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Information regarding Faculty student Evaluations Author: Crystal Wazny

Dr. Brian Thomas, Associate Provost, oversees faculty evaluations. 

The evaluation drop box is located by the first floor library entrance across from the circulation desk.

Each academic year a list of "priority" faculty is received from the Office of Academic & Student Affairs. Evaluations for these faculty are processed first.

A faculty member should not drop off their own evaluations.

Evaluations will be sealed immediately after scanning.

Header sheets do not need to be returned after evaluations are dropped off to Dean's offices.

Priority evaluations should be ready for pick up within one week of drop-off.

If an evaluation team member is listed on the header sheet, that is the person who will be contacted when the evaluations are ready.

If no evaluation team member is listed, the faculty will be asked to contact a team member to pick up the evaluations.

Priority evaluations will not be given to the faculty member who is being evaluated.

Evaluations that are not priority should be available for pick up four weeks into the new semester.

An email will go out when they are ready for pick up.

Once the email is sent, faculty have four weeks to pick up their evaluations.

Ask for evaluations at the circulation desk on the first floor of the library.

Any evaluations not picked up by the end of the four weeks will be delivered to the appropriate Dean's office at a time coordinated with the office.


Adjunct evaluations will be dropped off to the appropriate Dean's office when the other evaluations go over.

No adjunct faculty are to pick up their evaluations at the library.

Online adjunct faculty evaluations will be sent to the appropriate Dean's office when they have been processed.

Online evaluations cannot be set up until 75 days before the end of the semester.

  • For Spring/Summer semesters: evaluations can be opened immediately after project is uploaded
  • For Fall/Winter semesters: evaluations will not be available until 75 days from the end of the semester/project.
    • For Fall: this will be early October
    • For Winter: this will be mid-February

Faculty must opt-in in order to utilize online evaluations on Canvas.

Faculty can set an open and close date once the project is open.

Open and close dates must be within semester dates. Do not set a close date for after 11:59 pm of the last day of the semester.

Once online evaluations are open for students, faculty will no longer be able to see them.

Faculty can see results of their online evaluations starting the business day after grades are due.

Any course with no start/end date will be removed from Canvas the Tuesday of finals week.

The evaluation team chair should request the online evaluation results from the faculty evaluee or from Dr. Brian Thomas, Associate Provost. 

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