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LibGuide for Tipasa interlibrary loan system

About Interlibrary Loan and Tipasa

Introducing Tipasa: Zahnow Library's New Interlibrary Loan System

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the service where we borrow and lend materials from other libraries. And more. You tell us what you want and we figure out how to get it if possible.

What is Tipasa?

Tipasa is the software we will be using for our ILL service. It replaces the ILLiad system we have used for several years. It is more user friendly and even faster.

How is Tipasa different from ILLiad?

  • Received article notifications no longer have a direct link to the article, Instead there is a password specific to that article embedded in the email.
    • You can go directly to Tipasa so view all of your requests, including received articles, without
  • You no longer need to register before using Tipasa. Like our Library CardCat system, we create your record for you.
  • You can choose how you are notified.
  • The default notification for received materials, etc., is to your SVSU email account. With Tipasa you can:
    • Choose a different email account.
    • Choose to get text notification.
    • Choose to not be notified at all. Doing that, however, means that you will need to monitor your Tipasa account for when materials come in.
    • NOTE: you will still get email notifications to your SVSU account for Library Holds and MeLCat.

  1. Email
  2. Phone Number
  3. Send library account updates to me
  4. Do not send library account updates to me
  • Articles are still delivered electronically to you.  However, articles we get from other libraries will be deleted after five looks. That means that you will need to download or print those articles within those five interactions.‚Äč
    • Tipasa will tell you how many looks you have left.

How it works

  • Requests can be created directly on Tipasa (see below).

  • However, it is more common that you use a link from a database search to create a request.
  • Once you create a request  you can track it on Tipasa (see below)

  1. Active requests
  2. Create Request
  3. Request ID
  4. Title
  5. Status
  6. Pickup Location
  7. Sort by
  8. Cancel and renew

  1. Request Details
  2. Notifications
  3. Notes
  4. Additional Information
  • The STATUS will let you know when a library agrees to supply the item, and when it has been received by the Library.
  • Books are picked up at the 1st floor Library Circulation Desk (where you get class reserves, MeLCat books, etc.)
  • Articles are delivered electronically directly to you.