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Government & Politics

Library resources for Political Science courses


You may choose to start your research in the Library's discovery product, EDS or as we call it, "We Search," to find a variety of sources on a topic or subject (books, journal articles, film, etc). 

FIRST IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use limiters with this product; otherwise, the display of results will be too cumbersome. You can apply a few limits at the start.You should apply more once you click Submit and get your search results. 

SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE: ProQuest databases are NOT indexed in EDS. You will need to search ProQuest databases separately if you wish to see the complete set of search results in those databases. 

Contact me or one of the Research Librarians for suggestions or assistance.

Online Reference Books

Many books published by government entitites that were traditionally printed are now online. Here are a few that are popular reference sources: