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Ken Follett Papers: Boxes 65-79 - Night over Water

Materials related to the author Ken Follett. Guide author: Thomas Zantow

Quick Facts

Published in 1991 by William Morrow, New York.

Published in French as La Nuit de tous les Dangers by Robert Laffont

Published in German as Nach Über den Wassern by Lübbe

Published in Italian as Notte sull Acqua by Mondadori

Published in Spanish as Noche sobre las aguas by Random House Mondadori

Outline Chronology

20 December 1989  (1st draft)
[Box 65 Folder 5]
22 January 1990 (2nd draft)
[Box 65 Folder 6]
4 March 1990 Outline, 3rd draft, with a list of research material and subject index for interview transcripts
[Box 66 Folder 17]

Box 65


Boxes 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 -75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79
Box 65
(1) Pan American Clipper Correspondence
To Liwa Chiu: Thank you for your help with research 16 November 1989 1p.
To Margaret O’Shaughnessy: GPA Foynes Flying Board Museum, thank you for invaluable help 15 April 1990 1p.
To Margaret O’Shaughnessy: Receipt for my contribution 30 April 1990 1p.
To Mrs. Mendez: Please call Margaret O’Shaughnessy 9 July 1990 1p.
From Margaret O’Shaughnessy: Enclosed your Founder’s Patron Scroll 13 July 1990 1p.
From Jeffrey F. Kriendler: We are pleased to grant permission 22 October 1990 1p.
From Margaret O’Shaughnessy: Our annual general meeting takes place 11 November 1990 1p.
(2) Edited draft, with Follett’s markings n.d. 239pp.
(3) Research:
Spiral notebook with handwritten notes n.d. 88pp.
Luncheon menu from the inauguration of the first stage of the empire air mail scheme 29 June 1937 2pp.
Paris fashions of 1939 n.d. 2pp.
Manuscript pages n.d. 3pp.
Fax Correspondence from Pamela to Follett: I have been asked by PAN 25 January 1991 2pp
Fax Correspondence from Follett to Pamela: Clipper diagram 28 January 1991 4pp.
[n.b. Both faxes are faded and hard to read]
Various Clipper diagrams n.d. 9pp.
(4) Correspondence from Daniel Starer: Research on the American Clipper 29 September 1989 9pp.
(5) Outline, 1st draft (2 copies) 20 December 1989 25pp.
(6) Outline, 2nd draft 22 January 1990 60pp.
(7) Correspondence from Daniel Starer: Information on up-coming interviews 28 January 1990 9pp.
(8) Interview Transcripts – Bob Fordyce 29 January 1990 18pp.
(9) Interview Transcripts – Stan Zedalis 29 January 1990 21pp.
(10) Interview Transcripts – Madeleine Cuniff 30 January 1990 19pp.
(11) Interview Transcripts – States Mead 30 January 1990 27pp.
(12) Interview Transcripts – Lew Lindsey 3 February 1990 29pp.
(13) Interview Transcripts – Jim McLeod 3 February 1990 24pp.
(14) Interview Transcripts – Roger Wolin 3 February 1990 13pp.
Box 66
(15) Interview Transcripts – Micro-Cassettes (11)
(16) Research: United Flying Octogenarians-Ad, U.F.O. newsletter February 1990 5pp.
(17) Outline, 3rd draft, with a list of research material and subject index for interview transcripts 4 March 1990 65pp.
Box 67
(18) Correspondence from Chris Makepeace: Information about Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool 31 October 1990 1p.
(19) Correspondence from Doris Mead: Death of Mr. Mead and his obituary 26 March 1991 2pp.
(20) Various correspondences:
Correspondence from Al Zuckerman to Follett: I have a few suggestions on outline 26 December 1989 4pp.
(2 copies, 2nd one with handwritten notes)
Correspondence from Follett to Al Zuckerman: Many thanks for your notes 28 December 1989 3pp.
Outline: 2nd draft 18 January 1990 28pp.
Correspondence from Al Zuckerman to Follett: Latest outline…is far stronger 19 January 1990 4pp.
Correspondence from Pat Golbitz to Follett: Comments on outline 29 January 1990 5pp.
Correspondence from Pat Golbitz to Follett: More comments on outline 31 January 1990 3pp.
One page of handwritten notes n.d. 1p.
Correspondence from Ray Tacey to Follett: How thoughtful of you to remember my very small involvement 21 September 1991 1p.
Correspondence from Gary J. Palin: You may be interested to learn of the existence of the only remaining airworthy large passenger flying boat 2 March 1992 (with photo) 2pp.
(21) Research: On the plane (A)
Correspondence from Jim McLeod to Starer: Information on the Howgozit Curve 10 April 1990 4pp.
Correspondence from Clifford O. Evans to Follett: Enclosed are photocopies of photographs 15 November 1990 7pp.
Foynes Aviation & Maritime Museum: Time table n.d. 3pp.
Chronology inauguration of transatlantic service by Pan American Airways n.d. 4pp.
Pan American Airways System Boeing B-314 (Yankee Clipper type) data n.d. 3pp.
"The Ships had Wings: It Seemed as if the Flying Clippers Could Push on Forever.” Unknown magazine on the training of B-314 crew n.d. 2pp.
Flight progress of the Yankee Clipper from Baltimore to Horta n.d. 1p.
"Trail Blazing Clipper Wings over Atlantic” Newspaper article on Yankee Clipper flight from Baltimore and Europe n.d. 2pp.
Theoretical take-off and landing pattern for B-314 airplanes 22 July 1942 1p.
Clippers – Across the Oceans: Pan American Air Giants Travel 100,000 Miles : Daily B-314’s in war service n.d. 2pp.
Air Cargo News International “ Big Flying Boat Service Began 50 Years Ago” n.d. 3pp.
Specifications of Boeing B-314 plane n.d. 5pp.
Reno: “Boating in the Bush: Pensioned off from Imperial Airways and Laid to Rust In” n.d. 3pp.
Boeing 314, specifications and extracts from manuals n.d. 2pp.
Flight deck and outline of Yankee Clipper n.d. 3pp.
Flight plan from Port Washington to Southampton n.d. 1p.
(22) Research: On the plane and crew (B) 1 of 2 folders
“Boeing 314” : Aviation July 1938 3pp.
“Tons Aloft: Test Piloting the Transatlantic Clipper” : Saturday Evening Post 17 September 1938 6pp.
Detailed description of flight deck. : Boeing News Bureau 16 December 1938 5pp.
“Pan American Air Liner Ends its Cruise from West Coast as Baltimore Looks On” : New York Times 25 February 1939 2pp.
“How the Atlantic Will Be Flown” : Aviation. Technical article on crew, route and Radio March 1939 6pp.
“Ocean Flying Takes New Step” : New York Times 19 March 1939 3pp.
“To Halt Sea Hop” : New York Times
4 June 1939 1p.
“Air Ferry Ready for Europe" : New York Times 18 June 1939 2pp.
“Clipper Crosses Ocean Like Train” : New York Times 19 June 1939 2pp.
“Clipper Off Today on Northern Route” : New York Times 24 June 1939 1p.
“Clipper Held Back as Fog Hides Port” : New York Times 25 June 1939 1p.
“Clipper Still Held in Canada by Fog” : New York Times 26 June 1939 3pp.
“Navigation Highly Exact” : New York Times 27 June 1939 1p.
“Greeting Party of 21” : New York Times 29 June 1939 1p.
“Keeping the Sea Birds Flying” : Popular Mechanics January 1940 4pp.
“System Operations Manual : ” Pan American Airways Systems
“Trans-Pacific Clipper Ships: Specifications of the new Boeing – Model “314” : Pan American Airways System 1944 3pp.
“Twenty Five Years Ago this Summer” : Pan American Airways 28 August 1964 3pp.
“Boeing Clippers Wide-Bodied Titans of the Thirties” : Airpower November 1977 13pp.
“Flying the Boeing Clipper: Complete Operational History” (21pp.) : Wings December 1977 63pp.
Flying the Oceans: A Pilot’s Story of Pan Am 1935-1955. Brock, Horace
“Flying the Clippers” : Water Flying 1981 3pp.
The Great Clippers : by Bowers, Peter M. 21pp.
“Flying Hotel That Went to War” : Muskoka Sun Marshall, Don McCrea
Part 1 29 June 1989 3pp.
Part 2 6 July 1989 4pp.
Part 3 13 July 1989 4pp.
(23) Research: On the plane and crew (B) 2 of 2 folders
Correspondence from Follett to Mrs. Mendez: Time zones in Eastern Canada 5 March 1990 2pp.
Correspondence from Ruth Miller to Follett: Daylight saving time in 1939 8 March 1990 2pp.
Update: Time zones in Botwood & Shediac, Canada
Pan Am uniform is black…
Flying the Atlantic
Time Zones in Botwood, Newfoundland, and Shediac, New Brunswick, on 6 & 7 September 1939 20 March 1990 1p.
Correspondence from States Mead: My notes of comment and observations are here 3 September 1990 8pp.
Notes on States Mead comments n.d. 7pp.
Flight Plan and Howgozit Curve. States Mead n.d. 2pp.
Take-off notes (handwritten) n.d. 4pp.
Schedule (handwritten) n.d. 2pp.
(24) Research: On passengers experience (C)
Physical characteristics of main characters along with two copies of passenger deck plan day arrangement n.d. 4pp.
Photograph of male model (Harry) torn out of magazine n.d. 1p.
Photograph of female model (Diana) torn out of magazine n.d. 1p.
Food and drink (handwritten) n.d. 1p.
Nautical type cocktails for use in flying boats n.d. 1p.
Xeroxed photographs of the passenger deck on a clipper n.d. 5pp.
Lunch menu from 1945 n.d. 1p.
Inside the B-314: location of magazine rack, type of wallpaper… n.d. 1p.
“I Wish and I Wonder: Night Scene at an Airport” MacPhail, Margaret : Scribner’s Magazine January 1939 2pp.
“Clipper Delayed by Fog" : London Times 26 June 1939 1p.
“Yankee Clipper Still Delayed” : London Times 27 June 1939 1p.
“Yankee Clipper’s Flight” : London Times 28 June 1939 1p.
“Yankee Clipper’s Arrival” : London Times 29 June 1939 1p.
“Clipper Passengers as Government Guests” : London Times 30 June 1939 2pp.
“Clipper’s Return Flight” : London Times 1 July 1939 1p.
“Pan-American Airways Flying-Boat Arrived at Port Washington” : London Times 3 July 1939 1p.
“Passenger Flight to England” : London Times 10 July 1939 1p.
“Yankee Clipper’s Return Flight: Additional passengers” : London Times 13 July 1939 1p.
“Yankee Clipper at Southampton” : London Times 24 July 1939 1p.
“Clipper Passengers Get Thrill” : New York Times 2 August 1939 1p.
Press release describing passenger deck. Pan American Airways System: Pacific Division 1940 5pp.
“Many Ports of Call” Haven, Violet Sweet. Breathless account of press flight
“Dining Aloft – Then and Now” : Pan American Airways 15 June 1964 3pp.
“Bridging the Atlantic” Schrader, Richard K. : American History Illustrated May 1989 10pp.
“Passengers Aboard Pan AM’s First Transatlantic Clipper Flight” : PAN AM : News 1 May 1989 2pp.
Correspondence from Arch Werner to Starer: Information on Clipper, with photographs (Xeroxed) from Air Classics January 1990 16pp.
“Impressions of Passengers Aboard First Transatlantic Flight, Fifty Years Ago” : PAN AM News 1 May 1989 4pp.
“Excerpts from Mrs. Trippe’s Account of PAN AM’s First Transatlantic Passenger Flight” : PAN AM News 1 May 1989 5pp.
Correspondence (Fax) from Randell Cone to Madeline Cunniff: “Well it’s Here” : National Aeronautics June 1939 4pp.
(25) Research: On firearms (D)
“Bureau and the Handgun” : Investigator May 1982 4pp.
“Famous Pistols and Hand Guns” Cormack A.J.R. n.d. 15pp.
Pistols of the World: A Comprehensive Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World’s Pistols and Revolvers from 1870 to the Present Day. Hogg, Ian V. n.d 4pp.
Descriptions of guns n.d 17pp.
Military Pistols and Revolvers: The handguns of the two World Wars. Hogg, I.V. n.d 17pp.

Boxes 68-79


Boxes 65 - 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 71 - 72 - 73 - 74 -75 - 76 - 77 - 78 - 79
Box 68
(26) Research: On airports, Botwood N.F. with photographs
Botwood, handwritten notes n.d. 4pp.
“Air Base Built in the Wilds” : The Times 24 August 1939 2pp.
“Transocean Land Field” : New York Times 21 January 1940 2pp.
“Peace of the Continent” MacLeod, Malcolm 2pp.
“Flying Boat Museum Opens in Botwood. : The Advertiser 27 July 1989  
"The Hotel That Flew to War - via Botwood" : The Advertiser 3 August 1989       3pp.
Correspondence from Clifford O. Evans to Follett: Enclosed are the clippings which confirm telephone links to Botwood in June, 1939 30 August 1990 5pp.
Map of Botwood 1969 1p.
“Through the Back Doors of the World in a Ship That Had Wings” Masland, William M. n.d. 11pp.
Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador Smallwood, Joseph R. Information on Botwood 1967 5pp.
Photographs (9) of Clippers and Botwood facilities n.d. 4pp.
(27) Research: On airports, Foynes, County Limerick Ireland
Founder Patron’s Scheme. Brochure from GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum n.d. 1p.
GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum. Brochure n.d. 1p.
Official Opening of GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum n.d. 3pp.
Notes on Foynes n.d. 3pp.
Outline of Proposals for Development of an Aviation and Maritime Museum at Foynes County Limerick : Foynes Aviation & Maritime Museum Ltd. n.d. 11pp.
GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum. Annual Publication n.d. 67pp.
“Pan American World Airways in Ireland: History, Organization Personnel” : Pan American World Airway August 1946 5pp.
“Foynes Recalls Pioneering Days of Aviation” : Irish Times 10 July 1989 1p.
GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum Fact Sheet 2pp.
Foynes – The Centre of the Flying Boat World with map n.d. 2pp.
Photographs (3)
(28) Research: On airports, Port Washington
“Air Terminals for Trans-Atlantic Services”Pack, Harry S. : Aero Digest n.d. 4pp.
Air Pilots Register 10 January 1936 2pp.
Directory of Airports and Seaplane Bases 1 September 1939 2pp.
“How Port Washington Gave Birth to Pan Am” Meehan, Denise : Good Living June-July 1987 4pp.
(29) Research: On airports, Shediac / Pointe du Chene, with photographs
Shediac, handwritten notes n.d. 1p.
Correspondence from J. E. Belliveau to Starer: Information on Shediac Bay and Pointe du Chene 17 January 1990 4pp.
Correspondence from J. E. Belliveau to Follett: Flying boats came down in the channel 30 August 1990 1p.
Correspondence from J. E. Belliveau to Follett: Railroad track running along the seaward side 10 September 1990 1p.
Four different sections from an unknown book on Shediac n.d. 23pp.
“Balbo’s Armada”from the booklet : A Place Called Pointe du Chene Belliveau J. E. n.d 2pp.
Xeroxed photographs of Shediak n.d. 2pp.
Information on Shediac and the Pan-American Clippers, with photographs n.d. 11pp.
J.B. Belliveau. : Background on Shediac and Pointe du Chene for Follett Research n.d. 4pp.
Photographs of Shediac (16)
(30) Research: On airports, Southampton, with photographs
Southampton, handwritten notes n.d. 1p.
“Marine Air Base at Southampton” : New York Times 18 April 1937 1p.
Famous Airports of the World. Stroud, John 7pp.
Information on South-Western Hotel, Southampton n.d. 2pp.
Solent Sky. New, Peter. (Ken- After waiting three months to get my hands on this book it has very little of interest. Dan) 1976 19pp.
Port of Southampton chart. 1989 1p.
Photographs of Southampton (21)
(31) Research: On airports, Seaplane docking facilities
Checking-in and boarding, handwritten notes n.d. 1p.
“ Bases for Seaplanes” : Aero Digest April 1938 5pp.
(32) Research: Miscellaneous
Handwritten notes n.d. 1p.
Business cards and contacts n.d. 2pp.
London police station in 1939. Notes from an interview with Ted Willis n.d. 2pp.
Flying Reference Book. Camm, F.J. Aircraft Dictionary 19pp.
Descriptions of different types of airplanes n.d. 7pp.
Descriptions of different types of military boats/ships n.d. 7pp.
Box 69
(33) 1st draft 5 March 1990 527pp.
Box 70
(34) 1st draft 12 July 1990 529pp.
Box 71
(35) Final draft (Corrected copy red-lined). 23 March 1991 434pp.
Box 72
(36) Final draft 23 March 1991 657pp.
Box 73
(37) Research: : Running Far In: Story of Shediac. By John E. Belliveau 1980 272pp.
(38) Research: : Last of the Flying Clipper Ships. By N. D. Klaas. “Story History of the B-314 Flying Boat” n.d. 23pp.
(39) Research: : 150 Years of Southampton Docks. By Bert Moody 1988? 64pp.
(40) Research: : Organized Crime (2nd Edition). By Howard Abadinsky 28 pp
(41) Research: : American History Illustrated May 1989 50pp.
(42) Research: : Machinery and Production Engineering: 75th Anniversary August 1987 440pp.
(43) Research: : 1938: A World Vanishing. By Brian Cleeve n.d. 192pp.
Box 74
(44) Research: : Handbook of Instructions (Maintenance) Boeing Model 314 Flying Boat n.d. 288pp.
(45) Research: : Handbook of Instructions (Operation) Boeing Model 314 Flying Board n.d. 113pp.
(46) Research: : Flight Departures Allowable Operating Loads 18 November 1942 200pp.
Box 75
(47) Research: : Beachcomber: The Story of a Sandringham and Sunderland Civil Conversions : Operated in Australia 1989? 23pp.
(48) Research: : A Place Called Pointe du Chene. By John E. Belliveau 42pp.
(49) Research: : Newnes Practical Mechanics February 1939 55pp.
(50) Research: : Newnes Practical Mechanics April 1940 48pp.
(51) Research: : Chapter from Mr. Brices Unpublished Book. 2 letters 41pp.
(52) Research: : Civil Aeronautics Board: Accident Investigation Report 14 January 1992 16pp.
(53) Research: Material for City of Manchester
Correspondence from Margaret De Motte to Follett: Research hours for Department of Libraries and Theatres in Manchester 27 September 1990 2pp.
Correspondence from Chris E. Makepeace to Pam Mendes: Enclosing photographs (Xerox) of Manchester 27 September 1990 12pp.
1939 in the Manchester Area . Researched by Chris E. Makepeace n.d. 20pp.
Correspondence from Chris E. Makepeace to Pam Mendez: Please findenclosed the notes I made from the local papers 31 October 1990 5pp.
Handwritten notes on : Manchester in 1939 n.d. 5pp.
Cheshire Life. “Polo Notes” by Tom Cragg June 1939 11pp.
(54) Research: Material on Fascism, folder 1 of 2
B.U.F. Oswald Mosley and British Fascism. “Mosley and British Fascism” pages 238-293. James Drennan 1934 30pp.
Fascist Movement in Britain. “British Fascist Ideology” pages 132-168. Robert Benewick 1972 21pp.
Illusions of Grandeur: Mosley, Fascism and British Society, 1931-1981 “Corporatism: the Philosophy and Programme of the BUF” Pages 33-60. David Lewis 17pp.
Correspondence from Daniel Starer to Follett: Research on fascism and anti-semitism 3 October 1990 1p.
Burning Bush: Anti-Semitism and World History. Pages 290-295 Barnet Litvinoff n.d. 4pp.
Rise of Fascism. F.L. Carsten n.d. 8pp.
Epic of Survival: Twenty-Five Centuries of Anti-Semitism Samuel Glassman n.d. 10pp.
Antisemitism Through the Ages. Shmuel Almog (Editor) n.d. 11pp.
(55) Research: Material on Fascism, folder 2 of 2
Belisha’s Business Record n.d. 6pp.
Break the Chains that Bind Us. A. Raven Thomson n.d. 18pp.
British Peace-How to Get It. Oswald Mosley n.d. 11pp.
Fascism and the Press. A.K. Chesterton n.d. 10pp.
Land and the People. Jorian Jenks n.d. 6pp.
10 Points of Fascism. April 1934 8pp.
Women and Fascism. Anne Brock Griggs n.d. 6pp.
War! Much Grimmer than anything We have Yet Seen n.d. 1p.
Mind Britain’s Business. R. Gordon-Canning n.d. 10pp.
Unemployment: Speech in the House of Commons On His Resignation. Oswald Mosley 28 May 1930 8pp.
Greater Britain. Oswald Mosley 160pp.
Tomorrow We Live. Oswald Mosley 4th Edition 80pp.
We Fight for Freedom. A. Freeman April 1936 65pp.
Big Fish and Little Fish n.d. 2pp.
British Miners You are the Victims of a Depressed Industry n.d. 2pp.
British Union Policy Ten Points. Oswald Mosley n.d. 2pp.
British Union Stands for Trade Unionism n.d. 1p.
Democracy Promises n.d. 1p.
Dream That Came True n.d. 1p.
Jews Pay Miles to Attack Mosley n.d. 1p.
Labour L.C.C. Scandal n.d. 1p.
Labour Lies After Betraying Tenants to the Landlords n.d. 1p.
Labour Pleads for the Capitalist Bosses n.d. 1p.
Landlords to Profiteer While Labour Bluffs n.d. 1p.
Mosley’s Message to British Union Members and Supporters n.d. 1p.
Mosley’s Policy for Cotton n.d. 2pp.
Mosley’s Policy for Farm Workers n.d. 1p.
Mosley’s Policy for Miners n.d. 1p .
Small Traders and Chain Stores n.d. 2pp.
Box 76
(56) Research: On Jewelry, folder 1 of 2
Answers to Questions about Old Jewelry “1840 to 1950.” Jeanenne Bell n.d. 12pp.
Design in the Jewellery Silversmithing and Allied Trades. Report by the Council for Art and Industry n.d. 25pp.
Modern Jewelry: An International Survey 1890-1963. Graham Hughes n.d. 41pp.
Twentieth Century British Jewellery 1900-1980. Peter Hinks n.d. 44pp.
(57) Research: On Jewelry, folder 2 of 2
Pages from various issues of : Watchmaker & Jeweller Silversmith and Optician. Feb. 1935 1p.
June 1935 2pp.
July 1935 1p.
Feb.1936 4pp.
Mar.1936 15pp.
Apr. 1936 3pp.
May 1936 2pp.
July 1936 6pp.
Aug. 1936 1p.
Sept. 1936 2pp.
Oct. 1936 6pp.
Nov.1936 1p.
20th Century n.d. 3pp.
Small Jewellery. F. R. Smith n.d. 109pp
Jewelry Gem Cutting, and Metalcraft. William T. Baxter n.d. 287pp.
Box 77
(58) Correspondence from Daniel Starer: Shoe manufacturing research 3 November 1990 1p.
(59) Research: Shoe Business, folder 1 of 2
Industrial Mergers and the Anti-Trust Laws n.d. 12pp.
Millions in Mergers 1929 3pp.
World’s Work. “Types of Mergers”William V. C. Ruxton November 9pp.
Bradstreet’s Weekly. “Use of Machinery Lowers Labor Costs in Shoe Industry” n.d. 3pp.
Mergers in the Thirties, computer search July 1986 16pp.
Correspondence from Starer to Follett: Bibliography on related or offbeat subjects 1 November 1990 28pp.
(60) Research: Shoe Business, folder 2 of 2
Concentration of Control in American Industry. Harry W. Laidler 3pp.
Printers’ Ink. “ Beats the Depression by Expanding Output and Outlet” Elmer J. Bliss 18 February 1932 3pp.
Factory Management and Maintenance. “They Couldn’t Raise Prices So They Went After Costs” Lewis K. Urqubart April 1934 7pp.
Bibliographical Index: Boots and Shoes, Leather, Rubber & Other Materials. 5pp.
Business Organization and Procedure. Elvin F. Donaldson 11pp.
50 Years of Shoe and Leather Making. 1941 16pp.
(61) Research: Shoe Manufacturing, folder 1 of 2
Shoe and Leather Lexicon 1926 40pp.
Boot and Shoe Manufacture. Frank Plucknett 69pp.
National Recovery Administration Division of Review Evidence Study : No. 2 of The Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Industry. William Fallon. 1935 36pp.
(62) Research: Shoe Manufacturing, folder 2 of 2
Location Theory and the Shoe and Leather Industries. Edgar M. Hoover 40pp.
Pacemakers of Progress: The Story of Shoes and the Shoe Industry. Harold R. Quimby 1946 97pp.
Shoe Manufactures, computer search n.d. 25pp.
(63) Research: Naval Academy at Annapolis
National Geographic Magazine. “Annapolis, Cradle of the Navy” Arthur A. Ageton n.d. 12pp.
Guide to the United States Naval Academy. 19pp.
School of the Sea: The Annapolis Tradition in American Life. Leland Lovette 1941 15pp.
Annapolis: Gangway to the Quarterdeck. W. D. Puleston 1942 47pp.
(64) Research: Hazing at the Navel Academy
Hazing at the Naval Academy: Hearings before a Subcommittee of the : Committee on Naval Affairs of the House of Representatives. 15 February 1906 9pp.
Independent. “The Trouble at the Naval Academy.” Park Benjamin 5pp.
Hazing at the United States Naval Academy: Hearings before a Special Subcommittee of the Committee on Naval Affairs. 14 October 1919 15pp.
Saturday Evening Post. “ Plebe’s Progress” Harold Durst Hail 28 April 1923 24pp.
Bullying at Annapolis, computer search n.d. 19pp.
Box 78 (Oversized)
(65) Photographs: Foynes, County Limerick Ireland and from GPA Foynes Flying Boat Museum n.d. 78
Negatives: Twenty-four strips in three packages
(66) Photographs (3) n.d
Correspondence from Matt Campbell to Follett: Enclosing one negative of the airplane 21 March 1991 1p.
Negative photograph of Clipper, cut-away sections
Color photograph of dining section showing people eating
Aerial view of Seaplane airfield (folded in half)
(67) Photographs (20)
Pan-Am Clipper Botwood Field 1939
Correspondence from Follett to Pam Mendez: Please substitute these prints for the laser copies 25 March 1991 1p.
Cut-away showing different compartments on Clipper, numbered
Cut-away showing different compartments on Clipper
Cut-away showing different compartments on Clipper with people
Lithograph of Dixie Clipper completing first transatlantic passenger Flight New York to Lisbon, Portugal, Boeing B-314 29 June 1939
Front view of Clipper docking up to ramp
Cut-away showing different compartments on Clipper with people
Pilot seat
Wings and engines with people
Navigator at controls
Navigator at controls with woman
Dining room with people eating
Officers at various work stations
Clipper at dock as seen from shore
People walking dock to Clipper
Clipper taking off
Clipper at end of dock
Cartoon drawing of Clipper: What do you mean you don’t have a Ping Pong table?
Correspondence from Maryann Palumbo to Follett: Two photos of the model of the Clipper 18 March 1992 1p.
Newspaper clipping: “In a Different View” Flying Boats
Box 79 (Oversized)
(68) Newspapers :
Daily Express 1 September 1939
Daily Express 2 September 1939
Sunday Times 3 September 1939