangements.

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