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Occupational Therapy: Types of Sources

Types of Articles in Scholarly Journals

  •  Contain original research
  •  Authors report the results of their own systematic study
  •  Considered a primary source
  •  Look for words in the title or abstract like: empirical, experiment, research or study
  •  Look for information on the participants or the study sample
  •  Look for details about the research method (how they did the study)
  •  Research articles test assumptions and observations made by people and add new knowledge to a field
  •  No original research
  •  Sum up the current state of the research on a particular topic
    •  Great for background information or to learn about a new topic
  •  Good for finding: key players in a field, recent advances or discoveries, gaps in research, current debates on topics, & where research may go next
  •  Use references and citations to find research articles
  •  No original research
  •  Combine data from many studies and arrive at a pooled estimate of treatment effectiveness and statistical significance
  •  Not to be confused with Literature Reviews
  •  Look for information about multiple studies 
  •  No original research
  •  Contribute to the theoretical foundations of a discipline
  •  Presents theoretical framework to guide practice
  •  Look for words like: concepts/conceptual, framework, model, perspectives, theoretical foundation
  •  Not considered scholarly/Not appropriate for research papers
  •  Provide insight and opinion on recently published scholarly books in a field
  •  If the book review looks helpful, try looking up the book!
  •  Not considered scholarly/Not appropriate for research papers
  •  Summary of articles appearing in each issue
  •  If you find a good editorial, try looking at the other articles in the journal issue!

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