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When the system doesn't work!: Calendar of vendor events

This is for both public and back end use. What do we do when the system (e-resources, log ins, general computer frustrations, etc.) doesn't work as expected or as it should.

This is an ongoing calendar of IT related events:

Vendor Alerts -- these are urgent messages from our vendors. Note that most vendors do not issue these alerts. When we find one that does, members of TS sign up to receive them. Currently, we are aware of EBSCO, OCLC and MeL issuing alerts. 

Vendor Events -- These are planned maintenance and upgrade events by the vendor. Typically they take place in the middle of the night or during very low usage. 

Zahnow Library Events -- These are planned events performed by the library TS staff that may cause disruption to normal activities in the library. 

SVSU ITS Events -- These are notices that all of us receive. Posted here are events that may impact our work and that of our users. 

Upcoming Vendor Events

Vendor Date / Time Event
OCLC Nov 18

System maintenance for EZProxy (hosted).from midnight to about 6:00 a.m. 

Zahnow Library Events

Date Event



Date Event