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Electronic Resources, Print Periodicals & Library Technology Unit

This is a public guide providing information about the e-resources & systems unit at Zahnow Library.

What We Do

The Electronic Resources Unit & Library Systems Unit at Zahnow Library is made up of the Electronic Resources Librarian, the Periodicals Assistant and the Library Systems Specialist. We are a part of the Technical Services Department at the library. 

Most of what we do is out of the public eye, but if the library systems go haywire, we (and others) are the people who get those systems back on track. 

Our responsibilities briefly include:

  • Development and maintenance of system infrastructure for library resources.
  • Continuous development and seamless access to electronic resources at the library.
  • Troubleshooting reported problems.
  • Managing the administrative aspects of electronic resources -- usage, ticklers, contacts, etc.
  • Adhering to license requirements for each product.
  • Investigating and evaluating new e-resources.
  • Maintaining the library's print periodical collection.
  • Providing instruction and guidance to students, faculty and staff.


Ongoing Reminders

Check Transfer Alert Service -- Beth

Check open access packages for access -- Gloria

Update database usage monthly--Gloria

Update ebook usage monthly --Beth

Update YTD database & individual e-journal usage monthly -- Beth & Gloria 

EBSCO holdings management - randomly check access, hidden titles, dual custom / managed coverage, delete "no access" titles if truly no access, etc. -- Beth and Gloria

Check EBSCO status page daily -- Beth