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Metadata and Cataloging Unit: What does the unit do?

The Metadata and Catalog Unit provides access to all library materials for students, faculty, and staff of SVSU. The unit codes bibliographic information of every item to allow the patrons the easiest experience in finding their desired resources.

Unit duties

The Unit performs many duties on a regular basis. All of the items on the "Current Project" area and cataloging of print and digital items are in addition to these duties.

Catalog Assistant duties:


  • EDS Check Status of Catalog Load
  • Check LibGuide Link Checker
  • Set Expiring Kanopy Records to Withdraw


  • Perform a New Book Inventory
  • Update the New Books/New Ebooks Lists


  • Remove Items Set to Withdraw
  • Tally Cataloging Statistics
  • Check the III Supportal, Idea Lab, Proquest Idea Exchange, and Innovative Users Web Pages for Updates
  • Order Supplies
  • Remove Items from New Books as Necessary
  • EDS Full Load
  • Send New Bibliographic Records to Marcive (on approximately the 7th of each month)
  • Resolve URL Checker Errors
  • Send Out DDA ebook Stat Update

Each Semester:

  • Update the Days Closed Table
  • Update the Hours Open Table
  • Remove Outgoing Student Authorizations
  • Create Incoming Student Authorizations
  • Update the Patron Database
  • Change Status of Patrons to Inactive as Appropriate

Each Fiscal Year:

  • Run the YTD/LYC Update
  • Run a Collection Development Report in Web Management Reports
  • Run a Collection Makeup Query in Sierra Statistics
  • Change Patron Record Template Expiration Dates to 2 Years from Now
  • Delete Guest and Inactive Patron Records Not Used in 3 Years

Metadata / Catalog Librarian duties:


  • Update assigned LibGuides with current information
  • Original cataloging 
  • Clean up of bibliographic database
  • Be available for at least 2 hours of resesarch assistance to general student body and liaison areas
  • Run ebook update
  • Perform collection development duties for liaison areas


  • Article survey for updates in cataloging and liaison areas
  • Participate in professional development at least once (webinar, Twitter chat, etc.)


  • Attend Music Library Association and Innovative Users Group conferences

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