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Library Administration: Library Committee

Library Committee

Library Committee

The Library Committee has a dual function. It is an advisory group that studies and makes recommendations regarding the development, use and improvement of library resources, services and facilities. It is also a liaison group between the library, faculty and students. The Committee generally meets twice during the regular academic year.

The Committee consists of two representatives from the College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences, and one representative each from the Colleges of Business & Management, Education, Health & Human Services, and Science, Engineering & Technology. Faculty representatives are appointed for two-year terms. The Committee also consists of one representative from the Student Association and the Library Director.

Representatives to the Library Committee for the 2023-2024 academic year are:

  • College of Arts & Behavioral Sciences
    • Dennis Savard (Criminal Justice)
    • Joseph Weaver (Psychology)
  • College of Business & Management
    • Micah DelVecchio (Economics)
  • College of Education
    • Noel Kelty (Education)
  • College of Health & Human Services
    • Tina Thornton (Nursing)
  • College Of Science & Engineering Technology
    • Adam Warhausen (Chemistry)
  • Student Association
    • Garrett Lewis
  • Library Administration
    • Anita Dey, Library Director
    • Syl Banks, Administrative Secretary