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Capstones & Theses: Leadership & Administration

A place to find student capstones and theses.

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Author Title
Bartlett, Stephen The burnout factor: an examination of the effect of managed care systems on substance abuse counselors
Brown, Dale M Commanding from the front: military leadership training in the corporate work place providing greater satisfaction and production
Burns, Paul A Health and safety in the workplace: the effectiveness of employee health and safety at Ten Sixteen Treatment Centers - do the policies of Ten Sixteen Treatment Centers serve their purposes?
Conic, Tracie Pain management for individuals with sickle cell disease
D'Arcy, John A comparison and study of leadership styles and techniques within political campaigns in conjunction with a state and local race: state senator vs. probate judge
Finney, Martin Charter schools, public schools, and special education: new opportunities for individuals with disabilities
Jarrett, Lawana Exploring the impact that administration has on morale, job burnout and job satisfaction
Kanoyangwa, Gracious Orphanages: a program to make them better
Kehr, Ruthanne E Factors that influence job satisfaction: "happy days" among the staff at a supported community living organization
Konsdorf, Steve Red Cross disaster action team: maintaining a volunteer community
Ku, Kaman Napping at work
Lipinski, Lori Relationship between organizational success and employee training programs
Lutenski, Tim Midlife career transition: career education through community education
Malkani, Sonia Investigating the treatment of immigrant women: career obstacles faced by middle-class immigrant women - gender bias vs. racial bias
Mays, Kevin Michael Organization and the modern paradigm: an exploration of classical and quantum perspectives on organizational development and training
Pan, Yih Yeh The cultural gaps between Taiwanese students and American ESL teachers: a study of Taiwanese students at Saginaw Valley State University
Perez III, Lt. Jose Gender differences in annual evaluations of officers at the Saginaw Police department
Poppe, Jan Interviewing and reviewing the corporate culture: an evaluation of workplace and culture as they relate to women and positions of leadership
Reed, Julie Teamwork in juvenile care centers: facilitating consistency among employees' grading of youth in a treatment program
Rodriguez, Scott Impact of organizational leadership, apathy, and competition on Latino unity: an analysis of three Latino community organizations
Spence, Kathryn Curtiss The lost arts: a model for funding arts education in the public schools
Surles, Geraldine Child welfare and mediation: a winning combination
Taylor, Lisa L What motivational factors are necessary for physical activity adherence?
Urban, Nancy A Leadership from a servant perspective: the search for servant leadership in the workplace