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Capstones & Theses: Honors

A place to find student capstones and theses.

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Author(s) Title
Berkobien, Nikolas G The Cambodian genocide 1975-1979: antecedents, legacy, and lessons
Bishop, Olivia M Sex differentiation changes observed through aromatase inhibition and endocrine disruption: effects of parturition, morphology, and behavior in the Norway rat (rattus norvegicus)
Dempsey, McKenzie M No one fights alone: conquering the creation of an independent film Part 1 Part 2
Giordano, Carlee R The premise of manhood: the unrealized consequences of a culture of masculinity
Hunt, Bradley R Testing the antibiotic effectiveness of a eugenol substituted cefotaxime molecule
Markey, Phillip J Diet induced changes in inflammatory signals and their impact on disease
Maroney, Alexis N Synthesis and antibacterial testing of terpene-substituted cefotaxime
Meyer, Brianna L Global citizenship in another age: a critique of Germaine Necker and enlightenment era cosmopolitanism
Musselman, Danielle M How can we build communities to end human trafficking?
Nine, Zachery J Effects of exposure to bisphenol-A and phthalates independently and synergistically on the development, metamorphosis, and behavior of the fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster)
Oswalt, Claire E What's done is (not) done: rethinking the English classroom through gamification
Rhode, Alissa C Epidemiology of injuries and illnesses sustained as a result of participation in a division II marching band and color guard: a one season survey
Riley, Victoria A DNA fingerprinting in sander vitreus of the Saginaw Bay and spawning sited
Tomich, Hayley L Factors that affect judging in undergraduate moot court
Verhaeghe, Sarah E A novel approach to addressing mental stigma in youth



Author(s) Title
Frasca, Melissa N DNA fingerprinting analysis of charity island phragmites
Gall, Katie L Is black so base a hue?: a character analysis of Aaron in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus
Harmon, Chelsea R Effects of adding a biguanide to carbohydrates on blood glucose reabsorption
Holihan, Stephen J Developmental aromatase inhibition through endocrine disruption and the effects of sexually dimorphic morphology and brain organization in the Norway rat (Rattus Norvegicus)
Hoogerhyde, Michaela M Moon and luxury perception: a tale of two genders
Kerr, Graceson C Primary care students' perceptions of using physical activity counseling as a medical intervention
Klisz, Jessie R Fraud in the United States and the culture that cultivates it
Lefevre, Tyler J Validation of qPCR rapid bacterial quantification through viable E. Coli cell count in the Saginaw Bay watershed
McCarry, Bethany C Frequency and temperature dependent magnetic susceptibility
Mcdonald, Kaylee A Women's role in the French resistance during WWII
Phelps, Victoria R Depictions of disabilities once upon a time: analyzing disabled characters in the context of Victorian fairy tales
Phillips, Emily K Creating quality design for the restaurant industry: the rebranding of the White Horse Inn
Pratt, Cameron L The equilibrium point hypothesis: an analysis of firm performance and renewable energy development in publicly held, U.S. electrical utility companies
Rase, Madison J Anaerobic digestion of phragmites
Ruhlman, Erin E Drug intervention and drug crime reduction
Toupin, Nicholas P Effects of alkyl chain length on gel-forming carbohydrates
Weller, Rachel J Measuring up: an analysis of state CPA requirements and pass rates
Wojciechowski, Kylie M Advocating for student-users: results and recommendations of a usability study of the Wconline platform



Author(s) Title
Alpers, Kaitlyn R Alleviating barriers to art adherence among HIV/AIDS patients in Kisumu, Kenya through evidence-based nutrition
Dobulis, Marissa A Using limestone and gypsum as sequestration media for phosphate removal from environmental surface water
Florey, Cassidy L Effects of buproprion, an environmental contaminant, on a keystone aquatic species (Orconectes Rusticus)
Gardner, Kristin E Exploration of nursing students' stereotypes toward mental health through word usage in three different cultures
Greeson, Emily M Monitoring E.Coli and Bacteriodes contamination at inland freshwater sites
Jacobs, Jazmyne The role of play in supporting mathematical understanding in kindergarten
Keel, Katarina L Soil additives effect on phosphate adsorption strength and capacity
Leslie, Samantha S DNA fingerprinting of zebra mussels (Dreissena Polymorpha) from Higgins Lake, Michigan
Maser, Ashli N Stem outreach in rural Michigan areas
Moyers, Emily Bag valve knowledge and psychomotor skills in athletic trainers
Pero, Bryant A Synthesis of beta-d glucose in derivatives as possible inhibitors for intestinal glucose absorption
Schram, Kelly J A politely dark view of things: personal catharsis through creative writing
Snider, Morgan K Analysis of organic vs conventional produce: diphenylamine in apples and CP4 epsps gene found in frozen corn
Steele, Alexander N Can crayfish distinguish between variable oxygen concentrations
Stegbauer, Alexander M Social capital and compulsory voting in Europe
Swain, Christina J Delivery room management of the preterm infant: simulation development and evaluation for baccalaureate nursing students
Taugher, Thomas M Occupational exposure to styrene and its impact on worker safety and health
Warrick, Kathrynne A Synthesis of stylissamide x and analogs for potential metastasis inhibitors



Author(s) Title
Bauer, Hope H The effects of EEG biofeedback combined with lavender aroma therapy on migraineurs
Baughan, Scott L Analysis of the effects of the induction of exogenous p16lnk4a on immortal human tissue cultures
Collier, Allison Effects of bisphenol-A development, metamorphosis, and behavior of drosophila melanogaster
Freeman, Kayla M Improving outcomes for youth who age out of the foster care system
Frodle, Makenzie J A re-examination of language's impact on gender: study perpetuating stereotypes in modern society
Fryfogle, Patrick J Growth dynamics of precipitation structures
Haremski, Heather M Forming foundations: a program to encourage successful transitions into independence for middle school youth in foster care
Kennedy, Matthew J Narrative construction of meaning, identity and change: a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural approach
Kirk, Anthony J Pussy riot, sexuality, and Vladimir Putin: global politics of popular culture
Lukowski, April Biochemical evolution of isoprene synthases
Alternative title: Identification and characterization of the isoprene synthase enzyme in Abies
Meyer, Hannah M A problem of mental health care: a narrative history of the Mount Pleasant state home and training school
Mojica, Jacob Exploring defensive discourse: the political scandals of Rod Blagojevich and Mark Sanford
Nankervis, Kate L Utilizing a multicultural curriculum in a K-8 classroom
Rupp, Taylor M The effects of shelter availability on aggression in the rusty crayfish, orconectes rusticus
Sayles, Audrey L Missing deinstitutionalization's ideals: a cyclic model of mental institutionalization in the U.S. 
Schiefer, Ashley K Company disclosures and their effects from the foreign corrupt practices act
Silverthorn, Christopher B Solution of an open spin 1/2 XXZ quantum spin chain for ƞ = іπr/q
Swope, Nicole K 'Click' synthesis of triazole-based cephalosporins
Tubbs, Allison N Healthcare in Nepal
Wickens, Amanda L Fabrication and optical fourier analysis of a ronchi ruling diffraction grating
Zager, Melissa L The city you don't see: the reality of urban exploring in post-industrialized countries



Author(s) Title
Berton, Mara Managing the world stage: understanding the practice of intercultural stage management
Beyett, Tyler S Deletion of the yhfR gene in Bacillis Subtilis
Compton, Calla R Smaller is better: the competitive advantage of a small firm
Delzeith, Lauren E Unofficial propaganda through film
Giordano, Ashley Besides the Lorax, who else speaks for the trees?: children's films and the environmental politics of suburbanization
Jenkins, Marlin M Fire in these mirrors: an exploration of urban community through multi-genre writing
Kimball, Hailey R Understanding the public perception on health care reform in the United States: self interest in regarding the patient protection and affordable care act
Krzyskowski, Paige M Effect of deposition rate on the stability of hole transport glasses prepared by physical vapor deposition
Lackey, Nancy Qwynne Face to face with jaws: a case study on the effectiveness of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust's ecotourism operation
Lorentz, Kevin G The politics of ethnicity and secession: lessons learned from Eritrea and South Sudan
Maynard, Lindsay T Analyzing print advertising in the automobile industry: a gender-based approach
Monfils, Brian A Student debt and its effect on post-graduation
Pavlichek, Amanda R Securing future space missions: modeling and analysis of NASA's mission software infrastructure using petri-net graphs
Polega, James R Neem oil: properties and applications in developing countries
Stacer, Brett J The influence of variable shelters on agonism in the crayfish, orconectes rusticus



Author(s) Title
Anders, Sarah G Oh brother, where are thou? Men and church: a non-denominational perspective
Beattie, Austin T The effect of peripheral cues in published financial reports
Brissette, Adam Business students' knowledge of employing persons with disabilities: a preliminary survey
Bueche, Donald F Schematic and bizarreness effects in mental imagery
Chipman, Stuart A The motives for E.P.A. Criminal Enforcement: the real forces behind the E.P.A.'s practices of criminal enforcement
Fetterhoff, Joseph The use of code generation software in the development of web applications
Gembrowski, Claire M History of European integration individual freedoms under the Treaty of Lisbon
Hassen, Jeremy J Test for formation of grignard and digrignard reagents
Holden, Matthew W The fruit fly as a model in endocrine disruption research: effects of diisononyl phthalate on development and behavior in drosophila melanogaster
Lange, Jessica Children's book illustration
Pickens, Anna M Development of a method to measure lanthionine ketimine in urine of individuals with down syndrome
Schlund, Devan J Expression of isoprene synthase as a possible cytotoxicity relief mechanism
Stremlow, Stacy J Peasant-worker women in pre-revolutionary Russia: problems and opportunities
Wendorf, Jamie E Life approaching death: time and identity in end-of-life narratives
Zion, Lauren Z The national language policy and its effects on the evolution of Spanish education in the United States
Zion, Lindsey The ambidexterity phenomenon and its relationship with internationalization processes



Author(s) Title
Bangert, Madison CD72 and its receptors and their association to endometrial cancer
Bauer, Sarah Habituation of the electrodermal response in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Boettcher, Yvonne Literacy strategies
Collard, Anna M Please tell me what I may call you?: the self-deluded progressive and ideologies of womanhood of the Victorian era in Macdonald's Lilith
DeShano, Laurie Active procrastination and its correlated in college students
Duclos, Marie Joan The phenology of oogenesis, fertilization and early brooding in the freshwater mussel venustaconcha Ellipsiformis (Bivalvia: Unionidae)
Duyck, Eric D "Friendly enemies" the United States and Soviet Russia in revolution and recognition 1917-1933
Fitzpatrick, Kelli A The application of Grice's cooperative principle to political discourse: an analysis of 2007 pre-primary presidential debates
Jenkins, Amanda L The impact of professionalism and term limits on state discretionary spending
Krueger, Kelsey M World War II in six weeks
Maroni, Lisa A The farce of never again: the current failures and need for reform in UN Peacekeeping missions
McGiness, Thaddeus A histological study of the phenology of spermatogenesis in venustaconcha ellipsiformis in Michigan (Bivalvia: Unionidae)
Milne, Jacob Lanthionine ketamine
Oakley, Mary "A whole new world" for "breaking free": a study of how fans expand the fictional world of high school musical through fan fiction
Tanner, Andrea The taxonomy of scenes
Vigiletti, Elyse Disney feistiness: not quite feminism
Wright, Rebecca Analysis of PDGF binding and release by commercial and experimental materials



Author(s) Title
Anderson Jr., Ross E A history of an African American WWII veteran in Michigan
Avery, Alicia M Family composition within the African-American family: the importance of father involvement
Binder, Jessica E Hispanic population growth and mobility in Detroit 1990-2000
Bliss, Coreena Calcium soap: a good intermediate for biodiesel
Bradford, Michael SiGe precursor synthesis
Byler, Amanda Perceived control and well-being over the lifespan in India and the U.S.A.
Connon, Eric The historical lessons of seapower reconsidered: comparing the Napoleonic-era royal navy and the modern U.S. navy
Czolgosz, Diana L To whom is the duty owed: an analysis of the third party liability of public accountants
Davila, Richard What does it mean to be "scene"?
Davis, Jennifer A Effects of exposure to perfluoroocatane sulfonate on behavior and reproduction in the virilis fruit fly (drosophila virilis)
Gilliam, Meghan Two designers, two time periods, two different approaches to type design: the type designs of Herb Lubalin & Patricia Lillie
Grady, Margaret Public health politics in Michigan: case study of the Avian Flu
Granzow, Swenja Writing about war to reconcile with the past: American and Vietnamese narratives about the Vietnam War
Herzog, Kaitlin A Research on traumatic events: the effects of exposure to sensitive surveys on anxiety
Illian, Josua Cyclotomic & related polynomials
Jahn, Stephan Completing the cycle: formation of cloud point depressants from glycerin obtained in the production of biodiesel
Kapustka, Jaclyn R An autoethnographic study of the duties, triumphs, and challenges of coaching a collegiate forensics team
Leffingwell, Michelle A study of the relationship between Voodoo and the Haitian Revolution: 1750-1850
Louchart, Paula Reality monitoring in adults and youth: an examination and proposal of methodology
Madaj, Nicholas Universal access: benefitting the visually impaired and the general public in museums
Reppert, Rhonda L Grammar: to teach or not to teach, that is the question
Roedel, Andrea The evolution of masculinity: marketing and the appearance of man
Schultz, Bridget An offense to people of all faiths: the political symbolism of religiously-themed public art
Schumacher, Kayleen A American beauty: an analysis of negative self-concepts in the bluest eye
Suszek, Andy Did someone say something about an election? A study on the effect of voting regulations on youth voting
Urbain, Joshua The future of the web: collaborative technologies at work
Wangler, Sarah Motivation is key in preparing high school students for college level writing
Westmoreland, Karrie M The way to a man's wallet is through his mind: the perpetuation of social inequality through ideology
Wingerter, Jillian On the readability of type: a comparison of old style and modern typefaces
Wolkens, Kimberly Student alienation among SVSU students



Author(s) Title
Grant, Leigh C In sleep: memoirs of a different season
Venkatram, Raghuram Compilers and interpreters



Author(s) Title
Ravindra, Avinash Comparison of programming languages