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SVSU Students: FAQs

Provides assistance, tips and strategies for using Zahnow Library resources

Where can I ....

 … find help locating information for a RESEARCH PROJECT?

Librarians are available at the Research Center Desk on the Library's 1st floor to assist you with resources for research projects and papers.  Visit the Research Center Desk for one-on-one assistance.  Chat, text or email a librarian using the “Chat With Us” link on the library homepage. To schedule an appointment for assistance, call the Research Center desk (989)964-4242.


Use the “WE Search" box on the library homepage, to search for books, journals and other material.  Search results for books owned by the Zahnow Library will give the location and a call number. Journal article citations will provide a link to the article full-text if it available through Zahnow Library.  For books and journal articles not owned by Zahnow Library a link will be provided to the Library's Interlibrary Loan Services. See below "...get BOOKS and JOURNAL ARTICLES NOT OWNED by ZAHNOW LIBRARY"

To locate articles in a specific Journal, use the “Journal Search” link on the Library homepage left menu. Use the "Search for a Zahnow Library journal" box if you need a specific journal.  You may use the "Databases" link, also on the Library homepage left menu to search specific databases by topic.  To access journal articles and databases off campus use your SVSU ID and password.

… CHECK OUT or RENEW a book, dvd, etc.?

Books, dvds and other items can be checked out and renewed at the Circulation Desk on the first or second floor.  Books can be checked out for 3 weeks and renewed twice (3 week periods). Renewals can be requested online using the “My Library Account” option on the library homepage left menu or at the top of the Classic Catalog search screen. A valid SVSU student ID is required.


When you locate a book or article citation in one of the library’s databases or from a bibliography and a copy is not owned by Zahnow Library, Interlibrary Loan Services (Tipasa) can obtain a copy for you.  Books are picked up and returned to the Circulation Desk.  Journal articles are sent electronically to your SVSU email account.

Where can I ....


 When faculty assign additional reading or provide additional material for their classes, these items are placed on RESERVE at the Circulation Desk under the faculty member’s name and course number.  If the material is in electronic format, it can be accessed via your Canvas course.


 Zahnow Library offers ample seating, group study rooms and conference rooms located on all four floors.  The 4th floor is designated as the “Quiet” floor.  During regular Library hours SVSU students may schedule a group study room through the "Schedule a Group Study Room" link: Digital signs outside the study rooms reflect daily reservations.

 … add money to my PRINT BALANCE?

 The University allots you 400 pages ($20.00) per semester (fall & winter) and 200 pages ($10.00) per semester (spring & summer).  A page costs $.05 and a color page is $.50.  Pages are deducted from your balance when you print on campus.  When you have used your allotted print balance, money can be added at the Circulation Desk or at the Cashier’s office in Wickes Hall.

  … CHECK OUT a laptop computer?

 Laptop computers can be checked out at the Circulation Desk (1st floor) to use anywhere within the Library.


Where can I ...

 … find WIRELESS network access?

Although there are many wireless “hot spots” on campus, the entire library is wireless.  You will need to have your laptop registered to use the SVSU wireless service. For further information, inquire at the Information Technology Support Desk located on Library's 1st floor.