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Electronic Resources & Library Systems Unit

This is a public guide providing information about the e-resources & systems unit at Zahnow Library.

What We Do

The Electronic Resources Unit & Library Systems Unit at Zahnow Library is made up of the Electronic Resources Librarian, the Periodicals Assistant and the Library Technology Specialist.

Our responsibilities briefly include:

  • Development and maintenance of system infrastructure for library resources.
  • Continuous development and seamless access to electronic resources at the library.
  • Troubleshooting reported problems.
  • Managing the administrative aspects of electronic resources -- usage, ticklers, contacts, etc.
  • Adhering to license requirements for each product.
  • Investigating and evaluating new e-resources.
  • Providing instruction and guidance to students, faculty and staff.


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Current Projects - Summary

ERM (Electronic Management System)

We are working on the following:

  • Evaluating ERMs not reliant on the catalog
  • Checking links in databases & electronic titles
  • Updating and adding resource records
  • Adding license information
  • Providing ticklers (reminders)
  • Adding vendor contacts
  • Future work may include SUSHI (usage harvesting) and linking/addition of order records.
  • Overlap analysis of titles.
  • Creating and updating procedures
  • Adding packages / titles to EDS as needed


With the help of the Cataloging Unit we are:

  • Locating ebooks within the library's databases
  • Making a determination as to catalog or not
    • Often, the answer is "not" because the database indexes chapters rather than the full ebook

Streamline the Ebook Central DDA and order process by

  • Educating subject liaisons regarding DDA -- ONGOING
  • Developed guidelines for DDA profile development -- COMPLETED MAY 2017. NEW GUIDELINES TO BE DEVELOPED IN 2021

Database LibGuide Redesign

This is needed. Anticipated FY21-22.

EDS (EBSCO Discovery Service)

We are working with a live trial until the end of June. Mostly, this product is implemented, with a few problem areas. This is a collaborative project with other Technical Services units and Research Services. -- SUBSCRIBED TO AS OF JUNE 2017


Research Pro Update and maintain technical aspects of this service until a discovery system is acquired. UPDATE: THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DECOMMISSIONED AS OF APRIL 2017.