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SVSU Kanopy Video List: Home

This internal guide is for SVSU faculty, librarians and admins to review currently leased Kanopy titles and to see current video policy.

Kanopy Information

Starting August 31, 2020 Kanopy will be mediated. This means that films that are not already leased on the platform will now require you to fill out a request form. The library will approve requests of faculty on a first come first serve basis as finances and need allow. Below is a list of currently leased titles in Kanopy along with their expiration dates. This list will be updated monthly. This list shows you films the library has currently leased and thus you have immediate access to. If a film is NOT currently leased (as was mentioned above) a request form will need to be submitted within the Kanopy database to gain access to the film within a few business days.

If you are interested in other streaming media please also try Academic Video Online (AVON). It is a subscription video database with access to over 70,000 streaming videos. If neither Kanopy nor AVON has the film you need please contact your library liaison and they will try and assist you in finding a streaming copy.

Please NOTE: Titles will be added (as funds allow) shortly after the request is made. The spreadsheets on this page are update once a month to reflect the change in holdings.

Kanopy Leased Titles Spreadsheet

Kanopy Leased Titles

Video Title Expiration Date
62 Days - Fighting for Reproductive Rights 28 Jun 2022
1648—The Treaty of Westphalia 08 Oct 2022
1789 - The French Revolution 06 Oct 2022
A Midwife’s Tale 12 Oct 2022
After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News 04 Oct 2022
American Tongues - Linguistic Attitudes in the U.S. 16 Nov 2022
An Introduction to the Primates 22 Feb 2023
Beowulf 04 Jul 2022
Beyond the Visible: Hilma Af Klint 28 Jan 2023
Big Eden 24 Jul 2022
Birthright: A War Story - The War on Women's Reproductive Health 08 Nov 2022
Black Gold 08 Sep 2022
Bon: Mustang to Menri 01 Oct 2022
Certain Proof: Students with Disabilities Fight for Inclusion in Public Schools 19 Jan 2023
Crossing Arizona - The Immigration Crisis in Arizona  15 Mar 2023
Design Canada 02 May 2023
Dollars and Dreams: West Africans in New York 06 Sep 2022
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Historical Perspective- An Authorized Biography of a Civil Rights Hero 10 Jan 2023
Drifting Toward Disaster 29 Jun 2022
DSM 5 Guided Military Series Vol. 1 3 Jun 2023
El Cacao: The Challenge of Fair Trade 08 Sep 2022
Ethics Matters 03 Mar 2023
Faubourg Treme - The Untold Story of Black New Orleans 06 Sep 2022
Food, Inc. 22 Feb 2023
France, Global Commerce, and Colonization 08 Oct 2022
Guangzhou Dream Factory - The African Community in Guangzhou, China 14 Mar 2023
Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway 10 May 2022
Honor and Sacrifice: The Roy Matsumoto Story - A Japanese-American War Hero's Family During WWII 19 Oct 2022
I Am Evidence 02 Sep 2022
ICD 10 Guided Military Series 1 03 Jun 2023
It Happened Here 06 Apr 2023
King Charles III 03 Jun 2022
Living with Bipolar Disorder 17 Feb 2023
Louisiana Boys 29 Apr 2023
Moonlight 08 Mar 2023
No Small Matter 13 Sep 2022
Oranges and Sunshine 20 Jul 2022
Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth 09 Nov 2022
Prediction by the Numbers 21 Oct 2022
Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies 04 Oct 2022
Pygmalion 21 Sep 2022
Race: The Power of Illusion 08 Feb 2023
Rich Media, Poor Democracy - How Journalism is Compromised by Corporations 28 Jun 2022
Slavery by Another Name 08 Oct 2023
Stink! - The Dark Secrets of the Chemical Industry 27 Sep 2022
The ACE Study I - Childhood Trauma and Adult Health 10 Sep 2022
The Corporation: Interrogating a Modern Institution 23 Nov 2022
The Enlightenment 08 Oct 2022
The First Rasta 04 Oct 2022
The Graduates/Los Graduados 29 Aug 2022
The Line 24 Mar 2023
The New Generation 23 Sep 2022
The Rape of Europa: The Systemic Theft and Destruction of Europe's Art Treasures No Expiration 
The Struggle in the Fields 20 Feb 2023
The Threepenny Opera 30 Jul 2022
The Times of Harvey Milk 29 Sep 2022
The Wall - Short Documentaries on the Undocumented Immigration Crisis 15 Mar 2023
Tough Guise 2 - Violence, Manhood & American Culture 29 Sep 2022
Unborn in the USA 01 Jul 2022
United States of Detroit: The Power of Community Action in Detroit 18 Nov 2024
Unnatural Causes (Collection)-Includes In Sickness and in Wealth, When the Bough Breaks, Becoming American,
Bad Sugar, Place Matters, Collateral Damage, Not Just a Paycheck
30 May 2022
Venus Boyz 13 May 2022
Wasted: The Story of Food Waste 20 Jul 2022
Whale Rider 02 May 2023
White Like Me - Race, Racism and White Privilege in America 30 Aug 2022
Wrestling Ghosts - One Young Mother's Journey of Recovery 28 Aug 2022
Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun 06 Sep 2022