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eBooks @ Zahnow Library

This guide briefly describes eBooks at Zahnow and how to locate them. Information on locating other online books in the library's databases is also included.


Unless you intend to read the entire ebook, there is no need to download. You can easily read it online and it may be more useful to do this if you just need a small part of the ebook for an assignment.

Downloading can be done, but it takes some steps and requires the creation of a separate, personal account within the database. 

Transferring a downloaded ebook to a device can be tricky in some instances.  

If you still wish to download the entire title, locate the Ebook Central tab or the EBSCO eBook collection tab on the left, depending on which vendor your book is in. 

At this time, downloading to non-tablet Kindle is not possible.

Download an EBSCO ebook Title

We recommend using EBSCO's Ebook Viewer for all titles. You can then read online in any device without downloading. The title should adjust to your device's browser. If you have the option to read in the EPUB format, select that format. 

However, there may be a reason to download a title. Please refer to the link or video below for instruction.