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It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results.

When the system doesn't work!: System

This is for both public and back end use. What do we do when the system (e-resources, log ins, general computer frustrations, etc.) doesn't work as expected or as it should.

Browser Requirements

Be sure to update your browser or adjust your settings so that it updates automatically. Many display issues can be resolved with up-to-date browsers. 

The recommendations below for some database vendors are nearly verbatim from their technical support site. Please contact Beth Johns or Matt Anderson with any questions (contact information is located at the bottom of the first tab of this guide, "Steps to Try").


The Minimum Browser Requirements for EBSCO interfaces (databases, EDS) are noted in the table below. The recommended screen resolution for EBSCOhost is 1024 x 768. 

Internet Explorer 10.0 or later; ebooks require 11.0 or later
FireFox Latest version plus one previous version
Safari Latest version plus one previous version; ebooks require 11.0 or later
iOS 11.0 or later
Google Chrome Latest version plus one previous version
Other JavaScript, Cookies Enabled, DOM Storage


Specific to EBSCO ebooks:

EPUB titles are not viewable on versions of Internet Explorer older than IE 9. This is primarily because the EPUB format is based on XHTML technology, and versions older than IE 9 do not support XHTML. Currently, only a small number of our customers still run IE browsers older than IE 9.

If you attempt to view an EPUB format eBook, we will display a list of recommended browsers so that you can upgrade your browser and view the book. 

If you use IE and are running  an older version, you can download the latest version on Microsoft's website:


Ovid web applications require the following minimum browsers for Ovid databases:

  • Chrome version 30 or greater
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or greater
  • Microsoft Edge: All versions are compliant
  • Firefox version 24 or greater: For versions 24-26, TLS 1.2 is disabled by default so you will need to enable it in the browser settings if this hasn’t already been done. TLS 1.2 allows an https connection. 
  • Safari version 7 or greater
  • Safari mobile 5 or greater

Important System Information for Optimizing Performance and Access

For best performance, we recommend using a browser with a fast JavaScript engine. We recommend using the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer Compatibility mode is not supported, so please ensure that is not included in the list of sites added to compatibility view or the local intranet zone in your IE browser settings.

Browser Cache Settings
Caching improves page loading speed by locally storing relevant content. Our applications target a default browser configuration, particularly with regard to caching. OvidSP sends standard HTTP headers with every page that tell the browser what caching policy to use. The default browser configuration should follow what is sent in the headers. If a user overrides the caching behavior, the browser may not cache as much as it should which slows performance or may cache too long causing problems for software updates or with dynamic content.


In general, ProQuest supports the current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari on a rolling basis.

ProQuest databases:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and later versions
  • Latest Firefox release and previous major version
  • Latest Google Chrome release and previous major version
  • Safari 5 and later versions

ProQuest History Vault (NAACP Papers), ProQuest Statistical Collection (Statistical Abstract of the United States):

  • Internet Explorer 7 and later versions
  • Firefox 12 and later versions
  • Google Chrome 18 and later versions
  • Safari 5 and later versions