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Social Work: SW 303-YS 303


Hello Social Work 303 and Youth Services 300 students!

This Guide is designed to help with your research for this course. It gathers the resources and services we talked about during the library session and places them at one site. I hope you find it useful.

Your feedback on this source is important so please take time to complete the very short guide survey when you have a minute or two. Comments and suggestions can be included with the survey. Let's build a great resource together!

Scott Mellendorf
Reference Librarian
Zahnow Library, SVSU

Federal Law

These resources will help you locate your law/policy.

Michigan Law

The Print Version of the MCLA is on 1st floor Ref Coll-KFM4230 1948 .A44

Web Sites

Search for Articles with these databases

Library Databases

Use these library databases to find articles about your policy/program

Reference Books

These books are on the 1st floor of the library in the Reference Collection. They can't be checked out so they should be there when you need them.
They are vital to find historical information on your policy/program