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Zahnow Library - University Archives and Special Collections: Flying Melzoras Exhibit

Tye Flying Melzoras Collection Virtual Exhibit

Welcome to the Flying Melzoras Collection
Virtual Exhibit

This collection gives viewers insight to the world of a Saginaw based circus performing family. The Thomas family (Melzer, Buster, Jane, Raymond, Bill, Ann) performed as the "The Flying Thomases" and "The Flying Melzoras" from the 1920's to the 1960's. This online exhibit (nearly 200 photos & images) represents a small portion of the collection but depicts many aspects of their life. A life devoted to the entertainment of others as circus performers.

For further information about The Flying Melzoras Collection please contact the Zahnow Library Archives.

Descriptive commentary by Bill Thomas and Jack G. Wood. This PastPerfect VIrtual Exhibit was created by Tom Latuszek, Scott Mellendorf, and Jack G. Wood. Exhibit published online-July 20, 2005.  This current version was prepared by Thom Zantow January 5, 2018.