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Overview of how the lending library for the KCP, Morris Hood and PSA programs work

Program directors will work with students to purchase/rent textbooks

Library will provide the means to check out the textbooks to students. 

At the end of the Winter semester, Library will provide the grant program director with a current list of the titles in their lending libraries.  The list will include the ISBN and edition for the books.  The program director will be able to determine what books are available and possibly which should be sold back to the bookstore.

Books will be checked out for the entire semester.  The due date will be set for the Wednesday of finals week.  Overdue fines are not charged for the books.  However, unreturned books will be be charged to the students account.

Students who have not returned any item (including lab manuals) will not be allowed to check out items the following semester.


Program director will be responsible for all ordering of textbooks based on the book request forms completed by the student.

Program director will provide the white copy of each student form to Library with the purchased books.  Program director will give the library 3 business days to process the books before the students are contacted regarding pickup availability.  Library will not contact students individually, this will be the responsibility of each program director.

Library will add the returnables to the lending library collection.  Once all items are entered, Library will put together the orders for each individual student.  Any items that are not included in the order but on the students request form will be noted and an email sent to the Program Director. 

Students who do not take books will be referred to the Program Director/Mentor.  The books will not be checked out to the student and will be held by Library until the week when full refund returns end with the Bookstore.  At that time, all books remaining in the lending library will be deprocessed and returned to the Bookstore on behalf of the Program Director.

Students who request additional books will be directed to the Program Director/Mentor.  No books will be checked out to the student if we do not have a book request for the title signed by the Program Director/Mentor.


Library will not add non-returnables (ie safety glasses, special equipment) / access codes to the lending library. 

Library will assist in the distribution of non-returnables by adding them to the book packages for students

At the time that rental books are returned to the Bookstore, non-returnables will be delivered to the Program Director's office.

An email will be sent to the student's SVSU email account before the books are to be returned.  The email will include the title of each book that has been checked out.

Students will be responsible for returning the items in useable condition to the Library

Items that have been rented from the bookstore will be deprocessed and returned not later than the Monday following the end of the semester.

A list of all items that have been returned will be sent to the Program director.

A list of students who have not returned books will be provided to the Program Director no later than the week after the end of the semester.

Students who do not return books will have a block on their account until such time as the student returns the items or otherwise made arrangements with the Program Director for payment.  During this time that the account is blocked the student will have no access to library services, including use of the databases, access to reserve materials, access to interlibrary loan and other library collections.



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