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Capstones & Theses: Occupational Therapy

A place to find student capstones and theses.

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Author(s) Title
Bleshenski, Kelsey L; Butler, Storm R; Friesl, Emily C & Singh, Dhanveer Understanding barriers to sleep routines faced by parents of children with ASD: a qualitative descriptive study
Braun, Alexis & Wirth, Madisyn College students' perceived usefulness of an ergonomic program
Caird, Elizabeth; Fong, Erin; Hausbeck, Taylor & Zitterkopf, Alexia Effect of joint leisure engagement on caregiver burden for individuals caring for those with dementia
Clemens, Hannah; Draheim, Alexis; MacWebb, Mackenzie & White, Lauren Individuals' experiences of posttraumatic growth (PTG) in relation to performance patterns throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative descriptive study
Daley, Rachel & Dodak, Miranda Investigating occupational therapists' methods of gaining competency in treating the transgender and non-binary community: a qualitative study
Galesewicz, Rachel; McDowell, Mallory & Wheeler, Nikkia Manual for improving knowledge and confidence when addressing sex and sexuality within occupational therapy practice
Glenn, Sydney; Blaine, Taylor; Hausig, Aubrey & Martlock, Marisa Fathers' involvement in child-rearing activities for their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a descriptive survey study
Gmerick, Jamie & Guziejko, Olivia Clinician's perspectives on how changes in performance patterns are addressed in transgender clinical care programs: a qualitative descriptive study
Grassmid, Rylea; Leonard, Emily; Haroon, Emily & Metcalfe, Jaide Use of the Kawa Model to address stress in college students
Haglund, Mackenzie; Schneider, Jenna & Welsh, Katie Challenges and successes of occupational therapy professional when working within the juvenile rehabilitation setting: a qualitative study
Harmer, Kaely; Gonder, Alexis; Zuhlke, Reese & Lewis, Annalee Effects of a stretching program on range of motion and perceived well-being among college students: a mixed methods study
Miller, Sarah; Horton, Madison & Erwin, Hannah Perceptions of the grieving process of individuals with Parkinson's Disease participating in Rock Steady Boxing: a qualitative study
Morones, Gabriela; Smith, Breanne & Wejrowski, Amber Prevalence of anxiety, depression and stress in occupational therapy students: a qualitative needs assessment for lifestyle modification program
Perri, Grace & Stemler, Paige

Occupational therapy's role in pain management: utilization of self-selected music for patients in rehabilitation

Riker, Shay; Morris, Spencer; Smith, Kasia & Poirier, Benjamin Perceptions of skill development among occupational therapy students who participated in virtual fieldwork: a qualitative descriptive study
Rodeheffer, Morgan; Showerman, Madison; Stoddard, Madison & Young, Kristen Effectiveness of a sleep hygiene program for first responders: a pilot study
Saur, Leigha; Alhajji, Zahra & Oglesby, Yavaha Implicit bias training and level of implicit bias among occupational therapists



Author(s) Title
Aleksovski, Hannah; Huehn, Allison & Rau, Alexis Impacts of standardized patient feedback with the CAT-M Tool on communication skills of occupational therapy graduate students: a qualitative descriptive study
Ash, Tara; Keyser, Austin & Modrall, Max Outcomes of a home-based immersive virtual reality program on upper extremity performance in Parkinson's Disease: a case study
Ayotte, Kristina; Hill, Dustin; Jenks, Kelsey; Wood, Elizabeth; Herlache-Pretzer, Dr. Ellen; Pacewicz, Dr. Christine & Webster, Dr. Stacey Online educational modules to enhance collegiate athletes' perceived preparedness for retirement from sport: a protocol
Bagelmann, Kasey; Craven, Brendan; Gentle, Natalyn & McCray, Selena Impact of education on OT practitioners' confidence in addressing chronic pain and opioid usage: posttest study
Beachamp, Ashley; Kipfmiller, Adrian & Nichol, Kiley Exploring 3D printing in occupational therapy practice: a survey
Branch, Ashley; Kleppinger, Hannah & VanZee, Ashlee Perspectives on sternal precaution prescriptions: a call for advocacy
Brown, Bianca; Hallman, Shaundra & White, Grant Effects of simulation-based sexual education on attitudes and level of comfort of occupational therapy students
Brydon, Kirsten; Tremper, Madison & Welch, Madeline Decision-making process utilized by Occupational Therapists implementing animal-assisted therapy
Chapa, Olivia; Grant, Lauren & Waldmann, Madalyn Occupational therapy's role in brain injury rehabilitation: personalized music protocol recommendation to decrease clients' pain levels
DeGrant, Abigail; Jesse, Megan & Webb, Jessica Exploration of sleep hygiene patterns used by parents of children with autism spectrum disorder: a descriptive study
Fox, Britany; Knight, Kacie & Viel, Miranda Utilizing a fieldwork skills checklist to influence student-education communication: a qualitative descriptive study
Henigan, Kyle; Kiel, Brendan & Kontowsky, Brandy Perceptions of using virtual reality as a leisure activity among older adults: a survey
Huebner, Lauren; Irish, Hunter, White, Megan & Wilkins, Aaron Use of text reminders to address home exercise program adherence: a practitioners' introduction into the work of SMS messaging
Lafave-Mendez, Haley; Maron, Jordyn & Reichenbach, Josh Effects of an educational module on emergency personnel's confidence levels in using Carter Kits with individuals with autism
Morehouse, Samantha; Shaible, Krystal & Williams, Olivia Impacts of online support groups on quality of life, anxiety, and depression of those with MC/CFS: a survey
Novak, Brandon; Rybak, Paige & Wojciechowski, Jake Occupational Therapists' use of rehabilitation programs from the upper extremity: a survey
Schnell, Bailey; Mulrath, Becca & Rasmussen, Taylor Role of occupational therapy in addressing psychosocial factors during the return to work process following work-related injuries
Yahn, Syndey & Rozek, Krislyn Understanding the interprofessional collaborative relationship between OT and ABA: a survey



Author(s) Title
Altman, Kayla; Glumm, Samantha; Stainton, Kendall & Winkle, Melissa Impacts of mobility dogs on biomechanics during ambulation: a descriptive quantitative study
Barnes, Corrine; Goetz, Trista; Naffien, Katelyn & Schnettler, Nicole Occupational therapists' needs for resources to address sexuality and sexual health in older adults: a survey
Berg, Barbara; Bishop, Kimberly; Little, Cori; Prast, Jean; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen & Webster, Stacey Occupational therapy practitioners' perspectives on virtual home evaluations: a feasibility study
Boak, Savannah; Larsen, Chelsee; Sharp, Rebecca; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen; Webster, Stacey & Schwitzer, Aricka Impact of contracted participation in stress-relieving activities on perceived stress levels among occupational therapy students: a time series study
Buzzell, Kaylyn; Feeney, Jenna; Gentile, Lauren; Morris, Sara; Webster, Stacey & Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen Effects of occupational therapy-led fine motor centers on fine motor skills of preschool-aged children: an evidence-based program evaluation
Carolan, Tess E; Davis, Alexandra L & Mulcahy, Briana M Impact of a performance pattern education program on preparedness for athletic retirement among collegiate athletes: a pilot study
Cypher, Elizabeth; Miller, Megan; Szcygiel, Melissa & Vargo, Alyssa Utilization of the neuroplastic principle of salience in treatment selection for post-stroke rehabilitation: a focus group study
Dasky, Andrea; Kenny, Ericka & vonLinsowe, Coralea Individuals' experiences with the transition into disability retirement: a phenomenological study
Dwyer, Emma; Hovey, Tori & McMichael, Megan Assessing quality of life in individuals waiting to be paired with a service dog: a survey
Foster, Ashlie M; Weisenberger, Tess M & Winchell, Jennifer J Exploration of social participation patterns and falls efficacy in the community-dwelling older adult population
Girard, Danielle; Jurgess, Stephanie & Morgrette, Michelle Exploration of a modified swimming program for children with autism: outcomes of participation in water-based activities
Harper, Amber; Myers, Olivia & Nikolai, Rachel Impact of leisure activity programs on mental health in homebound older adults: an evidence-based protocol
Heisler, Katie; Malburg, Jessica & Podsiadlik, Megan Inclusion of crafts in occupational therapy curricula: a survey
Jackson, Kasey; Jones, Jordan; Stern, Alyssa; Brewer, Lisa; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen & Webster, Stacey Effect of Tai Chi on occupational performance of older adults: a one group pretest-posttest study
Klingenberg, Eric; Putman, Terrell; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen; Prast, Jean & Webster, Stacey Evaluating perceived effectiveness of simulations for occupational therapy students using the SET-M: a quantitative descriptive study
Rutkowski, Samantha; Buchinger, Whitney & Shunk, Allison Impact of electronic health records on client-centered goal writing in occupation therapy
Walker, Demytria; Wallace, Stacey; Wilford, Lee; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen & Webster, Stacey Establishing normative values for the Vision Coach



Author(s) Title
Alhammad, Hawra; Fullerton, Sara; Kovac, Kaleigh; Rienstra, Kristen & Steinman, Kara The impact of combined psychoeducational interventions on the burden of caregivers for individuals with Alzheimer's disease: a mixed-methods study
Andrzejewski, Rachel; Gapski, Sara; Miller, Natalie; Raisanen, Brittany & Wilds, Monica Perceptions of simulation as a form of occupational therapy student preparation for level II fieldwork: a qualitative study
Arneil, Holly; Gonzales, Sadina; Hiser, Alexis & Rivet, Jacob Patient experiences with upper extremity prosthetic training and rejection: a qualitative descriptive study
Bell, Breanne; Carrigan, Katrina; Hatcher, Erika & Hogue, Alex The effects of inpatient group treatment on FIM efficiency and length of stay: a replication study
Bielecki, Amanda; Culver, Katie; Piechocki, Stephanie; Seales, Sabrina & Ward, Shelby Perceived impacts of simulations on professional skills in healthcare professionals: a focus group study
Bommarito, Brianna; Andres, Jodi; Brown, Kristin; Ewer, Amanda; Hoffmann, Sarah; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen & Winkle, Melissa The impacts of animal assisted therapy on active participation in therapy sessions: a descriptive case series study
Brown, Amber; Feldpausch, Sydney; Flintoft, Kasey & Oswald, Miranda Behavioral interventions used in the classroom to address challenging behaviors of students with autism spectrum disorder: a study
Demick, Beth; Halfmann, Danielle; Hugo, Viselle, Tacey, Ashton & Wallin, Alina The impact of luminosity on prospective memory in a person with a TBI: a pretest-posttest case study
Embury, Breanna; Humphrey, Kodi; Marcath, Samantha & Petitpas, Madeline Teachers' experiences of implementing planned physical activity programs in the classroom: a qualitative study
Fisher, Alyssa; Hamilton, Danielle; Platte, Grant & Sumerix, Brooke The occupation-based use of physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice: a qualitative descriptive study
Flaim, Deanna; Marker, Kennedy; Shaw, Alexa & Taylor, Carly The impact of standing wheelchair use on community integration: a qualitative descriptive study
Genschaw, Taylor; Soenksen, Melanie; Walker, Destyni & Yaros, Haley Use of a guardian-run home-based yoga program to address maladaptive behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorder: an evidence-based protocol
Weber, Danielle; Powell, Devyn; Kunkel, Kevin & Wilton, Reece Exploring the impact of pre-planned, socially-oriented intergeneration interactions of psychosocial well-being with the geriatric population



Author(s) Title
Antone, Rachel; Morley, Beth; Kenyon, Jessica; Sedlar, Tiarra & Warren, Noelle The role of occupational therapy with pediatrics in outpatient trauma centers: a qualitative descriptive study
Batdorff, Matthew; Calandrino, Valerie; Dungerow, Lucy; Peters, Alyssa & Swiecicki, Aaron The impact of occupational performance coaching on perceived occupational performance and satisfaction of an adult with diabetes mellitus type II: a descriptive case study
Baumgarten, Rachel; Gary, Jordan; Gordon, Taylor & Stepanski, Paige Among adults with a traumatic brain injury, is virtual reality-based rehabilitation effective in improving balance?
Bourdage, Brenna; Pityer, Anita; Schlott, Jessica; Smith, Alex; Toering, Katherine & Ullery, George Among adolescents and adults with anxiety disorders, does animal assisted therapy result in the reduction in perceived levels of anxiety?
Gieche, Rachel; Schlicher-Smith, Mary; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen & Winkle, Melissa The impact of mobility dogs on biomechanics during ambulation: a descriptive quantitative study
Guzik, Sarah; Lipa, Emily; Koenigsknecht, Kevin; Nichols, Baleigh & Skop, Jessie The influences of sensory experiences on feeding among children with autism spectrum disorder: a phenomenological study
Hahn, Chelsey L; Cole, Kaitlen E; VanBuskirk, Erin C; Gray, Mandalin E & Avery, Nicole C Occupational therapists' perceptions and current practices regarding substance use disorders: a survey
Hecht, Amy; Somers, Katie; Whittington, Carrlyssa & Wood, Alyse The influence of level II students on fieldwork educator productivity in a skilled nursing facility: a retrospective cohort study
Jozwiak, Jane; O'Kelly, Jesse; Rocha, Vasey; Schlicher, Abby & Schneider, Casey Effects of tablet technology on hand dexterity among persons post cerebral vascular accident: an evidence-based protocol
Kennard, Amanda; Murphy, Katelyn; Roebuck, Kaylee & Zwiernik, Hannah Mirror therapy: an evidence-based protocol for individuals with upper extremity amputations and phantom limb pain
Pauly, Cora; Pendred, Kristie; Thurlow, Amanda; Wargo, Dayna & Watkins, Kimberlie Teachers' use of sensory-based activities to address problem behaviors in elementary aged students: a survey
Richard, Annette; Solomon, Brianna; Parent, Karlee; Okoro, Laverne & Myers, Noelle Implications of habits and routines on medication adherence for adults: a case series
Rozek, Kristin; Langley, Elizabeth & Morley, Joel Student perspectives of implementing occupation-based interventions: a qualitative descriptive study



Author(s) Title
Ardelean, Chelsea; Dodson, Jenna; Keinath, Hannah; Sherman, Melanie & Somero, Briana The role of occupational therapy in the treatment of persons with alcohol use disorders: a survey
Backus, Shelby; Fowler, Rachel; Kline, Britney & Trupp, Courtney Cerebellar activities: an evidence-based protocol for children with autism spectrum disorder
Begick, Carrie; Buda, Jordan; Koenigbauer, Emily; Peltier, Duke & Wood, Jesse Impact of the musico keyboard program on behavior of a child with autism spectrum disorder: a time-series case study
Behnam, Dema; Lozon, Brittany; Lucido, Jacquelyn & Gatson, DeAnna Stickler Teachers' perceptions of implementing physical activity programs within 6th-7th grade classrooms and their impacts on student classroom behavior: a qualitative study
Bell, Paige; Bishop, Brandon; Herlache-Pretzer, Ellen; Klein, Holly & Longworth, Lela Establishing normative values for the Barnett Balance Assessment-Sit (BBA-SIT)
Bergman, Katelyn; Cummins-Lanter, Katherine; Maron, Alyssa & Vogel, Sylvia The effect of inpatient group treatment on FIM efficiency and length of stay
Brown, Taylor; Duncun, Shelby; King, Shelby & Kuznicki, Erin PICO: animal-assisted intervention
Clune, April; Kane, Kyla; Windsor, Lindsey & Zimmerman, Ashley The impact of standing wheelchair use on community integration: a phenomenological study
Crouse, Haley; Czopek, Kate; Fritz, Andrea; Lange, Kolby & Young, Taylor Outcomes of the hand facilitator: a case study
England, Allyson; Glidner, Stephanie, Nitz, Megan & Uhlmann, Alyssa Effects of Lumosity on IADL function in persons with TBI: one group pretest posttest
Galeana, Megan; Krzyske, Hannah; Modrall, Mackenzie; Ouillette, Kaitlin & Wood, Caleb Participants' perceptions of activity choice within adult day programs: a survey
Goleman, Emily; Leitermann, Shannon; Seibert, Lauren & Yaroch, Clara Perspectives on education and training in the delivery of occupational-based physical agent modalities (PAMS): a survey
Green, Erica; Mazzola, Brandon; Stoll, Joshua & Wendling, Emily Reasons for prosthetic rejections among people with acquired upper extremity amputations: a phenomenological study
Hinds, Allie; Kaufmann, Kyle & Zietz, Cody Among caregivers caring for an individual with traumatic brain injury, do current interventions improve the caregiver's overall quality of life?



Author(s) Title
Blackmer, Ashley; Kleekamp, Heather & Partridge, Brittany Sleep participation, sleep preparation, and use of adaptive equipment among children with autism spectrum disorder: a survey
Braun, Molly; Conlon, Katie; Gallo, Allison & Vincke, Jordan Fathers' lived experiences with a child with ASD: a phenomenological study
Cooper, Mary; Duclos, Marie; Gallagher, Melissa & Watson, Katelyn The effects of rhythmic auditory stimulation on upper extremity functionality in persons with Parkinson's disease: a pilot study
Cubalo, Kaitlyn; Lott, Mary & Richter, Lauren Students' perceived attitudes towards clinical simulation in occupational therapy education: a survey
Delano, Missy; Meyer, Kayla; Stawowy, Kellie & Vasher, Hilary The impact of equine assisted therapy on communication within familial relationships of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder: a phenomenological study
Dorian, Stephanie; Saban, Sydney & Szagranski, Lisa Impacts of team-based learning on education and clinical practice of occupational therapy students and practitioners: a survey
Emeott, Brandon; Kunisch, Meg & Malone, Maggie Effectiveness of a sensory motor intervention on improving on-task behavior in children with autism spectrum disorder: a program evaluation
Graham, Carolynn; Kasper, Kaylene; LaPointe, Aaron & Wilson, Kristin Assessment of the freedom of mobility program: a pilot descriptive study
Graham, Susanna L; McLean, Chantelle A & Hennigar, Tama M Management of chronic illness in primary care: a descriptive survey
Griswold, Megan; Happ, Kailah; Wagner, Lauren & Prast, Dr. Jean Interprofessional education and collaboration among occupational therapy students: a survey
Gross, Kaley A; Kuebler, Alaina M & Nothaft, Mary-Kathryn L The effects of the Xbox Kinect on muscle strength, coordination, and manipulative skills of persons with multiple sclerosis: a case study
Guinn, Anthony; Eisenga, Joshua & Nelson, Luke Use of occupation-based treatments in the Great Lakes Bay region: a survey
Gwizdala, Amanda; Niemiec, Brenda; Parrent, Nicole & Tyler, Kurtis Impacts of generational differences on occupational therapy: a survey
Hartwig, Marissa N; Seaman, Courtney A; Williams, Samantha E & Witherspoon, Sarah M Relationship between handwriting legibility and academic performance in college students: a quantitative study
Hennigar, Tama Medication self-management interventions for persons with chronic conditions in primary care: a literature review & guidelines for occupations therapy practice
Herek, Tim; Furlo, Jennifer & Peet, Victoria Community reintegration of veterans: a survey of occupational therapy treatment providers
Laidlaw, Elizabeth; McCanham, Chelsea; Bowersox, Amanda & Fecteau, Nicole Exploring early intervention services provided to children with visual impairments: a survey
Short, Allison & Ulewicz, Emily Emotional, informational, and functional support needs of family caregivers of persons with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury: a survey



Author(s) Title
Allen, Jennae; Dubey, Chelsea; Fiting, Jessica; Kastler, Katie; Lyon, Carrie & Herlach-Pretzer, Dr. Ellen Biomechanics of a person using a service dog for mobility assistance: a case study
Baldwin, Morgan; Burzynski, Ashley; Kraft, Heidi; Pantea, Heather; Polega, Kayle & Stedry, Kara A comparative study of the sensory profile questionnaire and sensory processing measure in children
Biskup, Scott; Budge, Amanda; LaFave, Chet; Penkala, Samuel & Roettele, Katharine Barnett Balance Assessment: establishing baseline date for a balance-impaired population
Blaschka, Rebecca; Bowen, Heather; Muszynski, Melanie; Opperman, Kristin & Sanchez, Krystina Effects of Nintendo Wii versus Xbox Kinect on fine and gross motor skills in stroke survivors: a pilot study
Bleau, Tiffany; Farrier, Katherine; Jacobs, Amy & Osentoski, Michelle Experiences of adults with developmental disabilities involved in vocational training: a descriptive qualitative study
Boulier, Jordan; Lange, Melissa; Scott, Ashley & Zachar, Nicole Preparatory practices for occupational therapy fieldwork educators: a survey
Bowker, Ashley; Jensen, Marisa; Matherne,Lauren; Osborne, Elizabeth; Preuschoof, Jessica & Schank, Jaina Needs of students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder during the high school to college transition period: a case study
Ensman, Haleigh; Masters, Nicole; Reinert, Alexis; Reppuhn, Lauren; Schmidlin, Jessica & Schmidt, Cassie Exploring outcomes of cross-cultural endeavors in occupational therapy professionals: a phenomenological study
Fisette, Kyle; Hummel, Eric; Janes, Steve; Kunik, Justin; Meeker, Kelsey & Ortega, Kayla Effects of resistaslide training equipment on upper extremity muscular strength and muscular endurance in adults: a randomized controlled pilot study
Guinn, Andrew; Booms, Ethan; Piselli, Joseph; Bell, Morgan; Schults, Ryan & Elliott, Zachary Current use of pre-discharge home evaluations by occupational therapists: a survey



Author(s) Title
Baron, Samantha; Paul, Laura & Staszak, Scott Impacts of vocational rehabilitation on life satisfaction in persons with TBI: a phenomenological study
Bonner, Luke; Elliot, Justin; Hall, Melissa; Rebottaro, Sara & Sheridan, Derek Effects of constraint induced movement therapy and mirror therapy on three persons with CVA: a case series
Booth, Rachel M & Woods, Estee K LGBTQ young adults: connecting the occupational dots
Borchard, Chelsea; Ernst, Kristine; Selahowski, Collin; Smith, Jeffrey & Webber, Brooke Evaluation of differences in occupational perceptions among student military veterans vs. traditional college students using the occupational performance history interview-II
Browne, Michael; Campbell, Aaron; O'Shea, Daniel & Shooltz, Andrew Evidence-based protocol for increasing physical fitness in a community dwelling elderly person
Bugh, Carmen; Dixon, Rachel & McConnon, Theresa Literacy locomotion: an evidence-based physical movement literacy protocol
Buzo, Kate; Cao, Jing; London, Stephanie & Miller, Melissa Perceived impacts of peer mentoring in an occupational therapy program
Diller, Lacey; Herzog, Kayla; Stevens, Leigha & Wojtowicz, Melane Interprofessional collaboration among occupational therapists in the health care setting: a survey
Frederick, Jessica; Helewski, Kalyn & White, Emily iPad usage as a therapeutic modality in pediatrics: a survey of practitioners
Horner, Trinette L; Kulhanek, Staci L; Strieter, Stacy A & Witbrodt, Alicia F The impact of equine assisted therapy on quality of life and social reintegration of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder
Schember, Laura M; Sonntag, Breanne C; Fabyan, Kari L; Kennedy, Stacy R; Wilcox, Shelbi L & Bassett, Jessica E Rhythmic auditory stimulation intervention for persons with Parkinson's disease
Wellman, Natalie; Nunamaker, Jillian; Clark, Katelyn & Lewis, Brittany Students' experiences with clinical simulation in occupational therapy education: a survey



Author(s) Title
Beaver, Suzanne; Skelton, Dana & Vogel, Krystin A phenomenological study to explore the lived experiences of individuals with congenital upper limb deficiency and acquired upper extremity amputations
Bilbee, Katelyn & Sova, Michelle Effects of the "Handwriting without tears" curriculum on handwriting legibility and speed on adults with developmental disabilities: a pilot study
Cercone, Monica; Grulke, Katherine; Haskin, Alora; Medearis, Kyle & Swinton, Clarissa Establishing normative values for the Barnett balance assessment tool: a preliminary study
Clothier, Amanda; Gombar, Ellen; Sauve, Elizabeth; Temple, Dereck & Zimmerman, Megan Generational differences among practicing occupational therapists: a survey
Corlew, Ashleigh; Herbolsheimer, Jenni & Huss, Joseph The impacts of therapy balls as alternative seating devices on attention in the adult population
Csatari, Rachel; Kolanowski, Alyssa; Londry, Amy & Romblaski, Rachel The impact of service dogs on engagement in occupation among persons with mobility impairments: a phenomenological study
Dell, Andrea; Gepford, Rachel; Payne, Angela; Simerson, Vanessa & Young, Tonya Impacts of the Breast Health Continuum program on shoulder functioning and well-being of breast cancer survivors following radiation, mastectomy, and/or chemotherapy
Dunkerson, Jacob The effects of combining enriched environment and transplantation of induced pluripotent stem cells following traumatic brain injury
Engler, Amanda; Gembrowski, Mary; Perry, Chelsey & Rosenberg, Eric The use of theories, frames of references, and models of practice within occupational therapy: a survey
Gaffney, Laura; Gasta, Sarah; Hayes, Courtney; Kozakowski, Alicia & Moses, Mallory The effects of stand up desks on student level of attention in a classroom setting
Miles, Jennifer L Parental ratings of satisfaction with occupational therapy in special education: a survey
Montague, Megan Teachers' use of alternative seating devices with children with attention issues: a survey
Roggenbuck, Kayla; Mangapora, Kathryn & Ouillette, Alisha Observations of aquatic therapy on sensory behavior in adults with developmental disabilities



Author(s) Title
Bauer, Amber; Beach, Amy; Borman, Jill & Ellis, Kristina Effects of handwriting interventions provided in a summer camp setting for children with autism spectrum disorders
Bierlein, Matilda; Bliss, Katie; Rudel, Shayna & Shaffer, Kayla Implementing evidence into practice for clients with idiopathic shoulder adhesive capsulitis: a survey of occupational therapists and physical therapists
Brown, Jessica; Smith, Allissa & Wendling, Ashley A NESS H200 intervention for an individual with stroke-induced upper extremity impairments: an evidence-based protocol derived from a comprehensive literature review
Clinton-Barnett, Nathan R Outcomes of a rhythmic auditory stimulation intervention for a person with Parkinson's disease: a case study
Couturier, Keith; Kevwitch, Caroline & Webb, Paul The effects of the Nintendo Wii on balance and gait of persons with multiple sclerosis
Farrand, Nicole; Johnson, Caleb; Pasant, Alissa & Schwab, Chelsea The effects of a home-based constraint-induced movement therapy program on arm function in persons with hemiparesis
Getzen, Stephanie & Westphal, Stacey The impacts of aquatic therapy on strength and range of motion of people with developmental disabilities
Hefter, Amy; Sandelich, Anna & Davis, Katie Parents' perceptions of the influence of hippotherapy on children's quality of life, activities of daily living, and social functioning within the family
Knapp, Sydney; Martin, Mackenzie & Terry, Donna Experiences of 2010 graduates of a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program: a descriptive study
Maus, Moira Accessibility of occupational therapy services for the rural elderly in Northern Michigan
Vokes, Kristen The use of occupation-based intervention kits to promote the use of occupation-based interventions by occupational therapists
Whitaker, Kellie L; Milbourne, Megan R & Clark, Justin D LEGO therapy program for a child with autism spectrum disorder: an evidence based protocol



Author(s) Title
Ahlgren, Alyssa; Baumer, Lesley; Burch, Stefanie; Woelke, Tricia (Flores) & O'Toole, Lindsay Graduate perceptions of preparedness and success in the Saginaw Valley State University MSOT program
Baxter, James M & Bridges, Dr. Jennifer M Relationship between core endurance and proper muscle co-activation during lifting
Coe, Sarah & Fisher, Allison Use of occupation-based interventions by occupational therapists in the clinical setting
Cruz, Courtney; Hartman, Jerika; Beach, Jessica & Moyer, Samantha Parent perceptions of the effectiveness of services for their adult children with autism spectrum disorder
Fleming, Lindsey; Marciniak, Corinn & Timm, Jennifer Effects of the Nintendo Wii versus traditional chair exercises on upper extremity strength and range of motion among the elderly living at a nursing home
Golding, Lisa; Niedzielski, Stephanie & Yaklin, Kayla Perceptions of the transition process from education to the workforce for people with hearing impairments
Gonyea, Kendall & Jaime, Jessika Health promotion and obesity prevention through occupational therapy
Hart, Aaron; Bedtelyon, Courtney & Zietz, Kristi Effects of the Nintendo Wii versus group exercises on the quality of life and social participation of cognitively-stable nursing home residents
Herlache, Ellen; Gainforth, Ashley; Halder, Beth; Hennessey, Aimee & Jaqua, Jacquelyn Techniques used by assistance dog organizations to assess emotional readiness of clients: a survey
Jackson, Justin J; First, Ashley N; Schwerin, Ashley M & Koss, Eric A Perceptions of the effects of social support, physical barriers, and educational barriers on the college experiences of students with mobility limitations
Lamberton, Jamie L & Varner, Katherine L Occupational therapy in the treatment of fibromyalgia
McGinnis, Laura; Napieralski, Chelsie; Sajdak, Amy & Trumbley, Trisha The effects of the Nintendo Wii versus chair exercise on balance and fall risk among the skilled nursing home population
Meyers, Katie; Peters, Molly; Stillwagon, Courtney & Topham, Amy Parental perceptions of the impact of the astronaut training protocol on children with vestibular dysfunction: a case study
Strandbergh, Jennifer Perceptions of individuals who participated in the HealthRhythms protocol: a phenomenological study
Tseng, Carol Community-based rehabilitation programs for elderly people with traumatic brain injury: an evidence-based protocol



Author(s) Title
Ahlgren, Adam; Serbus, Susan; Sirrine, Todd; Durst, Jeremy & Winandy, David The effects of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) and hand function
Bartlett, Aricka; Kernstock, Stacy & Maxey, Jenna The effects of smart technology on spatial relations of children who are visually impaired
Bellinger, Laura; Cowling, Brenna; Dafoe, Lisa & Obrecht, Melissa An aqua therapy program for an individual with fibromyalgia: an evidence based protocol
Brissette, Britany; Mrozinski, Colleen & Simpson, Tyler The effects of constraint-induced movement therapy on proprioception
Davis, Amanda E Nintendo Wii: the effects of modern gaming technology within a geriatric population
McKulsky, Karyz; Rodriguez, Mallory & Quenneville, Trevor Starting a club collegiate wheelchair basketball team
Morrow, Ashley; Ballor, Elizabeth; Killingbeck, Jill & Haskin, Megan The effects of constraint-induced movement therapy and modified constraint-induced movement therapy on quality of life among persons with chronic hemiparesis



Author(s) Title
Applebaum, Trisha; Kettler, Jacqueline; Markel, Heather; Coppinger, Cortney & Toner, Megan The effects of low-intensity exercise training in the elderly population
Barnes, Meghan; Culler, Tiffany; Hamilton, Julienne; Krawczyk, Stacy; Bigari, Kim & Gregory, Heather Healthy lifestyles through an adaptive living program: promoting community inclusion, education, and social supports
Blasius, Melony M; Finkbeiner, Kara J & Outman, Thomas L Michigan crossbow evaluation study
Bodary, Andrea; Burzynski, Stacy; Malcom, Julie & Sheff, Arcia Improving senior quality of life through occupational therapy services
Brushaber, Lindsey; May, Anneliese; Saunders, Staci & Sebald, Crystal The effects of a low-intensity sensorimotor exercise program on the older adult: a quantitative and qualitative study
Card, Stacey; Graham, Hailey; Roberts, Jessica & Santoya, Faith The effectiveness of the sound flash device in determining non-visual spatial perception
Crainer, Bradley J Virtual therapy in stroke rehabilitation: the role of technology in enhancing leisure
Freeland, Ben; Krieger, Jen; Nikolai, Nicole; Seeley, Angela; Licavoli, Elishia; Prieur, Kristi; Swackhamer, Nikki & Timm, Bridgette The effect of constraint induced movement therapy on individuals with chronic hemiparesis participating in the arm improvement and movement program
Jacob, Julie; Ritsema, Julie & Scott, Danielle Preparedness of occupational therapists for the clinical teaching role in practice
Neuens, Tommy J; Schlaff, Scott D & Myers, Patrick A Influential muscles on the compound bow: surface electromyography testing
Partee, Rachelle; Weber, Kadie & Witer, Jessica The effectiveness and prevalence of hippotherapy for children in region 4