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Library FAQs

Have a question about something in the library? Check this page to see if your question can be answered. Author: Crystal Wazny

How do I...?

Book a study room?

  • Go here
  • Read the guidelines
  • Click the link at the bottom of guidelines
  • Enter SVSU username and password
    • You do not need for this
  • When naming your room, make sure it is school appropriate
  • Please do not book the room for more than two consecutive two hour blocks.
    • It is unfair to other students if you book the room for multiple two hour blocks resulting in you having the room all day.
  • If getting a message on mobile device saying "restricted," try booking a room via computer.
    • If still saying it, make sure you are not including "" in username

Pay fines?

If you find you have fines on your library account

  • For fines under $5: pay with cash or check at the main desk in library
  • For fines over $5:
    • Either pay in person at the library or online
      • Go to
      • Click on "My Library Account"
      • Login using EITHER campus login information or barcode from back of id card
      • Click "Pay Online" button on the left side of the screen

Check out items?

Items you need:

    • If guest: You need guest ID and photo identification
  • Items you wish to check out.

Find out how long you check items out for here

Renew items?

For the first renewal, items will be automatically renewed unless

  • Someone has a hold on the item
  • Items are checked out through MeL or ILL/Tipasa
  • DVDs

You will receive an email stating that the due date has changed.

If items are overdue, you cannot renew the item. You must return them to the library. If there is no hold on the item, the item may be able to be checked back out to you.

If you must renew items manually:

  • You can renew online here
  • Renew items by bringing them to the main desk
  • Via phone.
    • Only allowed to renew books once by phone. Patron must provide SVSU ID number and titles needed to renew.


Black and white?

  • Simply click print on the computer
  • Log in to any printer using either SVSU username and password or swiping your ID card and entering your made PIN
  • Release print job on the printer


  • Must change to color option in printer properties when on computer in library
    • Choose color print option with Library as location if doing web print
  • Printing in color costs $.50 per page
  • Follow the rest of the steps as you would if you were printing in black and white

From own laptop?

  • You cannot edit the way pages are printed with web print
    • This means you can only print one slide per page for powerpoints
  • Go to
    • Can also get there by going to "Print Balance" in Quicklinks on main SVSU page
  • Login with your SVSU login name and password
    • Do not use at end of login name if on campus
  • Click on link on left labeled "Web Print"
  • Select "Submit Job"
  • Select printer you want to send the job to.
    • Pick one that has Library in location description
    • You can choose to print in color or black and white
  • Choose the number of copies you want to print
  • Upload the document you wish to print
  • Log in at any printer in an area that was listed in location on the option you chose and release the print job(s).