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Research Services: Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Initatives

Planning Initiative 1:  Reference/Research Assistance

Goal - The Research Services Department will create and deliver services based on evolving patron needs and information seeking behaviors. 


-Provide a staff of skilled librarians who design, organize, present, and deliver services that facilitate academic success and lifelong learning.

-Maintain multiple, physical, attractive spaces that serve as gathering places for all library users and encourages fact finding, research and intellecutal engagement.

-Apply user centered models of service based on demonstrated need and use patterns. Utilize all forms of service options (face to face, online, etc) to deliver services. Target all populations (students, faculty, staff, community) and delivery locations (face to face, online, classroom, distance learning).

-Participate with the discovery of resources that best support the our library users.


Planning Initiative 2:  Library Instruction

Goal - 
The library instruction program will strive to enhance the learner's ability to find, evaluate, and use knowledge effectively and efficiently.


-Partner with the First Year Writing Program to assist with first year student's information needs (i.e. English 111 Courses)

-Target Classes with a research component (i.e. Communication Intensive Classes)



Planning Initiative 3:  First Year Experience
Goal -
 The First Year Experience program will create library initiatives that support first year student success and retention.


-Identify key campus units that would benefit from program initiatives.

-Assist with library instruction models for the First Year Writing Program.

Planning Initiative 4:  Online Course Support

Goal - The online course support librarian program will work collaboratively with faculty to provide research assistance and relevant research information to students within their Canvas classroom.


-Adopt new delivery models of online course support services.

-Provide resources for other librarians to become aware of best practice methods when participating in the course librarian program


Planning Initiative 5:  Assessment
Goal - The library’s assessment program will strive to create a culture of assessment by connecting student learning and success to library services and to continually improve how the library meets student needs.  


-Develop and coordinate an assessment plan that reviews library programs and services on a rotating basis.

-Institute student-tracking data methods to assess Research Service's Impact on student learning

-Institute assessment practices for all library instruction courses

-Modify and apply existing in-person instruction assessment practices for use in online and hybrid instruction.

-Evaluate library web resources for student, faculty and staff usability

-Assess student learning in library instruction and first-year courses

-Develop an assessment of First Year Programs in the library

-Evaluate faculty perceptions of the library and library collections

*See FY2017-FY2020 Melvin J. Zahnow Library Assessment Plan for detailed information


Planning Initiative 6:  Collection Development

Goal - The library will build a relevant, flexible and up-to-date collection that provides access to all types of informational resources which support the SVSU curriculum.

Quantify Liaison activities and interactions.

         -Develop an assessment and gather faculty feedback regarding liaison work and the collection

         -Create a more in-depth statistical usage portal for liaison use that will be kept up-to-date

         -Develop more written guidelines regarding various collection procedures and practices

         -Investigate other collection tools and methods to further advance our collection aims (aka. allocation method, GOBI, etc.)


Planning Initiative 7:  Community Engagement/Service Learning
Goal - 
Research Services will investigate opportunities to expand our mission to the community.


-Identify community service opportunities to increase the library’s visibility.

-Focus on alumni as primary target markets and develop a strategy to increase their involvement with the library.              


Planning Initiative 8:  Departmental Practice
Goal - 
Research Services will develop policies that ensure a commitment to quality in all activities and that address the department’s mission and vision..


-Maintain a flexible structure that responds to library user’s needs and is dedicated to quality services and programs that are evidenced based and user centered.

-Promote a culture of trust, respect, professional development and ongoing learning opportunities.

-Facilitate teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication.  Encourage creativity in team development and assess the effectiveness of the teams.

-Establish documented service and program policies to provide standard delivery of all support options.