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Library and E-reserves : SVSU Zahnow Library: E-reserves

Policies and procedures for creating and maintaining library-based course reserves and Canvas-based E-reserves. Guide authors: Thom Zantow and Heather Hillaker

E-Reserves Form

E-Reserves Form

To fill out the E-Reserves Form electronically:

  • Open the form, fill out the fields contained as completely as possible, and save the form to your desktop.
  • Compose an email to and attach the saved form.
    • If you plan to deliver the materials to be placed on E-Reserves electronically please attach them to the email as well.
    • Include any special messages pertaining to the materials in the body of the email (for example, if you would like the title of the item in Canvas to be something other than the title of the article or book chapter).
  • Submission of the form signifies acceptance of the library policy for E-Reserves Fair Use.
  • The library requires one week for the processing of E-Reserve submissions.

Quick Tips

  • Posted items can be found by clicking on the E-Reserves button (located in the left column of your Canvas course). 
    • That button will not be created until after your request has been submitted.
  • For more information on Canvas contact the Classroom support and Instructional Training at 989 964-2730.

E-Reserves Procedures


E-Reserves are materials that are placed online in Canvas as a service to SVSU faculty.  Students may view or print these items, administrated exclusively by SVSU library staff, 24/7.

What Can Be Placed on E-Reserve

  • Some examples of items that may be placed on E-Reserve are:
    • Articles from journals, periodicals, or newspapers
    • Chapters from books
    • Materials you have created
    • N.B.: copyright permission may be required prior to placing items on reserve
  • When possible use links to articles in our full text subscription databases.  These have copyright already covered.  See "Persistant Linking to Library Sources" for more information.

Placing items on E-Reserve

  • Instructors who wish to place items on e-reserve may need to obtain copyright permission and will need to complete the library’s e-reserve form.
    • To determine whether a given item meets Fair Use and does not require further copyright permission please see the Copyright and Reserves tab.
    • If acquiring copyright permission is necessary please see the Home tab for instructions.
    • When filling out the E-Reserve form, located on the left-hand side of this page, it is extremely important to enter all fields as completely as possible.
      • The contact and course information is needed to gain access to your Canas course.
      • The citation information is essential for locating library owned materials to be placed on e-reserve, determining if a durable link is available (these links may be used freely from semester to semester), and for crediting the author (a warning concerning copyright restrictions and a citation will be added as the first page to each item posted).
      • In the “Article location or how you will provide a legal copy” box please indicate whether the item is attached, if it can be located in materials owned by the library, or provide a link to one of our databases (See "Persistant Linking to Library Sources" for more information.) 
      • If the item cannot be found in one of these ways please deliver a paper copy to the Access Services desk
  • NOTE: if you do not have access to the resources you want to put on reserve please contact User Services at the library ( 964-4240).  The Reserve forms are unable to act as a surrogate ILL form.