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SVSU History: Outstanding Performance Award

About this Award

The SVSU Outstanding Performance Award was created to recognize annually the accomplishments of an Administrative Professional employee who has demonstrated outstanding individual and/or team performance at SVSU.


Outstanding performance is defined as one or more of the following:

  • Teamwork
    • Acting as an exceptionally effective and cooperative team member in carrying out goals of SVSU, the Division, or department, demonstrating superior interactions with and a positive influence on managers, peers, supervisors, subordinates, the University community, and the client population served.
  • Exemplary Work
    • Demonstrated and sustained outstanding performance that consistently exceeds goals and job expectations in quantity and quality. This may include a superior effort in meeting productivity, providing customer service, or achieving similar goals.
  • Leadership
    • Acting formally or informally as leader within Department/Division/University. Gains respect, commitment, and credibility from other team members. Demonstrates ability to energize others and motivate team to reach full potential.
  • Creativity
    • One-time innovation or creation that results in time/dollar savings or benefit, or ongoing innovative/creative activities that benefit organizational systems, protocols, and/or procedures.
  • Organizational Abilities
    • Extraordinary skills in leadership resulting in the accomplishment of significant departmental/unit goals and objectives; project management (which could include developing a project and implementing it with substantial success); organizational capability leading to a greater level of departmental effectiveness.

SVSU page for the Outstanding Performance Award

Award Recipients

Outstanding Performance Award

  • 2007 - Trisha L. Stantz (Scholarships & Financial Aid)
  • 2008 - Richard A. (Tony) Thompson (Counseling & Health Services)
  • 2009 - Susan Brasseur (Conference & Events Center)
  • 2010 - Kristen Gregory (Academic Affairs)
  • 2011 - Gerald Stuart (Campus Facilities)
  • 2012 - Scott Mellendorf (Melvin J. Zahnow Library)
  • 2013 - Marilyn Wheaton (Marshall M. Fredericks Museum)
  • 2014 - Laura Peil (Academic Affairs)
  • 2015 - Doris Wenglikowski (Campus Facilities)
  • 2016 - Debbie Fegan and Denise Berry
  • 2017 - Jill Allardyce and Jeremy Glaser
  • 2018 - Cara Shaw and Donna Helmreich-Lopez
  • 2019 - Barbara Cohen and Deborah Rickert