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Ken Follett Papers: Box 143 - Steepfall

Materials related to the author Ken Follett. Guide author: Thomas Zantow

Quick Facts

"After publishing Jackdaws in 2001 and Hornet Flight in 2002 (both of which are set during World War II), Follett began work on yet another novel that would have used the greater time frame of the Second World War as the setting.

"His proposed novel Steepfall was begun in the fall of 2002 (after Hornet Flight had been completed and was in press but before it was released in bookstores).  Steepfall was to have been a thriller about the 1946 Berlin Airlift.  Although Follett developed a detailed outline and engaged in preliminary research, he abandoned it for a contemporary thriller, Whiteout, set in the twenty-first century and published in 2004.

"Coincidentally, the name of the main character's estate in that novel is 'Steepfall.'"

- cf. Carlos Ramet, 8 June 2011



Box 143
(processed February, 2010)
Box 143
(1) Outlines and notes
Correspondence from Al Zuckerman to Follett: Idea for a story n.d. 3 pp.
Outline notes 11 September 2002 3 pp.
Outline notes 2 16 October 2002 11 pp.
(2) Outline notes 2 16 October 2002 11 pp.
(3) Outline Notes 3 29 October 2002 8 pp.
(4) Outline, 1st draft n.d. 17 pp.
(5) Outlines and notes
Berlin calendar 1947-1949 (copy 1) n.d. 3 pp.
Berlin calendar 1947-1949 (copy 2) n.d. 3 pp.
Steepfall: Table of events n.d. 2 pp.
Freefall story chart 15 November 2002 6 pp.
(6) Spiral bound notebook
(7) Research: Scottish Memories June 1999 47 pp.
(8) Research: Sundry
Correspondence from Neil Cooke to Follett: Foreign office building 7 November 2002 3 pp.
Images of the Foreign office building n.d. 2 pp.
(9) Manuscript Outline: Stacking the Deck: Beating America’s Casinos at Their Own Game n.d. 103 pp.
(10) Magazine: EVO February 2004 178 pp.