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Research Services: Meeting Minutes


Research Services-Meeting Minutes

FY 2019


Oct 2018 Meeting

Attendees: Ashley, Catherine, Kathleen, Matt, Scott, & Michelle


Agenda of meeting, we switched it up a bit. Scott had us send him issues about Research Services or the Library that we wanted to discuss. 



  1. MiSPI (Scott/Matt) - MCLS met last month to talk about MiSPI, they want more libraries to join. By next month, we need to tell whether or not Zahnow Library is interested in being a part of MiSPI again. In February they will release the price of what it will cost ($5000-$10,000). Matt went over pros and cons of joining MiSPI again. Scott would like us to think about it and give him our votes by next week. 
  2. RefWorks (Scott/Catherine) RefWorks used to be called Flow, it is a ProQuest product. Should  we add this to our services? Scott is going to confirm that this is already part of our ProQuest package. You would need to create an account; use email address. Scott wants us to test it out. If part of our package, and we want to move forward, Scott wants to roll out in spring semeser. We will talk about this again in winter semester. 
  3. Study Rooms (Scott/Ashley) - Circulation Dept has been testing the new study room software, they found a couple of kinks that have since been fixed. Scott asked if we had any questions regarding this software. Some questions were: what about when Circ Supervisor goes home, do study rooms become first come/first serve? Who is the circ assitant mentioned in the study room instructions? Any descriptions on the rooms before students book them? What happens if the student leaves the room, is it forfeited? Scott will take these questions to the DH meeting tomorrow. 
  4. Let's finish our meetings on a happy note: A very nervous student came up to Scott to ask for help, Scott calmed the student down and found out that the student is trying to access the library through the MySVSU portal. There is no link to the library in this portal. So it made sense the student couldn't find the library home page. Scott felt he helped this student and was able to calm his fears about about asking for help. We sometimes forget how hard it can be to ask for help.  The student was from an ENGL 111 class. We are trying to get more ENGL 111 students to stop at the desk so Scott was happy that the student did, so as he said nice work to whoever did this student's class (the student told Scott that he had a Library Session a few weeks ago).
  5. Scott shared we are slightly ahead of last year for total RS statistics.


RS Meeting Scheduled for 9/28/18 was canceled due to only
three total RS Librarians at work that day. Instead an email update
was conducted of which only two RS Librarians sending updates.

Sept RS Update...



  • chugging away at the conference committee-we have our first meeting of the year on Friday
  • Chipping away at the website redesign. We are currently looking at personas, next comes figuring out the purpose of the website. 
  • The teams I've talked to for the Standards assessment seem to be doing okay. I am going to set up a time where I can check in with the different groups.
  • Anita and I are still working on the HLC Program Review. We have tentatively selected our comparison institutions and are going to be looking into those a bit more closely.



-Project Echo: Nursing TeleHealth Support Initiative

Anita and I met with Kathleen Schachman and Trisha Charbonneau-Ivey from the nursing dept. They are

the project managers. The article I sent you does a great job of providing both background information

and an example how librarians will be involved with the project.

Here are some details that were discussed....


*The "Hub Team" will be focused on "substance use disorder" with a primary focus on opioids

*There are only two other Echo hubs in Michigan and we might be the first in Michigan to utilize librarians

*Our target will be rural providers

*We explained (as the article did) we have to honor copyright law regarding any research done with subscription databases.

*Citations from our subscription databases will be okay but librarians will also search open access resources.

*The telehealth meetings will take place at McLaren Bay Region Hospital.

*These hub meetings begin Wed, Oct 31 and meet every other Wednesday though June 2019.


I will be the primary contact person but I made a point to tell that that all of us may take a turn at the hub meetings should

schedules and time off dictate. You may also participate in other ways as my Wednesday RC desk shift will be a conflict every

other week. Also, pre-defined hum team meeting topics may require research before the meeting and I might ask for

assistance with that aspect of this project.


This is an important initiative for RS and  the library as it is a direct and valuable community outreach service/program.

I hope you are excited as I am about this. Add that they came to use seeking professional librarian experience.


I would like to form the subteam below to get our assistance started. Again, as I mentioned above, you could still be asked to

attend a hub team meeting or help with my desk shift, or help with meeting pre-searching. Thanks and if you have a question about this

project, just let me know.


*Scott   (primary contact)

*Michelle  (1st backup due to liaison work in the Nursing program)

*Ashley    (2nd backup due to work with professionals through the class taught in HS)


-WebTeam Update

We are developing user personas and analyzing home page usage stats from University Communications Data.


-MiALA 2019 Conference Update

Ashley and I are meeting today to prepare for Friday's all conference committee web meeting. We have organized all

members into work groups. Those of you volunteering have been contacted regarding your subteam.


-Mel Databases Conversion

Matt and I met with Beth and TS staff last week to prepare for the conversion. Matt and I worked on the A-Z database list.

It looks like all are working except Academic Search Complete and any sub collection database from that collection.
I have informed Heather Fisher  about this.


-RefWorks Initiative

I have decided to discuss this at this month's meeting.




RS Meeting 8/30/18
Attendees: Catherine, Kathleen, Matt, Scott, and Michelle


General Information-

Curriculum Builder (app for EDS) is in Scott's Canvas demo course. Heather Fisher also testing it with a faculty member for use in a course. Scott did a demo of how it works. It seems to be rather confusing and not user friendly, but we need to determine if we want this product or not. Scott stated that most apps (if his memory served him correctly) were around $1,000 to $3,000 each.

Room Reservation Software- Only working with mobile devices, UCOMM moved ahead with it and Circulation will be coordinating it. Need to have a library staff meeting on it, there are issues with the software- can't stop someone from booking the room every 2 hours. Please think about what issues or questions of we might experience with this. Once Circ Supervisors leave for the day, rooms become first come, first serve.

Library Hours - 2 weeks of our current hours then we go to extended hours of: Sunday 12pm-12am, Monday & Tuesday 8am-12am, Wednesday and Thursday 8am-11pm, finally Friday and Saturday 10am-6pm.

Thom working on patron loads. Fixing library database/library accounts can only be fixed by Cynthia or Sharon. Crystal cannot fix these accounts.

Kathleen - Instruction
Flooded with scheduling for library instruction.
Has a printed schedule of classes.
Some ENGL 111 professors are requesting an embedded librarian in addition to their library instruction class.
First ENGL 111 is on Sept. 10th.
Catherine's online ENGL 111 uses proquest - please push this online version.

Catherine - First Year Experience
Information Station Challenge is up and running. Only 1 submission so far. Changed the rules that student library workers are no longer eligible. Catherine sent C100 Students an email about the Info Station Challenge. It is intended for FY students but not required. Catherine will ask Circ Superviors to have their students push the challenge.

Michelle  - Online Course Librarian Program
OCL survey results have been looked through and the report has been written. Waiting on our editor, Ashley to give feedback on report.

NURS 101 classes will be Sept. 7th & 14th. These are three 35 minute sessions, students will also see Writing Center and Tutoring Center at that time as well.

Matt - Collection Development
Currently working on a newsletter to send to his different liaison departments.
Embedded into Emily Kelley's art class.
Isabella is requesting 3 library instruction sessions.
Budget has not changed from original estimate - 2% increase
We are cutting Bio Abstracts and AVON -they will be done in May 2019
Anita will be sending email to faculty members on the databases we are cutting.
Monograph budget the same as LY.
You can start ordering.
Matt will be sending out everyone's budget list so they know their balance.
Newspapers - Anita is considering no longer carrying any print newspapers, we are not getting them in a timely fashion, they are either late or don't come at all.
New York Times will be gone in  October but we will still have the New York Times Historical.


RS Meeting 7/25/18
Starting Time: 8:45am

 Attendees: Scott, Matt, & Michelle

Collection Development - Matt:

    DDA plans are working well and we have spent $15,000 this year.
    Kanopy is popular and we have spent $14,400 so far.
    Ashley, Michelle, and Matt have weeded their areas
    At the end of August and once a month on out, Matt will be sending everyone your running balance in your liaison areas.
    We will no longer be ordering eBooks through Emery-Pratt, we will be ordering through eBook Central. Who will order the eBooks - per Anita, the librarians. If you are not comfortable with this, please see Matt.
    We need $40,000 to cover inflation. So databases will be scrutinized for their usage and price per usage, because we need to make some cuts. There has been talk of possibly cancelling print newspapers. They run the library about $3,000 and most of the time we are getting them late or have issues missing, so Anita is considering this.
    If you receive a notice in your mailbox that a book that has been ordered is ready, please email your faculty member.
    If it is a rushed faculty order, HGF will email the faculty when that item is in.

Assessment - Ashley:

Scott spoke on Ashley's behalf

    ENGL 111 report is very close to being done and then to be turned over to Michelle for final report Prezi to be created.
    OCL Survey is complete and Ashley is working with Michelle on this.
    ACRL Standards
    HLC Review with Anita, this a formal university review.

Online Course Support - Michelle:

     We ended FY 2017-2018 with 149 embedded courses that is up 38% from last year.
    Michelle will be writing the OCL Survey report, with Ashley being the editor and creating the charts.
    Michelle has weeded CSIS & SOC this summer.
    Michelle is working on NURS 101 libguide and Nursing Toolkit for most nursing classes.

First Year Experience - Catherine:

Scott spoke on Catherine's behalf

    PSA - Public School Academy - Sharmee has contacted Scott and he will do the single session on the 21st of August.
    Catherine slated to be back the end of August, so we are going to wait on Information Station because she will most likely be back to run that
     HUM101/CT, we are waiting to hear more about that, but Catherine has left us her lesson plans for those classes.

Instruction - Kathleen:

Scott spoke on Kathleen's behalf

    According to library instruction statistics we matched number of classes to last year's but we had more participants this year.
    ENGL 111 we were down 1 session from last year.

General Updates - Scott:

        General RS Stats - Scott will have a more indepth meeting later on this topic total stats 10199- more than 1000 over lsat year and also beat 2016; total desk stats - beat last year & 2016 when adding in GH stats; total online support 4150 - highest year yet; total online courses - 149 - highest amount yet; total course responses - doubled; total chat responses - down about 56 from last year; total efer- we are 1 email up from last year; total email responses up 200 from last year.
        Proposed new desk schedule going to talk about it at DH meeting later today.
        Proposed new GH schedule will also be brought up at DH meeting later today.
        We received new phone chargers, think about the best places for these to be located.
        MiALA Conference Updates - Received volunteer list.
        Scott & Ashley going to MiALA Leadership meeting on Monday, August 13th.
        Meeting with other teams (TS  & Access services), Scott will keep us posted.
        FY 19 Initiatives meeting is coming up.

 Meeting concluded at 9:45 am.



Attendees: Ashley Blinstrub, Matt Buckley, Catherine Curtis, Kathleen Kroll, Scott Mellendorf, and Michelle Strasz

Updates (Scott):


  1. MiALA Conference and Desk Schedule - Scott has the Research Desk shifts covered while most of us attend the conference. Scott thanked everyone for their hard work and cooperation and again for those working the research desk so that so many of us could go to this conference. 
  2. Multi-factor authentication - ITS has initiated a more secure authentication, where we will now have to log in twice. You will login to your computer with your SVSU id & passwd and then when you open a browser you will be asked either a security question or a pin code to be sent to your smart phone. This will start on campus on the week of May 14th. It is for staff only at this time, students will be added to this authentication process at a later time. 
  3. Laptops & PCs - Scott and Michelle are on the list for new PCs. All surfaces are malfunctioning. Please let Scott know what you would like to do in regards to your PC/Surface. 
  4. Scholarly Communications Librarian position on-campus interviews are starting next week, there are two candidates coming. The first one on May 2nd and the second interview will be on May 8th. 
  5. SWOT Analysis of the RC Desk Project - Scott stated the team may list this as a 2019 fiscal year goal. It appears that we will be down 700 face to face interactions from last year. Scott wants us to work in teams to do a SWOT analysis of the RC desk. The teams are: Scott and Kathleen, Catherine and Michelle, and Ashley and Matt. Scott gave the teams topics to focus on and wants a formal report by mid-June. 
  6. Scott handed out the Spring & Summer Semester RC desk schedules as well as the Spring & Summer weekend schedule,  these were created with coverage for Catherine's maternity leave. Librarians will be here until 7pm on their scheduled night through the summer. GH desk will not be open this spring or summer. Scott thanked Kathleen for covering Mother's Day the last couple of years and he will be covering it this year; he wished everyone a wonderful day. 

Instruction (Kathleen): 


  1. July - April: 226 total sessions, 4669 participants and 62 ENGL 111 sessions. 
  2. Instruction by colleges: SET dropped from last year and had 6; Business - 7; Education - 4; HHS - 47; and ABS with 137. 

First Year Experience (Catherine): 


  1. Catherine created a LibGuide for materials for her classes and activities for first year students. It also includes lesson plans for HUM191 and FYE sessions. 
  2. Information Station - everything set except for one thing, new cards need to be sent to graphics dept, we will need at least 30 copies for each station. There is a new code this year (thanks, Matt!) and also library student employees are not eligible to win the prize this year.

Online Course Support (Michelle): 


  1. The OCL survey is underway, Michelle received notification from everyone that they have sent out the survey to the students in their embedded courses. Michelle and Ashley will start going through the data once Spring Semester is over. 
  2. Michelle gave a brief summary of the Distance Library Services Conference she attended two weeks ago.
Assessment (Ashley): 


  1. Matt & Ashley met with the Library Faculty Committee to go over the results of the faculty survey. Ashley stated it was a good meeting and that the faculty stated they learned a lot about the library budget and some faculty members stated they wished they knew we would be making decisions based off of the survey answers. 
  2. Catherine & Ashley met with the EDS Implementation Team on the results of the EDS Usability Study. The team is already working on some of the suggestions; embedding a chat box in EDS, new wording for "catalog only" and "retrieve catalog item". Be aware the chat from EDS will say it is from Facebook. 
  3. Adjunct Faculty Survey - sent to Anita and they will be meeting with Ann Coburn-Collins. Adjunct faculty answered that they learn the most about the library through their orientation. Scott would like us to have a bigger presence there with more of us going to these orientations. 
  4. Next Friday (May 4th) we will begin ENGL 111 - Phase 2! Yeah!!