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Capstones & Theses: Education - Teaching

A place to find student capstones and theses.

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Author(s) Title
Acker, Thomas A Effective online professional development in an urban school district
Bastian, Michele B The effects of using a blackboard website for communication with fifth grade students and parents
Doan, Margaret M Using writing workshop to increase motivation and achievement in a fifth grade writing classroom
Dziurka, Jennifer The effects of integrating graphic organizers with writing on motivation and achievement in a fourth grade classroom
Emmendorfer, Marcy A The effects of a teacher website and weekly email/electronic newsletter on parent-teacher communication and parent attitude
Kaufman, Lori A A study in the effects of using technology to increase student reading achievement and attitude in an after school tutoring program for fourth though sixth grade students
Kratz, Catherine L Would implementing making meaning increase reading comprehension and attitudes in a fifth grade classroom?
Lothian, Kristin A study to examine the affects of Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC) on the attitudes and achievement of second grade physical education students Part 1 Part 2
Maida, Suzanne H The use of technology in a Spanish classroom
Miller, Sara The effects of Response to Intervention (RTI) on student achievement and motivation in a first grade classroom
Nicol, Jaime Using WebQuests to increase student achievement and motivation in a ninth grade social studies classroom
Rayl, Cheryl L The effects of differentiated instruction in reading on student achievement and attitude in a fifth grade classroom
Reder, Jessica Michele The effects of using the daily 5 program to increase reading comprehension and attitude in a fourth grade classroom
Wangler, Rochelle The effects of Response to Intervention (RTI) on student achievement and attitude in a fourth grade classroom



Author(s) Title
Anderson, Jennifer A The effects of a low student-teacher ratio on reading comprehension and motivation in a kindergarten classroom
Aronson, Gwendalin C Transitioning bilingual students into an English speaking classroom
Bowen, Christen P The effects of regular use of a standers-based learning program on student mathematics achievement and motivation in a fourth grade setting
Castelli, Jennifer L The effects of the Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Initiative (MiBLSi) behavior program on student behavior in the fifth grade classroom
Dowell, Jeanne The affect of reader's response journals on student comprehension and attitude in a second grade classroom
Knott, Katherine The effects of play therapy on children who have experienced loss or trauma in their life
Kowalkowski, Kathryn The effects of literature circles on comprehension and attitude in a fourth grade classroom
Loria, Marjorie L Increasing third grade students writing achievement and writing attitudes through the quick write
Martus, Pamela Effects of differentiated instruction on student comprehension and attitude in the fourth grade reading classroom
McGannon, Catherine Will using cooperative learning groups during mathematics increase student achievement and attitude in a third grade classroom?
Messina, Katalin Using writer's workshop to affect student's ability to use voice in writing
Robertson, Heather The effects of using successmaker software to increase student acheievement and motivation in mathematics with 2nd and 3rd grade students
Todorovski, Kristina A study on the affects of the writing workshop on the writing achievement and attitudes of second-grade students
Trelfa, Elizabeth A The effects of recess frequency and duration on third grade students' math performance, physical well-being, socialization abilities, and behaviors
VanEenoo, Michelle M The effects of take-home writing bags on first graders' writing abilities and MLPP writing scores
Weisenberger, Laura J The effects of graphing progress in accelerated reader on student comprehension and motivation



Author(s) Title
Aluia, Carolyn Elizabeth The effects of differentiated instruction on students attitude and achievement in 3rd grade students
Bennett, Laura A Differentiated instruction: examining if differentiated instruction will increase reading comprehension and motivation in the sixth grade classroom
Benson, Mary K The effects of musical activities on reading development in a kindergarten classroom
Bierlein, Julie What effects do brain compatible learning strategies have on student attitude and student achievement in the art classroom?
Chappel, Ashlie Effects of shared writing within a kindergarten classroom
Clark, Nicole A The effect of literature circles on second grade students' comprehension and attitude toward reading
Dalecki, Donna M Nurturing and motivating first graders to write
Dolan, Janice The effects of print on the literacy development of at-risk preschoolers
Forrester, Holly The effects of fluency strategies in a second grade classroom
Gmyrek, Laurie K Reader response journals and comprehension in a first grade classroom
Gordon, Krystal Increasing writing skills through word processing
Gotham, Lisa Will incorporating more mainpulatives into a fifth grade mathematics classroom increase students' achievement and attitudes towards mathematics?
Grabinski, Jennifer The effects of weekly reading homework on the comprehension and attitude of second grade students
Harris, Jennifer A study about improving students motivation and behavior through grading and assessment in physical education
Heath, John Eugene What are the affects on learning using online texts compared to textbooks in the secondary classroom?
Kroll, Jennifer J The effects of guided reading on comprehension and motivation levels in a second grade classroom
LaCross, Ginger Writing and using technology in a second grade class
Lewis, Holly The effects of parental involvement on students' comprehension using the accelerated reader program in a fourth grade classroom
Malloy, Andrea L The effects of literature circles on student comprehension and attitude
McFarland, Shawn Digital storytelling in a fifth grade classroom
Monaghan, Patricia H The effects of bullying on the self-esteem of eighth grade girls
Muir, Dianne The effects of preschool oral language activities on oral language development of at-risk preschool students
Nelson, Mary Lynn The effects of using classwide peer tutoring to increase reading achievement and attitude in a fourth grade classroom
Nothdurft, Jessica The effects of "teaching kindergarten students as authors" on their narrative writing
Oliver, Lona M Using 6 + 1 traits of writing to examine motivation and achievement in a second grade classroom
Pabst, Mindy Attention strategies to use with first grade students during whole group instruction
Panetta, Tamara L Developing kindergarten literacy skills through dramatic play
Panicker, Sharon M The effects of take-home vocabulary activities on the reading comprehension of ELL students
Pavlichek, Alicia M A study on the effect of the "Write Source" writing program on writing skills and motivation for first grade
Resnick, Sara The effects of integrating music and movement to increase phonemic awareness
Rybicki, Joseph E The effects guided reading has on students' comprehension levels and attitudes in a fourth grade classroom
Santia, Anna M The impact of using proper pencil grip and posture on legibility and student attitude in writing
Shields, Lauri The effects of songs, finger plays and stories on oral language development
Starling, Jamie Using multiple intelligence strategies to increase student spelling achievement and motivation in a third grade classroom
Trpkovski, Angela Improving reading comprehension in kindergarten
Viviano, Giuseppina The role of snack on the behavior and academic performance of first grade children
Volpe, Amy M The effects of sensory integration activities on preschoolers with autism
Wadie, Patrice Developing oral language and phonemic development: a study of developmentally appropriate practices in an at-risk pre-kindergarten classroom
Wasalaski, Kristen Utilizing the computer to increase attitude and content knowledge in a fifth grade social studies classroom
Zickgraf, Jody A Marcia Freeman's writing strategies in a third grade classroom and its effects on writing attitudes and achievement



Author(s) Title
Bajis, Nicole R; Dorn, Nicole G; Gipson, Kerri L; Keranen, Janet L & Miller, Jennifer A The effects of developing a university laboratory/charter school: a constructivist learning center
Baldwin, Melinda The effects of daily mathematics homework on the achievement and attitude of third grade students
Barrett, Amy Increasing kinesthetic and active learning instruction has a positive effect on emergent literacy development
Basilisco, Christina M Multiple intelligences: examining the use of multiple intelligence strategies in a 6th grade science classroom
Baughman, Lisa The effects of utilizing a music and movement component on student achievement of kindergarten children in an ethnic community school
Baur, Renee Ann The effects math manipulatives have on first grade math understanding
Belinsky, Heather A The effects of total physical response (TPR) and teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling (TPRS) to improve the speaking skills and attitudes of fifth grade Spanish students
Buckley, Kristen The use of a modality-based instruction in the teaching of literacy to emergent readers helped to increase their knowledge and literacy output
Casbar, Nancy C Gender bias in America's educational landscape
Chapman, Gerri S Songs, chants, rhymes, and movement can be used to help kindergarten and developmental kindergarten students achieve learning objectives
Corbin, Sheila Promoting literacy through music and art in a pre-kindergarten classroom with high school teacher aids
Coyro, Jodi Project based learning supports and fosters the cognitive, social and emotional needs of children in a developmentally appropriate way
Edwards, Alissa M The relationship between interactive learning and comprehension and attitude of history concepts in a fifth grade classroom
Eland, Tracy; McMellen, Shirley & Vandelinder, Jean Providing home activity bags with supporting materials for children with special needs, aged 0-36 months and their families, will improve their experiences with home programs while incorporating play, literacy and gross motor skills
Fletcher, Sharon Kindergarten-aged children's language growth throughout center time
French, Bernadette What is the effect of physical movement performed on a regular basis crossing the body's mid-line on three and four year old children's gross and fine motor development
Goodrich, Stacy M Fifth grade writing workshop and its affects on writing attitudes and achievement
Guenther, Stacey M The effects of balanced literacy on the reading progression of second graders
Harrison, Laura The effectiveness of the middle school concept and its positive impact on students
Henry, Christine W A study on the effect of the "six traits of writing" on achievement and attitude for sixth grade
Ikeda-Majors, Helen T Improving learning outcomes in science through the integration of technology
Kellstrom, Michelle Elizabeth The effects of using words their way to increase spelling attitude and achievement in a fourth grade classroom
Kerrins, Jennifer Using poetry for repeated readings to increase fluency and motivation
Knoth, Andrea Effects of multiple intelligences on the achievement and motivation within a fifth grade science curriculum
Kolbusz, Lisa Integrating drama to enhance student achievement and attitude in social studies in a fifth grade classroom
Kreilach, Kim L The effects of games and music on kindergarteners' literacy and mathematics
Lucas-Taylor, Victoria R Integrating music across the curriculum
McLoughlin, Judith The effects of lexiled reading groups on comprehension, motivation, and attitudes towards reading
Miller, Kristen M The impact of effective writing instructional strategies on student writing achievement and attitude
Muscat, Kristi L The effects of repeated reading of poetry on oral reading fluency
Nicoll, Marla Effects of using graphic organizers in writing on student achievement and attitude in a fourth grade classroom
Ogle, Christina Recess benefits the behavior and academic achievement of second graders
Oyama, Julie Retelling and text-talk activities improve students' growth in language and literacy
Passarell, Lindi Parental involvement in a home reading back pack program improves interest in reading and assists in the development of pre-literacy skills in three and four year old preschool children
Porter, Julie A study of the relationship between written communication and the problem solving process in mathematics
Pulsifer, Stephanie What/how can augmentative and alternative forms of communication help SXI (severely multiply impaired) students interact in school and the community?
Roe, Kelly L The effect of literature circles on third grade student's comprehension and enthusiasm towards reading
Spalding, Marcella L Enhancing reading comprehension through the use of story retellings in a second grade classroom
Spielhaupter, Eric M The effects of constructivist teaching on student achievement in mathematics of 5th grade students
Stellingwerf, Gwen Teaching special needs students self-determination skills to improve their ability to express their needs and desires and participate in activities and jobs they enjoy
Szachta, Kathleen A Using graphic organizers to view their impact on learning and motivation in a fifth grade science class
Tan, Selena The use of character education in the second grade to decline behavior and increase academic achievement
Trakul, Shanno Will incorporating more mathematics manipulatives into a sixth grade classroom help increase students' achievement and improve attitudes toward mathematics?
Walker, Rebecca The effects of integrating music in teaching concepts about print
Weir, Nicole What effects do art centered group discussions have on third grade students in the art classroom?
Zachara, Amber Bullying: the epidemic



Author(s) Title
Arnold, Lindsay C The effects of a take home reading program on kindergarten concept of print scores
Bradstreet, Melissa Interactive writing strategies that effectively increase the writing abilities of first grade students
Brown, Tracey The effects and impact of introducing and reading children's literature with mathematical connections to fifth grade students
Dieterman, Kathleen The effects of electronic pen pal, or e-pal, correspondence on students in a seventh grade foreign language classroom
Gurjack, Rachael G The effects of literacy centers on second grade students' reading fluency
Kipp, Amy E Putting the pieces of the writing workshop puzzle together
Kiser, Rebecca Lynn Manipulatives reduce the math anxiety caused by a scripted math curriculum in a second grade classroom
Kuderik, Kimberly M The effects of phonemic awareness strategies on kindergarten students
LaMothe, Kristin E The use of positive reinforcement in middle school classrooms for special need students provides enriching opportunities to increase appropriate student behavior, thus improving the level of academic success
Morgan, Teri L The effects of music on fourth graders' writing ability and attitude
Pennewell, Adam K The effects of teacher websites on communication between parents, teachers, and students
Pontack, Suzanne T The effects of anxiety on sixth grade student achievement in mathematics
Price, Carolyn The effects of bodily kinesthetic activities on second grade students journal writing
Przybylo, Michelle Learning centers in the looping classroom
Smith, Bridget M How does teaching reading comprehension strategies of schema/making connections, mental imagery/visualizing, and questioning with practice through cooperative learning groups help improve the reading comprehension of second graders?
Sroka, Ann The effects of physical activity on fourth grade students' attentiveness in the classroom
Troyanovich, Nancy Differentiated instruction to promote literacy learning
Ulewicz, Michelle Reading comprehension increases in second-grade students through direct instruction of strategies
Williams, Elizabeth Rachael Recess and its impact on classroom behavior
Winston, Denise C The effect that physical fitness exercises performed in physical education class had on the spelling achievement of second grade students as measured by weekly spelling tests
Wood-Pasternacki, Paula Marie Interactive writing helps kindergarten students become more productive writers



Author(s) Title
Adams, Marjorie M The impact of multiple intelligence based individualized instruction on the spelling performance and attitude of a student with a diagnosed learning disability
Ahrens, Julie The relationship between cooperative learning group instruction, the improved performance of students using problem solving activities and student attitude in mathematics
Arnold, Nora The effects of reverse inclusion in an early childhood disabilities classroom
Berezowsky, Wendie Morris Pro-social behaviors: the effect of classroom community on pro-social behaviors of a fourth-grade classroom
Clark, Nicole R The effects of journal writing on student achievement in an eighth grade mathematics classroom
Cole, Karen A Strategies used to increase student's writing ability in a kindergarten classroom
Dorsey, Jennifer A The effect of read alouds on preschoolers' concepts of print
Harrison, Patricia L Self-efficacy: the effects of a self-regulated writing program on the efficacy, attitude and overall quality of fifth grade students' opinion essay writing
Klenow, Dennis J The effect of trade books on the attitudes of fifth grade social studies students
Korte, Kristy The effects of an intrinsic management system on a third grade child's pro-social behaviors
Lenn, Emily S Student-led conferences at the elementary level
McIntosh, Andrea M Developmentally appropriate word study instruction in a balanced literacy program and its effect on spelling and reading comprehension
McMahon, Janet L The effects of teaching reading and writing in the same genre on the development of voice in fourth grader's writing
Miller, Adrienne C The effects of word study on reading fluency and spelling in a first grade classroom
Morse, Kimberly D Increasing student participation in the individualized educational planning process
Ruhl, Silvia E The effects of mind maps on third grade students' achievement in science
Schaffer, Sarah Enhancing parents' awareness of early literacy skills
Suggs, Marina M The effects of the incorporation of internet based technologies on the Spanish language development of fourth graders
Tonn, Keith E The effects of math journals on achievement in a fourth-grade classroom
Viviano, Kim C A study of the effects of whole-group guided reading strategies on the literacy development of kindergartners



Author(s) Title
Abolins, Holly P The effects of technology on student success in secondary mathematics
Barth, Jessica L Classroom corner: the elementary classroom... online!
Bollinger, Anne E The effects of student attitude toward elementary vocal music class viewing sing-along videos in kindergarten
Cavalier, Andrew Alternative school students' perceptions of past (traditional) and current (alternative) school environments
Currier, Melissa The affects of study guides and discussion groups on student motivation and achievement
Dominick, Jennifer Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major influences pro-social behavior within the school setting
Foucher, Heather E The effect of team-teaching versus departmentally organized teaching on teach stress in the middle school
Freeman, Marcy A study of the effects of sociodramatic play on the literacy development of four year olds
Gabbard, Andrea M Violence and at-risk students
Gabriel, Heather A study of speech communication education as a necessary part of the core curriculum
Griesbaum, Michelle Effectively integrating technology into the middle school classroom curriculum
Jolliff, Lynda K Differences in the perception of caring between teachers and students
Klaus, Elizabeth Reed How safe is our school?: a study of the perceived safety of eighth-grade students at a suburban middle school
Krol, Stephanie Oral communication and children: the development of the Children's Inventory for Communication Apprehension
Liegghio, Dawn M Classroom methods to enhance intrinsic motivation
Maleszyk, Joelle The relationship between an after-school program and the level of self-esteem of an adolescent attending the program
Martin, Cynthia Using integrated curriculum in middle school to positively influence student attitudes
Mies, Jennifer H The effects on students using spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and computer technology in the high school laboratory
Miller, Julie C Certian learning strategies do impact comprehension skills of second graders who are English as a second language learner
Miracola, Nancy Anne The study on creating a effective positive discipline program for students
Monroe, Kelly Marie The implementation of a family reading program influences the oral language development of an infant, toddler and preschooler
Murray, Cheryl Co-teaching and the effects on special education and general education students
Nowak, Robyn A study of the impact of classroom activity on intrinsic motivation
O'Toole, Vicki M Inquiry based science in preschool
Patrzalek, Brian The effects of violence in media
Pietraszewski, Cheryl T A study of the effects of graphing calculator use on the attitudes of high school algebra II students towards mathematics
Puma, Michelle An investigation of achievement using authentic and traditional assessments in business education
Raymond, Julia A Combining phonics and whole language for a balanced approach to reading instruction
Schroll, Rebecca The relationship between sleep deficiency and the effects on student academic performance with emphasis on language arts in the eleventh grade
Smith, Mark J Allen A study of the implementation of student generated bi-weekly learning reports to parents and its affect on student achievement
Timpa, Michael T The effects of single-gendered math classes on student attitudes and achievement
Wilson, Rosolena The effects of an inclusion classroom on general education students
Wiseman, Kathleen A Integrating emotional intelligence practices affects the behavior of second grade students
Young, Eva M The reading and writing connection helps children strengthen their reading skills