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TE 511: Advanced Studies in Children's Literature: Living with disabilites/differences


Free as a bird by Gina McMurchy-Barber

Ruby Jean was born in in the late 1800s - when having Down's Syndrome meant she must spend her life hidden from the public. Lovingly cared for by her grandmother, Ruby's mother leaves Ruby in the care of the staff of the Provincial Lunatic Asylum after her grandmother's death.


Fireflies and shooting stars: the tale of Enzo by Ed Raarup

Enzo the firefly must face the challenges of growing up differently than the other fireflies - without a taillight.


The William Hoy story by Nancy Churnin

This biography of William Hoy, a deaf baseball player, explains how baseball umpires came to use arm signals developed by Hoy to call strikes, balls, out, and safe.


How to be human: diary of an autistic girl by Florida Frenz

15 year old Florida describes how she coped with social interactions like reading facial expressions, how to make friends, and peer pressure after being diagnosed with autism as a toddler.


On the edge of gone by Corrine Duyvis

It's 2035 and Denise, her sister Iris, and their mother are awaiting the arrival of a comet that is set to destroy the earth. They are assigned to a temporary shelter near their hometown of Amsterdam, but Irish has disappeared and their mother's drug addiction creates an obstacle to getting to the shelter. There is an option to board a ship that will colonize other planets, but everyone on the ship has been chosen for some sort of usefulness. Denise is afraid her autism will keep her from being selected. 


The goat who chewed too much by Tom Angleberger

Inspector Flytrap (a Venus Flytrap) is wheeled around by friends and colleagues to help him solve various mysteries.

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