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Nursing Theories

Current Status for Middle Range Nursing Theories by Title (A to Z) content box

AS OF 2/21/2023

-all links checked and working
-all articles are authored by the theorist

Middle Range Nursing Theories by Title (A to Z)

Middle Range Theories

examples of middle range theories:

-Barker's Tidal Model  (middle range theory)

-Good and Moore's pain management theory

Jezewski's theory of culture brokering,

-Levesque et al- Psychological Adaptation Theory

-Levine's Conservation Principles

LoBiondo-WooWood's theory of family stress and adaptation

-Mishel's theory of uncertainty in illness

-Orlando's theory of deliberative nursing

-Peplau's theory of interpersonal relations

Toward a Theory of Diversity of Human Field Pattern (middle range theory)

-Watson's theory of deliberative of human caring

Whittemore's adaptation to chronic illness model

Nursing in hypertension care (middle range theory)

A Relationship-Based Model for Psychiatric Nursing Practice (middle range theory)

Comfort Care: A Framework for Hospice Nursing