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Dr. Sunderman's GEOG 202 Resource Guide: DATABASES / ARTICLES

This guide will help you complete assignments for Dr. Sunderman's GEOG 202: North American Regional Geography class.


1.  Review the information found under the ARTICLES and DATABASE SEARCH TIPS tabs found on this subject guide.

2.  Decide whether you want to search the SEARCH WITH ZAHNOW database (the search box on the library's homepage) or the GEOGRAPHY DATABASES (link to DATABASES found under the big search box on the library's homepage).  You can also access relevant DATABASES on this Subject Guide by clicking on the DATABASES/ARTICLES TAB.

3.  To search SEARCH WITH ZAHNOW (search box on library's homepage), see the instructions found under the ARTICLES tab found on this subject guide.

4.  To search the GEOGRAPHY DATABASES, go to the library's homepage and click on DATABASES found UNDER the search box.  At the top of the resulting page, click on the drop down arrow for ALL SUBJECT databases.  Select GEOGRAPHY.

5.  If you need help, please contact me either by CHAT or email [].

Research & First Year Experience Librarian


JSTOR (database):  can be searched two ways: enter a search term and use the default ALL FIELDS or select ITEM TITLE.  Always select ARTICLES and ENGLISH (language).  You can also scroll down where the subjects are listed, and select GEOGRAPHY.  When you do this, you will find the periodical/journal called GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW.  If you select this journal, you increase your chances of finding an article WRITTEN by a GEOGRAPHER.

SCIENCE DIRECT (database):  use the top search box.  Enter phrases like "Pacific Northwest" or "Florida alligators" in QUOTATION MARKS.  Whenever there are two or more words that go together, like "Saginaw Valley State University", surround the words with QUOTATON MARKS.  In the LIMIT section, select RESEARCH and REVIEW ARTICLES.

SPRINGERLINK (database) does not contain many full text articles.  Some are only abstracts. Never pay for an article.  Use interlibrary loan (Tipasa) to order the article.  You will have to copy and paste the citation information (title of article, title of journal, volume number, author, etc.) into the PHOTOCOPY ARTICLE form found on the Tipasa request page.  See information on interlibrary loan in another tab on this subject guide or contact me (Kathleen) for help.  When you search this database, make sure you do this FIRST: select ARTICLES, ENGLISH, then enter your search in the search box.  Click on those citations that show PDF to get the full text article.

PROQUEST is a popular database.  Find it on the right side of the database listing page under POPULAR DATABASES.  This database also indexes the GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW journal.  To find articles in this journal change the ANYWHERE BOX on the search page to PUBLICATION TITLE and then enter GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW  in the box to its left.  Then, add another search term in a box below and enter your search.  Watch for BOOK REVIEWS.  These are not scholarly articles--they are articles that review the contents of a book. To eliminate BOOK REVIEWS from your search results, look on the left side of the screen for DOCUMENT TYPES.  Select ARTICLES.  You can also search PROQUEST without searching in the Geographical Review journal simply by leaving the ANYWHERE box stating ANYWHERE.  Look at the search page to see this. 

Don't forget to use capital AND in between your search terms and use " " Quotation Marks around phrases.



The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Regional Cultures is a recommended source to use when you begin your research.  It has 8-volumes; one for each region of the country.  The print copies can be found in the REFERENCE COLLECTION located on the first floor of Zahnow Library.  Since it is a reference book, it cannot be checked out.  It's call number is: REF F591.G75 2004.