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HIST 111: Introduction to Historical Study Research Guide: Locating Books (Secondary Sources)

Locating Books at Zahnow Library

Books are a great place to find background information on a topic.  Secondary Sources (sources that interpret and analyze primary sources and are one step removed from the event) are often published in scholarly books.

Note: Books may also contain primary sources in the form of autobiographies or memoirs.



Catalog Only





To search for books in the library, type your keywords into the search box located on the library's homepage (We Search).


Suggested keywords: 

  • Suffrage AND Women AND Britain
  • Eugenics AND Britain
  • Eugenics AND "United States"
  • "World War I" AND "Western Front"





To view books that the library owns, select the "Catalog Only" limiter located on the left side of your results screen.


Look for the Online Access link to access ebooks online or note the Location and Call Number in order to find a print book on the shelf.

Accessing Books


If you are unable to find books on your topic in SVSU's library, you can request books from other Michigan libraries using MelCat. Look for the MelCat icon on your search results screen, or select the MelCat link from the library's homepage.  For more information on ordering books through MelCatclick here. MelCat