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Best Practices for Online Course Support Librarian Program: Home

This guide gives you best practices for the Online Course Support (Embedded) Librarian Program.

What is the Course Support Librarian program?



The course support librarian program is working collaboratively with faculty to provide research assistance, relevant library resources and services, and research strategies to students within their Canvas classroom. 

Basic Principles

These are the basic principles that I have typed out on the Faculty page, so the faculty knows what to expect in regards to our program. 


  • We will need to be added as a Teaching Assistant (TA) in Canvas in order to create library discussion boards, post tutorials, research guides, relevant research materials, and send emails to students. 
  • Please work with us to determine how active you would like us to be with regards to your class. 
  • We can create customized tutorials and research guides for your class. 
  • We will provide our individual contact information and availability to the students to create a more personalized research experience.  
  • We can schedule online office hours for research help.   
  • We can help you load your content into your Canvas classroom.
  • We can assist in researching subjects or new topics for your classes, please discuss this with your library liaison. 
  • To have an Course Support/Embedded Librarian added your class, please contact your library liaison or Michelle Strasz, Research & Course Support Librarian, or 989-964-7094