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HIST 111: Introduction to Historical Study Research Guide: Primary Sources - Helpful Links

Locating Primary Sources

Primary Sources are originals records created about a time period or event by someone who actually witnessed the event, participated in it, or lived at the time that it happened. 

Types of Primary Sources may include: Letters, Diaries, Newspapers, Speeches, Interviews, Memoirs, and Photographs.

Some Primary Sources have been digitized and can be found using the SVSU databases or through the suggested websites listed below.


Primary Sources - SVSU Databases

Zahnow Library

Locate Primary Sources - Recommended SVSU Databases


World War I - Primary Sources on the Web

The Battle of the Somme 1 July-18 November 1916.  From The First World War Poetry Digital Archive, University of Oxford (

Eugenics in the US and Great Britain - Primary Sources on the Web

Release the strangle-hold of hereditary disease and unfitness

Posters. Eugenics Society Archive. Wellcome Library. 1930s.

British Suffragette Movement - Primary Sources on the Web

Suffragettes being escorted by police in London, England.  From The Searcy Collection.  State Library of South Australia.  (