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SVSU History: 2000's

Quick Facts

  • Fall 2001 Herbert Dow Doan Science Building opens
  • 2003 Student Center, Fitness Center, and College of Education open.  Additions to the Living Center and Zahnow Library are compelted.

2000 through 2009


  • 2000: After Phase I is completed in the fall, the SVSU Board of Control authorizes construction of Phase II of the University Village housing project in August. The $13 million facility will provide an extra 280 beds.
  • March: Rock group Bush and techno musician Moby play SVSUÕs Ryder Center as part of MTVÕs Campus Invasion 2000.
  • April 10: Griz Zimmermann arrives as SVSUÕs third Athletics director.
  • August: The Michigan Legislature approves funding for Instructional Facility No. 4Ña $40 million project featuring the addition of a College of Education Building and renovations to  Zahnow.
  • Nov. 3: Gov. George W. Bush visits the Ryder Center days before elections during his Presidential Campaign.


  • March: Emergency telephones are installed throughout the campus.
  • March: SVSU revamps its General Education Program and prepares to implement it in the fall semester.
  • March 7: Senator George Mitchell speaks on campus.
  • Fall: The Herbert Dow Doan Science Building opens to students.
  • Sept. 11: After the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, a candlelight vigil is organized in front of the Bell Tower.
  • Oct. 8: Plans are approved for the Student Center and Fitness Center.


  • March 14: Pop groups Sugar Ray and Simple Plan perform in the Ryder Center.
  • Summer: The Board of Control approves an $8 million Living Center addition.
  • Aug. 25: History Prof. John Willertz dies. He taught at SVSU for 34 years.
  • Oct. 15: In front of the largest crowd in GLIAC history, SVSU and GVSUÕs football teams square off. GVSU wins and later becomes Division II National Champs.


  • 2003: After ongoing construction, the campus physical structure is increased in the fall by 19.5 percent as the Student Center, Fitness Center, College of Education, and additions to the Living Center and Zahnow Library are opened to students.
  • April: Modern Foreign Languages Prof. Emilio Castaneda retires. The 21-year SVSU employee dies in the fall.
  • Fall: Overall enrollment falls for only the second time in school history. The first time was in 1973.
  • Sept. 13: The Vintage debuts.
  • Oct. 25: Michelle Branch and Jason Mraz play Ryder.
  • November: Football is ranked No. 1 in Nation for Division II schools.
  • Nov. 13: SVSU turns 40 years old.
  • Nov. 15: Fortieth anniversary dinner is held in Curtiss Hall.


  • Author Ken Follett dedicates his archives at Zahnow Library
  • Bay Road widened to boulevard from Pierce Road across University main entrance to Delta Road (completed 2005)


  • June: Michigan Avenue Greenhouse opened


  • August: Renovation and expansion of baseball and softball stadiums
  • August: Construction of University Village apartments (approved February 2005)
  • August: Pioneer Hall expansion and renovation (approved February 2005)


  • Pine Grove West student housing, including community building, opened (approved October, 2006)


  • March: Groundbreaking for Health & Human Services building
  • August: Living Center Southwest opened (approved April 2004)
  • August: Addition to Arbury Fine Arts Center