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Library Collections: Notebook PCs & Special Needs Equipment

Description of various Library collections in all formats. (created Jan, 2010) Guide author: Thom Zantow and Circulation Staff

Laptop computers

  • The Library has 40 computers available for students to checkout for a semester. Computers have the most used software available. In addition, specialized software needed for classes can be downloaded with assistance from the IT Support desk.
  • The Library has 20 laptop computers available for students to check out on a first come-first serve basis. These computers are checked out for 6-hours and can be used on campus only.
  • SVSU does not assume responsibility for the presence of malicious software, viruses, etc.  

Special Needs Equipment

Special needs equipment available in the Library include:

  • Amigos - The Circulation Desk has three Amigo power scooters provided by Disability Services. These are available on a first come-first serve basis. These are checked out on a daily basis.

See for more information on Library services.

For more information regarding special needs equipment see: Accessibility Resources & Accommodations