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Capstones & Theses: Nursing

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Author(s) Title
Bookmyer, Anisa V; Bratschi, Angela L; Carter, Kimberly M; Carter, Stephanie L; Duke, Sandy S Haddad; Gentner, Kaitlyn; Johnson, Elizabeth G; LeForce, Heather R; Morrow, Bilye K; Schauman, Amber D; Snow, Aubree J; Steih, Angela G; Stewart, Zachary J & Wright, Bryan A Vaccine hesitancy related to the COVID-19 vaccine
Djapri, Grace COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among Korean American immigrants in mid-Michigan
Gerulski, Kalen D Reported response in individuals at one pain clinic receiving Ketamine infusion therapy for chronic pain
Herremans, Lauren M; Krueger, Corinne E; Kunik, Alayna C; Murphy, Sierra J & Selleke, Brittany L Experience of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the adult population of Mid-Michigan
Noyes, Sarah E Explore illness and treatment perceptions in atrial fibrillation at one agency
Rettelle, Erica First semester nursing students' perception of confidence and knowledge related to simulation experience
Twining, Karly L Why patients seek care at urgent care versus with a primary care provider



Author(s) Title
Akers, Aubree; Aurand, Kristin; Belill, Jessica; Ghattarai, Gandhi; Byron, Markus; Deming, Jamie; Gonzales, Dana; Guigar, Joshuah; Held, Jennifer; Kienitz, Lindsey; Lackey, Paula; Lange, Kimberly; Mahirwe, Nicole; Maina, Jane Nyambura; O'Hora, Devin; Slavik, Sarah; Sullivan, Alicia; Thompson, Shannon & Warner, Kellie Fear of contagion in the era of COVID-19: Qualitative interviews in MidMichigan
Alvarado, Danielle; Gordon-Bidwell, Kyle; Haenlein, Wendy; Howe, Ashley; Reder, Jorie; Tourlaeva, Alyona; Vanderkar, Angela Food insecurity in the era of COVID-19
Boelkins, Chelsy A. Health literacy in a rural population
Chappell, Elizabeth Weight and BMI of older people after one year in a long-term care facility
Duisterhof, Marlena J Exploration of diabetes distress among individuals of low socioeconomic status
First, Cecilia M Pain reassessment after medication administration
Jancarik, Hailey Pain management in postoperative coronary artery bypass surgery patients
Leach, Lisa E Identifying barriers to self-management in the community setting
Nelson, Emily Marijuana use during pregnancy
Obendorfer, Kailey L Factors associated heart failure readmission at an acute care hospital in the Midwest
Westphal, Jessica E Adherence to the best practice guidelines regarding dysphagia screening and management for post-stroke patients



Author(s) Title
Barrett, Alexandra R Mediterranean diet in today's society
Carlton, Rachel S Nursing implementation of pressure ulcer prevention interventions, a medical records review
DeLano, Candice Relationship of pain and quality of life in adults with cancer at one infusion center
Drzewiecki, Kelsea R Patient experience of a type two diabetes diagnosis
Faber, Jessica M Antibiotic resistance in the urgent care setting
Fitzgerald, Laura J Bedside nurses' comfort in providing end-of-life care
Gillett, Kelli Attitudes and pain management practices of nurse practitioner students regarding substance abusers
Glaza, Nikki R Use of complementary and alternative medicine in a rural Michigan community
Hare, Latoya K Nonpharmacological interventions prescribed for patients with chronic low back pain
Keel, Lauren R Anxiety in the postoperative cardiothoracic patient
Kirkland, Frances A Experience of insomnia among female registered nurses who work twelve-hour shifts Part 1 Part 2
Kreichelt, Katrina M New graduate nurses' perceptions of their professional confidence
Mallory, Megan A Content of a standardized post procedure nursing handover tool
Martin, Rachelle L Post-discharge follow-up interventions and readmission in adult heart failure patients
Mkrtychyan, Asmik Attitudes toward depression among health professions graduate students
Morris, Justine Fulfilling requirements and adherence to pain contracts
Munger, Tera N Oncology nurses' perspective on quality of death
Novak, Megan E Relationship between narcotic use and length of stay in postoperative cardiac patients
Rapp, Nicole M Decreased use of hospice services by African Americans
Raycraft, Nicklas L Prediabetes screening in a primary care setting
Sleight, Amber L Nurse bias associated with substance abuse
Stec, Shannon K Influenza vaccine: efficacy and subsequent hospitalizations among older adults
Williams, Dwandra Discharge delays in patients after an acute ischemic stroke
Wise, Kristopher J Chronic pain management in one mid-Michigan emergency department
Xu, Hui Language interpretation condition in primary care settings
Zapinski, Jordyn M What family members consider a good death



Author(s) Title
Apsey, Michelle A The relationship between fear of childbirth and women's knowledge about painless childbirth
Clare, Taylor Factors related to readmission in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Conner, Caleb Examining acute ischemic stroke care in patients who receive thrombolytic therapy
Conyer, Ashley Barriers to screening for intimate partner violence
DePatty, Rachel Self-care and readmission among patients with heart failure
Doxey, Kimberly J Perceptions encountered by nurses using an electronic health record system
Drenth, Paul R Advanced care planning in a primary care setting
Filbeck, Brandon Treatment modalities of patients with chronic back pain who present to the emergency department
Fodrocy, Jessica D Breast cancer survivorship and quality of life
Garcia, Sonia Mae Patients experience of postoperative ostomy self-care management
Holubowicz, Maria-Ann E Identification and management of obesity in older adults living in long-term care
Kowalczyk, Kaitlyn R Follow-up appointments and readmission rates for patients with heart failure in an urban Midwest hospital
Lee, Melissa Anxiety levels of pre-procedure patients
Lerczak, Jessica L Experiences of parents whose very low-birth-weight infants have been discharged home from the neonatal intensive care unit
Lewis, Maureen Barriers to advance directive completion
Linga, Padma Identifying factors associated with diabetic readmissions
Mapes, Anna Heart failure readmissions and documentation of family presence during heart failure education
Messing, Jacqueline Anxiety levels before and after cardiac rehabilitation
Otten, Austyn K Exploring parental vaccine hesitancy of the seasonal influenza vaccine
Porter, Andrea The impact of a nurse code sepsis checklist on the time to initial antibiotic dose in sever sepsis and septic shock patients before and after the checklist initiation
Robbins, Madison The relationship between pre-activity pain and activity type post open heart surgery
Schrock, Bridgette T Motivators, physical fitness level, and exercise enjoyment among music listeners
Weaver, Ashley The relationship between perceived professional support and body image in patients with stomas
Weirauch, Abigail Challenges nurse practitioners face treating chronic pain
Wiggins, Tamara Fear of falling in community-dwelling adults
Williams, Rosalind Predicting factors and 30-day readmissions in congestive heart failure patients



Author(s) Title
Adhikari, Susmita Adherence by providers to screening guidelines in patients with diabetes
Akowuah Boachie, Adwoa The experience of health promotion in homeless adults
Anjum, Heather Fatigue in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Berg, Bridgett C Depression screening of patients with cardiovascular disease in an outpatient primary care setting
Bock, Kristin L Depressive symptoms in hospitalized post cerebrovascular accident patients
Bombe, Tina Advanced care planning awareness preferences of community-dwelling adults
Buck, Megan Attitudes of Michigan nurse practitioners toward depression
Hagarty, Lauren Provider adherence to the 2016 CDC guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain
Hickey, Diana G Systematic review of evidenced-based interventions for the family caregiver of patients with mild dementia
Kalbfleisch, Amber Experiences of women diagnosed with breast or gynecological cancer who have undergone radical procedures for treatment
Lane, Kelli Variables associated with single hospital admissions versus multiple hospital admissions in persons with heart failure
LaPorte, Jennifer Awareness of cardiac risk factors following percutaneous coronary intervention
Miceli, Kelly M Relationship between work environment and burnout experienced by nurses in acute care setting
Nambiathusseril, Merryl Anger and health-related quality of life in cancer patients
Obuzor, Sharon A study of cultural competence among graduate nursing students
Patterson, Kia Assessment of student confidence in providing end-of-life care
Radak, Bridgette A correlational study of hemoglobin A1C levels and diabetes-related quality of life in patients with type II diabetes
Sarna, Meghan Rural breast cancer patients' experience with a planned exercise program
Smith, Rachel Relationship of pain, fatigue, and depression in adults with cancer receiving chemotherapy
Smith, Wilma A Breastfeeding barriers in the workplace
Spiris, Beth M Nurse practitioner knowledge of chronic nonmalignant pain management
Wilbert, Justin Barriers to health promotion in college students
Wolosonowich, Ashley Postpartum depression screening at well child visits
Zulauf, Liza Preconception health behaviors and knowledge of preconception care among pregnant women



Author(s) Title
Angir-Sisco, Winifred A The relationship between hope and coping in cancer patients undergoing treatment
Anthony, Danielle C Experience of parents of premature infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit
Atkinson, Courtney Examining the relationship between self-reported HgbA1C levels and plaque index in individuals with type II diabetes who are seen at one diabetic clinic
Bade, Rachel A Perception of fatigue in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Baker, Brooke Denae Nursing students' knowledge of the patient experience of living with an internal cardiac defibrillator
Brookes, Andrew A quantitative study of how the demographics and chief complaints at a rural free clinic compare pre- and post-healthcare reform
Brooks, Bryan Perceptions of the nurse practitioner role
Bruno, Nikki L.S. Opioid management in patients with chronic nonmalignant pain in primary care
Darling, Nicole A Nurses' perceived therapeutic attitude toward opioid addicted drug users in one emergency department
Dinsmoore, Jennifer Relationship between self-care practices and heart failure 30-day readmission rates
Fabbro, Mindy E-patients' experience with using the internet to obtain health information
Fahndrich, Laurie Provider adherence to mucositis best practice guideline
Gallofin, Vivian A The relationship of social support and uncertainty in cancer patients
Gottfried, Michelle L Examining the relationship between dimensions of functional social support and self-care in heart failure patients
Grzegorczyk, Jillian Cardiomems medical record review: living with cardiomems
Hankins, Breanne Prescription medication adherence among a college student population
Hasse, Megan Elderly pain management in the emergency department
Hirschenberger, Kristy Nurses' perception of their work environments
Kern, Sara A Barriers to effective nurse to nurse handoff
Kleinert, Christie BSN student perception of the relationship between simulation utilization and the effect on their confidence and critical thinking skills prior to patient care
Kopec, Jason The experience of medication adherence in adults with hypertension
Leonard, Joshua Fear of movement related to chronic back pain
Lundahl, Rachel An integrative review of the teach back method
Main, Justin L Fear of opioid medications in the older adult population
Meyers, Logan Identifying interventions utilized for overweight and obese patients in the primary care setting
Miller, Leann M Effectiveness of treating chronic pain in the emergency department
Mullin, Stacey Patients' perceptions related to clinical guidelines of postoperative pain
Nelson, Miranda J Nutritional knowledge of family nurse practitioner students at a Michigan university
Ngundam, Marilyn Understanding the experience of individuals with chronic pain
Powers, Kara Cardiac nurses' views and experience of caring for post-cardiac surgery patients with depression
Premo, Danielle Nursing students' perception of simulation effectiveness
Pulcer, Lindsey Acute care nurses' knowledge and perceptions of pain management: a surveying inquiry of emergency care and post-surgical care
Rohde, Brittany Barriers to self-monitoring blood glucose
Simon, Tanya Evaluation of a delirium education program
Smith, Jessica Provider perspective on adherence to the heart failure self-care regimen
Stehle, Kelly Jean Outcomes of individuals with total joint replacements receiving structured multidisciplinary preoperative education
Stewart, Molly L The experience of veterans in the return of high level mobility following traumatic lower limb amputations sustained in a time of war
Sullivan, Timothy P A preliminary study to evaluate pain control in elderly patients with dementia in chronic pain and how it affects their behavior and ability to tolerate activities
Trombley, Danielle Undergraduate nursing student anxiety in simulations
Tumblin, Karen Kay Student nurses' knowledge of heart failure educational guidelines
Woods, Savannah Fear of falling in community-dwelling adults age 65 years and older
Wright, Stephanie The relationship between quality of life and caregiver burden in informal caregivers of dementia patients
Yego, Judith C Michigan primary care nurse practitioner attitudes toward depression
Young, Ashley Depression screening in cancer patients



Author(s) Title
Bohl, Jennifer Systemic review of interventions to increase childhood vaccination rates
Boury, Julia A systematic review of the impact of essential oils on sleep
Carson, Katelyn J Knowledge of nurse practitioners regarding pain
Cook, Amanda L Nurse practitioners' perception of barriers to pain management
Davenport, Jill L A preliminary study to evaluate the influence of self-efficacy, self-care, knowledge of HbA1C and medication regimen complexity on tight glycemic control in individuals with type 2 diabetes
Gogolen, Kristy Characteristics of registered nurses employed in Michigan critical access hospitals
Graham, Susanna L Management of chronic illness in primary care: a descriptive study
Gregory, Stephanie A systematic review of psychosocial interventions to reduce anxiety in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Hessling, Ashley Barriers to self-management in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients
Holcomb, Amy Return visits to the emergency department
Houthoofd, Erin Body mass index impact on surgical time on total joint replacements and infection rate
Kasper, Lindsay Nursing knowledge in providing palliative care to inpatients
Lidbeck, Kristine L Patients' perceptions to their primary care provider's cultural competence
Mattarella, Trevor Myocardial infarction symptoms and demographic variables
Scott, Jennifer Self-efficacy among those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Simons, Trisha Identifying barriers to effective end of life communication
VanBocxlaer, Catherine J Knowledge of palliative care among nurses who care for heart failure patients
Watson, Katherine Nurses' interpretations of potential drug seeking behaviors
Wazny-Kohl, Tiffanee Frances Living with a defibrillator: a qualitative study into the lives of patients with implanted defibrillators
Wolpert, Stephanie L Caregiver stress and end stage renal disease



Author(s) Title
Abraham, Ancy Experience of fatigue in congestive heart failure patients
Burgess, Lindsey Nurses' attitudes and experiences with family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation at four local emergency departments and intensive care units: an assessment
Busch, Michael J Examining nurse practitioners management of chronic pain in patients with multiple chronic conditions
Caverly, Charity Assessing healthcare providers' knowledge and attitudes towards alcohol screening and brief intervention
Chesny, Christine Self-transcendence and advance care planning at end of life
Enright, Rebecca Assessing patient preferences for end-of-life care
Gardner, Ashley Provider knowledge and assessment of health literacy
Havercamp, Marie Physical therapy referrals, effectiveness, and prognostic factors in chronic back pain
Hutfilz, Emily A Perceptions of noise in one hospital setting
Jordan-Turner, Janell Examining the difference in staff knowledge of dementia following a required quality assurance training
Kaufman, Sherry Providers level of agreement and perceived barriers with sepsis standardized guidelines
Kellogg, Amanda Lived experience of hope among individuals residing in assisted living facilities
Lampka, Matthew B Addressing obesity in the inpatient setting
McPhee, Erica Factors associated with fear of breast cancer recurrence
Nelson, Matthew Addressing the code status of patients age 65 and above with patient, family or power of attorney
O'Dea, Christopher The effects of intraoperative intravenous acetaminophen on opioid consumption and extubation time in postoperative open-heart surgery patients: a retrospective review
Pant, Smriti Perceived barriers to exercise experienced by people 65 years and older living in long term care
Parham, Kemberly N Reasons parents decline immunizations for their children: a retrospective chart review study
Polzin, Amy An evaluation of student nurses' understanding of the concepts of communication, safety, patient-centered care and critical thinking using concept maps across the curriculum
Radley, Lisa Factors affecting stress in family caregivers of individuals who have dementia
Richard, Ruth Student perceptions of study abroad experience as it related to cultural competency
Robertson, Tracy Fear of falling in the elderly
Seeburger, Sarah Breastfeeding support among mid-Michigan employers
Smith, Cherie Identifying barriers to effective end of life communication
Young, Antionette & Beasley, Patrick What is the perception of lateral violence in nurses working in acute care general/surgical/telemetry departments in relation to their demographic variables?



Author(s) Title
Bootz, Renee Nurses knowledge of ostomy skills and perceptions of ostomy care
Brodie, Devon & Harrison, Terilynn Relationship of acute pain management and patient satisfaction of emergency department patients in one agency
Burton, Donna M & Hall, Suzanne S The relationship between asthma severity and uncertainty in illness in college students with asthma
Espinoza, Shana M A study to examine the lived experiences of the geriatric person who has transitioned into the long-term care setting
Essex, Takesha & Robinson, Veronica Diabetic foot care in long-term care
Grifka, Justin & Kartes, Lauren Ischemic stroke recurrence
Hillert, Darci J Leadership behaviors of undergraduate nursing students
Hosyrami, Tracia Lynn & Cartwright, Alexis Common coping approaches in patients who have experienced a spinal cord injury
House, Chelsea Patient experience of a heart attack
Hupert, Cynthia Nursing students perception of self-confidence after a high-fidelity simulation experience
Jensen, Sara E & Knoerr, Erica J Challenges nurses experience while providing end of life care in the rural setting
LaPorte, Steven & Miller, Angela Evaluation of a transfusion algorithm in cardiac surgery patients
Mayotte, Andrea Binge drinking among college students and adverse consequences
McDaniel, Kyle Attitudes of undergraduate bachelors of science in nursing students towards pain management
Murphy, Monet Frequency and method of pain assessment in patients presenting to a pain clinic
Neeb, Tara J Information resources utilized by senior nursing students
Neterer, Lindsey & Bennett, Jessica Health literacy in a rural community in Northern Michigan: examining relationships between health literacy levels and demographic variables
Norman, Jessica Relationship between preoperative education and pain management in patients who have undergone neurosurgery
Oggema, Angelina Body image after stoma surgery
Pearson, Amanda The lived experience of nursing advocacy
Peruski, Stephanie & Doyon, Tina Mentoring of graduate nurses
Schwedler, Leann M Empowerment of telehealth monitoring in congestive heart failure patients
Siminski, Jessica Who college students seek help from with personal or emotional problems
Taylor, Ashley N & Garlitz, Shelly K Health literacy: a survey of primary care providers' knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs
Thom, Hannah & Williams, Cori Patient satisfaction with nurse practitioner-delivered primary healthcare services: a replication study
Wendling, Stacey & Beadle, Vera Is there a relationship between self-efficacy and diabetic foot self-care?



Author(s) Title
Belongia, Brenda Sue Emergency department nurses' knowledge and attitudes regarding pain at one agency
Booms, Lois Hyperglycemia in the adult surgical patient in a rural hospital
Bryce, Belinda & Young, Bridget Transition from registered nurse to family nurse practitioner
Chapman, Cindy & Sharon, Renee Physicians' understanding of the role of the nurse practitioner in the acute care setting
Cooper, Amanda & Fredenburg, Becky The ways of coping with an ostomy
Hadcock, Katrina The experience of noise by nurses in the acute care setting
Helmkamp, Lori; Majchrzak, Erica & Trumble, Jamie Nurses' perception of lateral violence in one acute care setting
Hurren, Jodi B & Dietzel, Jennifer L Patient satisfaction with nurse practitioner care
Jauss, Allison Registered nurses that work with computers: the relationship between workplace ergonomics and musculoskelatal disorders
Koepplinger, Erin S; Murphy, Shannon E & Sova, Rachael D Sleep adequacy in caregivers of dementia patients
Krenz, Laura E The treatment seeking experience of acute stroke patients
Krueger, Heather S Transition from a neonatal intensive care unit to home: parent's perceived readiness for discharge
LeBlanc, Jodie; Potts, Whitney & Warner, Heather College students' awareness of the nurse practitioner role in east central Michigan
Marks, Kristine & Sisco, Sara The experience of moral distress in critical care clinicians
Mbidzo, Hilda Patient satisfaction: an investigation of nurses' perceptions of nursing interventions that are determinants of patient satisfaction measures with nursing care
McPherson, Shelby Noise levels in one NICU
Penning, Jennifer E Screening for depression in pregnancy
Rethman, Heidi A study of students' perceptions of poverty before and after an inter-professional poverty simulation
Rouleau, Leah E Examining the relationship between nurse knowledge of palliative care and attitude in care of the end of life (EOL) patient
Woerner, Karen An examination of children's books for descriptions of children's body types
Woodside, Wagma-Marzia Nasrat Adherence to prescribed time for outpatient maintenance hemodialysis at one Midwestern clinic



Author(s) Title
Bates, Summer Surgical site infections and obesity: a descriptive study of patients who developed surgical site infections after abdominal surgery
Bellinger, Aimee L The family nurse practitioner's response to women presenting with signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease
Boyle, Candice Family members experience with grief after the death of a loved one
Corkins, Donna; Hernden, Elizabeth & Sebert, Michelle Empowerment: the lived experience of the nurse practitioner student
DeHart, Kathleen J Knowledge of nurse practitioners about community-acquired methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA)
Gorski, Kathy L & Karoly, Debra A Nursing students' experience with anxiety in the clinical setting
Hanover, Kerry A Obesity and interventions of nurse practitioners in primary care settings
Kern, Renee Anxiety and acute pain perception in the orthopedic surgical patient
Leslie, Stephanie The nurse's perception of providing care while experiencing stress
MacDonald, Jayne Ann Nursing practices and attitudes regarding intradermal lidocaine for intravenous cannula insertions
Martin, Julie & Villano, Teresa Long term care nurses' knowledge and attitudes about pain
Nixon, Melissa & Michaud, Shannon A descriptive study to examine comfort in preoperative adult patients who receive Reiki therapy
Ofori-Darko, Janet Calrine Incivility in nursing education as perceived by junior and senior nursing students at one university
Parker, Kenda J & McIntire-Strain, Tina Emergency nurses' current practices and understanding of family presence during cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Richards, Heidi & Riess, Veronica Work role and empowerment of the nurse practitioner students during their MSN education
Richardson, Deborah Nurses knowledge and attitudes in pain management at one agency
Walker, Rhonda J Level of self-reflection present in entry-level bachelor of science nursing student writing samples
Wiggins, Anne-Marie J & Chacko, Joseph Knowledge of heart failure and performance of self-care behaviors
Woyahn, Jessica & Doll, Carmela The use of antibiotics in outpatient rural settings
Yoon, Hae Yoon; Northrup, Kayla & Shebby, Angela The impact of "Camp Cardinal Kidz" on children with autism spectrum disorders



Author(s) Title
Baldwin, Sara Adherence of individuals with diabetes
Bargeron, Tracy Nurses' perceived comfort with communication involving end of life decision making
Burchell, Jennifer & Reneaud, Julie Thirst distress and interdialytic weight gain in patients undergoing hemodialysis
Dole, Nancy Care for children and their families at end-of-life: a nursing perspective
Funk, Meachelle Elaine-Shephard Current knowledge and attitudes of senior baccalaureate nursing students regarding pain
Gaiser, Terri Bedside rounding and education on central line maintenance: an evidence based practice project
Gregory, Lisa Caregiver preparedness and predicating caregiver strain
Gregory, Robyne Nurses' comfort with caring for infants and children undergoing procedural sedation
Hallinan, Susan Nursing decisions that are made when administering an "as needed" PRN psychotropic medication on the psychiatric unit
Hill, Tammy J; Mulkey, Jamie & Clark, Kimberly Childhood obesity: prevention practices of nurse practitioners in Michigan
Hill, Teri S The effect of a summer review seminar of nursing student retention and graduation rates
Jaime, Laura J Treatment seeking in women experiencing symptoms of acute coronary syndrome or myocardial infarction
Kelch, Robert The lived experience of nursing and nurse practitioner students on a short-term cross-cultural health care trip to Zambia
Kerbleski, Kristen Job satisfaction among Michigan nurse practitioners
Kuberski, Lynette A & Heringhausen, Jayne M Job satisfaction and job stress among nurses in a rural hospital setting
Lathrom, Sue Specialty nurse's lived experiences of empowerment in a shared governance environment
Myers, Sheri The bed huddle as a tool to decrease ED length of stay and improve hospital-wide patient flow
Patel, Bhavika & Patel, Hiralben Identifying common sources of stress among international students at one U.S. university
Pierce, Marie Elements of critical thinking in junior level bachelor of science nursing student writing samples
Ramon, Tammy Ann Program evaluation: a nurse scholar program
Rousseau, Willa M The effects of disruptive behavior on the culture of safety
Van Loo, Erin M Infant readiness to feed
Zaske, Jill The characteristic of grief in nurses practicing in the intensive care units



Author(s) Title
Baumann, Susan Nurses awareness of health-related quality of life on congestive heart failure patients in the acute care setting
Champine, Bridget The lived experience of women with abnormal pap smear results: a qualitative research study
Couture, Amy; Smith, Colette; Swartz, Jennifer & Wegener, Amy Tales from the bedside: a qualitative study into the lived experience of graduate nurses
Curtin, Michelle The relationship between nursing student anxiety and self-confidence in learning with high fidelity simulation
Felsing, Nicole M Stroke caregiving: an assessment of difficult times and unmet needs
Hewett, Hall R High-fideltiy patient simulator and interactive clinical scenarios: evaluation with Baccalaureate nursing students
Kean-Smith, Susan & Alverson, Vicki Blood pressure measurements in standard upper arm versus lower arm sites in individuals with body mass index greater than 30
Kenel, Rashelle & Marotzke, Joy Empowerment: the lived experience of nurses in acute care
Klump, Stacey Graduate nurse in transition: a needs assessment
Markel, Colleen An exploration of communication with family members
Meyer, Laurie The effects of pre-operative teaching on patients' perception of post-operative pain
Parks, Robin; Roberts, Erin & Birch, Melissa Perspectives of cultural competence of Michigan nurse practitioners
Schubert, Mary L Identification of hyperglycemia post craniotomy
Severance, Karen The meaning of suffering for patients near end-of-life Part 1 Part 2
Watson, Doris; Schlaud, Luisa & Wallace, Adrienne Health promotion attitudes and practices of Michigan nurse practitioners
Weisenbach, Rosetta Nell Diabetes self-management effectiveness as reflected in patient outcomes
Worden, Heather F; Burnash, Malinda & Arbuckle, Barbara Elements of critical thinking present in entry level Bachelor of Science nursing student writing sample



Author(s) Title
Baker, Janice; Beyer, Nancy; Fox, Judy; Kretzschmer, Brenda & Tompkins, Mary Chronic illness: the lived experience of families 6th edition
Cross, Glenda; Kreiner, Jennifer & Skulley, Melissa Survival outcomes related to resuscitation medications: a secondary analysis
Huffman, Jaime L The lived experience of hope in individuals with chronic illness: a qualitative research study
Lockman, Rachel; Sramkoski, Paulette & Vandervane, Amy Hospital shift as a function of witnessed resuscitation survival
Roethlisberger, Kristine Schultz Development of an instrument using standardized nursing language to communicate nursing interventions competency Part 1 Part 2
Wright, Samantha Pauline Inpatient hospitalization and delirium in the elderly: malnutrition and dehydration



Author(s) Title
Boudiab, Lina; Brindley, Susan; Eipperle, Marilyn; Johnson, Barbara; Monroe, Margaret; Ridgway, Shelly & Wieszciecinski, Barbara Chronic illness: the lived experience of families
Dodman, Paula E & Todd, Debra L Pain management program evaluation: a continuous quality improvement approach
Tomczak, Thomas & Whyte, Terry Hygiene issues and motivators in nursing: a secondary analysis




Author(s) Title
Beasecker, Denise; Biery, Myrite; Dymek, Mary & Wolff, Kathleen Decision-making related to an advanced degree in nursing
Beauregard, Sharon; Christner, Jane; Esch, Linda; Kennedy, Sharlene; Keyser, Mary; Lee-Roznowski, Cheryl; Retlewski, Ruth; Rood, Jill; Sprague, Denise & Talbott, Ellen Chronic illness: the lived experience of families Part 1 Part 2
Begick, Robin J Variables influencing health care worker compliance with universal precautions in adult critical care: a replication
Derheim, Michele Bereavement: experiencing the loss of a loved one
Dziuba, Karen Partner support and maternal attachment
Fisher, Kate An examination of patient decision making in health care
Harmer, Bonnie McKay An ethnomethodological examination of the decision-making process psychiatric nurses use when deciding whether to use seclusion
Lee, Darla A Patterns in the responses of nursing students who smoke to questions based on the health promotion model
Maust, Dawn Differences in the deterrents to participation in continuing education of rural and urban nurses
Pickens, Candice L Relevance of postoperative education in women recovering from coronary artery bypass surgery
Rowe, Linda L R.N., MSN, CNOR Guided imagery: a phenomenological study
Stephen, Mary Jo The emotional, biophysiologic and social responses to workplace violence as experienced by emergency department nurses
Van Dyke, Judy K Perceived intuitiveness in nurses caring for the terminally ill
Wehbeh-Alamah, Hiba Generic health care beliefs, expressions, and practices of Lebanese Muslims in two urban U.S. communities: a mini ethnonursing study conceptualized within Leininger's Theory Part 1 Part 2
Welker, Marcella A retrospective chart review of patients with and without advance directives



Author(s) Title
Piesik, Carol L Acupressure: ancient relief for a pain in the back