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Minutes from Monthly Department Heads Meetings

Melvin J. Zahnow Library Monthly Department Heads Minute

Monthly Department Heads Minutes as written & created by Tim Rex/Syl Banks


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Administrative Secretary

DH Meeting Minutes for March 27, 2018



Tues., March 27, 2018

9:30 am- 11:00 am – Z426


Present:  Anita, Thom, Scott, Syl


Minutes were approved from last DH meeting on 3-13-2018.


Library staff computer equipment

  • The library will have to purchase and replace office computer equipment.
  • IT will replace all student computers with new or used machines call X4225. 
  • Some of our I-pads and Surfaces are malfunctioning and will need to be replaced.  Staff may use Anita’s Dell (portable) in the meantime when needed if available.
  • Replacement laptops may be chosen that work as both a laptop w/ docking stations or as a desktop.
  • All Research Center desk computers are updated and have the solid state hard drive.
  • Thom will send email to Mike Holiday, Matt Anderson, Larry Emmons and Anita for an update on the solid state hard drive option for staff computer replacement.



Emergency Procedures

  • Training is scheduled today, March 27th @ 11:30 am with Leo Mioduszewski and Bob Tutsock in Z-111
  • Suggestion made to have drills and/or stimulation in May/June to go over fire, tornado and active shooter situations.
  • Walkie talkies may be used to assist in an emergency.  The existing equipment needs to be evaluated and possibly replaced. The batteries are constantly dying and dead zones exist in the library.




  • Way Finding Software was scheduled to be installed by March 26 and has been delayed.  No estimated completion time given.
  • HLC/Higher Learning Commission mid-evaluation update – Anita is working on mid-evaluation update assessments. Departments will be asked to update the sections that pertain to them.  Included in the HLC update was the notation that the library will now be the clearinghouse for copyright resources.  Anita will meet with John Decker for recommendations.  Draft to be given at the next Department Heading meeting.
  • The SVSU Operations Manual concerning copyright will be updated by John Decker, SVSU Legal Counsel.
  • Thom to send Anita an email regarding where to store David Callejo’s boxes of records which are currently in the 3rd floor storage room.
  • Anita will attend MiALA conference on April 18, 2018.  Anita will check with John Mauch to see if he can cover the Research Center desk during the conference.
  • S&E budget will be updated at the next department meeting


Departmental Reports


Access Services - Thom


  • Crystal Wazny is now on board and working part-time in Circulation
  • No change in closing hours for Spring/Summer 2018 or extended hours to re-evaluate and check again for Spring/Summer 2019.
  • Collaboration among Cataloging staff, Access Services staff and liaison librarians is need for upcoming weeding projects. Matt Buckley and Thom will meet to discuss options procedures.
  • Locks on doors between Technical Services and Research Services suites have been adjusted so at 4:30pm there is no access to Technical Services. The doors will be opened at 8:00 am in morning.


Research Services - Scott

  • Scott, Thom, Cynthia, Sharon and Matt to meet tomorrow on software for scheduling.
  • Stats at Gilbertson Hall are good.  920 connections made.  April 25th will be the last day this semester.  Closed for Spring/Summer not enough students.
  • Research numbers are up, the final numbers will be given in April.
  • Ashley, Scott and Anita will know in April if their book chapter on Assessment will be used.
  • Michelle Strasz will be off April 2-9 vacation and April 10-13 at a conference
  • MiALA Conference – May 17 & 18 in Lansing.  Research Services staff are presenting at the conference. One session lead by Research Services librarians is the second most popular breakout session among 5 concurrent sessions. At least 30 attendees have signed up.
  • National Library Week – April 9 – April 14, 2018
    • 4/9 – Therapy Dogs
    • 4/10 – 4/11 – Treats for students
    • 4/12 – Faculty appreciation

DH Meetings Minutes for March 13, 2018

Melvin J. Zahnow Library Monthly Department Heads



Tues., March 13, 2018

9:30 am- 11:00 am – Z426

Present:  Anita Dey, Matt Buckley, Thom Zantow, Scott Mellendorf, and Syl Banks

National Library Week – Library Faculty Appreciation event update – Matt B.

  • Thursday, April 12 @ 4:00 pm in the Roberta Allen Reading Room
  • The room has been booked. The menu consists of:  wine, cheese, fruit and dip. 

Cost approximately $155.

  • Sharon will set up a display identifying books and articles written by SVSU faculty.
  • A suggestion was made to highlight some of the library work through infographics and/or a stand-alone power point presentation.  Scott will help Matt with the presentation as needed.
  • A drawing will be held for a $100 VISA gift card.  Syl will purchase the card for the event.

Popular Reading

  • A suggestion was made to restrict popular reading books from going out on Mel loan.  Some of the new books are requested through Mel loan before they are put in the Popular Reading Collection and are on loan for months.  Our students don’t get a chance to check them out.
  • Thom, and the circulation supervisors will work with Matt to establish criteria on how they can change the status for a specific time and allow our students access to the books before they go out on Mel.

Emergency Procedures

  • Presentations are scheduled for – March 27 @ 11:30 am and April 5 @ 3:00 pm in Z 111. Leo Mioduszewski, SVSU Chief of University Police and Bob Tutsock, Director of Environmental Health & Safety will present.
  • The entire Library staff and the tutoring Centers staff have been invited to the presentations. Several staff members still haven’t signed up and need to select a session.
  • Selected Library leaders will be chosen to help during emergencies.

Title 3 Grant positions (update)

  • The Instructional Designer will report to Punam Kumar, Center for Academic Innovation Director. Nine applicants have applied.  A few applicants will be invited to an interview soon.  Syl will make copies of their resume and send to Scott and Thom.
  • The Scholarly Communications Librarian will report to Anita.  Seven applicants have submitted resumes and cover letters, six are viable.   The position posting was added to and MI-ALA to increase applicants. Search Committee members are looking for a super team oriented person among other qualifications.

Library Student Art Display

  • In April 2018, a graduating SVSU Art student is interested in displaying in the Library over 40 ceramic pieces he has created.
  • The Student Art Display Agreement, which must be signed by the artist and the Library Director has been updated by John Decker, SVSU legal counsel and David Callejo, Associate Provost.

Supply & Equipment Budget

At the next Department Heads meeting the current Supplies & Equipment budget

balance and FY 2018 expenditures for will be discussed.  Planning for FY 2019 will follow.


  • Anita met with Mike Pazdro, SVSU Project Manager and Eric Goodman, NBS, to discuss 4th floor furniture needs on 1/30/18 at 1:30pm.  The new furniture arrived and was install at the end of Spring Break week. Remaining from construction project budget were used to purchase the furniture.  The new furniture will replace the old wood carrells not along the windows and be equipped with electricity and USB ports.

Departmental Reports

Access Services – Thom Zantow

  • Student budget:  Thom will send an updated student employment spreadsheet to Syl and work with Alicia on changes. Syl will update and verify the figures with Career Services and confirm on Cardinal Direct.
  • Library Hours: 
    • The Sunday night 24 hour extended hours schedule was discussed due to lack of library users. Based on statistics from previous finals week Sunday user counts, a suggestion was made to close at 2am Sunday night.  The Library would open at 7am Monday morning.
    • Modifying spring/summer Library hours were also discussed since many spring/summer SVSU courses are offered online only. A suggestion was made to close the library Monday through Thursday at 9 pm.
    • Anita will discuss both finals week Sunday hours and spring/summer hours with David Callejo on 3-20 at their monthly meeting.
  • No cash transactions can take place once supervisors have left for the day
  • Guest printing: 3 separate guest accounts.  To simplify the guest printing procedures, an option was discussed and approved to put Library funds on account for guest printing. This decision will be revisited periodically to monitor expended funds.
  • Suzanne Savoy, retired SVSU Nursing professor is donating to the Library about 50 boxes of books. Catherine Curtis and Matt Buckley have evaluated a list of the book titles and determined select titles are valuable for the Zahnow collection.  Titles not selected to be kept will be sent to Better World Books and the remainder offered to SVSU students and staff.
  • Weeding – Thom and Matt Buckley will work together as a team to weed the math book collection.  Other areas which require evaluation soon include: D-F, History, P, Literature, M, Music, and N, Art.
  • Shifting – the General Collection needs to be shifted for shelf space.  The best time for this project is summer, however, due to limited staff time and budget, no timetable has been set.

Research Services – Scott Mellendorf

  • Scott summarized idea behind the statistic reports to be presented at the March Library Staff meeting.
  • Due to the delay in the 25 Live scheduling software updates for students to reserve library study room, Scott talked about the newly modified LibGuides room booking module. The booking software is easy to use and offers several options.  Scott will test the module and discuss results at the next meeting.
  • Upcoming events:
    • 3-20-18 – Human library, 5 – 8 pm, Ashley Blinstrub is coordinating
    • 3-22-18– Graduate Fair 10am – 6pm, SVSU Bookstore.  Scott is coordinating. He will send an email to Librarians asking for volunteers
    • 3-23-18 – Tentative date for the Library (faculty) Committee. The Library Faculty survey will be the topic of at the meeting.  Ashley Blinstrub and Matt Buckley will guide the discussion.

DH Meeting Minutes for Thuirsday June 1, 2017:

Melvin J. Zahnow Library Department Heads Meeting Minutes: Thursday June 1, 2017


In Attendance: Anita Dey, Scott Mellendorf, Thom Zantow and Timothy Rex

Renovation Update:

Anita discussed the time table and current status of the new User Services desk area and the Circ/User Services Desk areas. As of June 1st, the User Services staff are scheduled to move to newly renovated offices on Friday June 2, 2017 on the 1st floor of the library. Movers will be in on Friday to assist with moving furniture and other items to the new location. Additionally, IT Services will be moving and setting up the staff computers. Once the moves are completed the rooms Z-402, Z-403, Z-404 and Z-405 will be available for student use as group study rooms.


Anita is currently working with Connie Schweitzer of the Purchasing department to arrange payment: per Purchase Requisition created by Tim Rex, to EBSCO for their contract agreement with the library for year one payment of our 3 year contract with them for  our EDS system that will be replacing our ENCORE system effective May, 2017.

Gilbertson Hall Information Desk Update:

Scott presented to the Department heads his user statistics since the inception of the new Information desk in Gilbertson Hall. Early statistics indicate a positive response and use by students and faculty at the new mobile library desk in Gilbertson Hall. See Scott for statistic breakdown if needed. After talking with faculty Scott is going to hold off from staffing the desk in Gilbertson Hall during the summer 2017 semester and resume for the fall and winter semesters.

Staff Retreat:

Anita scheduled a library staff retreat for Friday June 16, 2017. Anita drafted an agenda and passed out to DH leaders. A brief discussion about the proposed agenda occurred. Anita want to have a morning opening statement and light breakfast then break off into departments for discussion of the Library Mission and how we need to work out goals to co exists with the universities' mission and then after a lunch we all meet back to discuss our department concerns and  ideas to move our Library into the direction for fiscal year 2018 and beyond.


Department Heads Meeting for June 30, 2017

In Attendance: Anita dey, Scott Mellendorf, Thom Zantow and Tim Rex

User Services Updates:

Thom indicated that there are ongoing issues to be addressed in the User Services: ( Circ Desk), Archives has a need for more shelving that was thrown away by Joel Kiss sometime during the storage process and during the renovation project. Additional shelving will need to be bought to replace the shelving thrown out that we planned on reusing after the renovation. We need to be informed of what Joel Kiss plans on doing to replace the missing shelving to accommodate the storage needs in the archives and circ areas.

Campus Facilities continues to store more tables and chairs and other AV equipment in the 4th floor Roberta Allen Reading Room limiting much needed library storage.

Security In The Library:

Recent security breeches in the library are of concern and emails sent go without a response to our inquiries and updates of continued instances. In several cases students were in the library well after the library was closed for the day. Part of the renovation project is the installation of several cameras throughout the library and stairwell areas. Ongoing door issues on the second floor as facilities staff have reported the doors being unlocked and students in the library as late as midnight on nights we close at 4:30 p.m.

Grand Reopening of the Library and hallway areas:

A committee of Anita Dey, Tim Rex, Deb Rickert, Ann Coburn Collins and Matt Willton has been assembled to coordinate the "Grand Reopening Reception" for the Library. The initial meeting went well with information gathered and shared with Heather O'Hern of the Conference Center so she can manage the event from her end. Festivities begin at 2:30 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Thursday September 14, 2017 with a VIP tour and followed by a general dedication on the 1st floor area near the entrance of the library, The president's remarks will follow. All four floors will have some sort of food and beverage with the bulk of the food on the first and second floors.

2017/2018 Support Office Assessment and Planning Report:

Anita Thom and Scott are working on the annual document for submission to the Provost's office. Anita said this year's report is a new model and is different from previous years. Thom and Scott will submit their departmental portion of the document for inclusion and then Anita will share for review of Scott and Thom before submitting to the Provost's Office.