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eBooks @ Zahnow Library

This guide briefly describes eBooks at Zahnow and how to locate them. Information on locating other online books in the library's databases is also included.

eBooks and File Format Compatibility

Check out Wikipedia's Comparison of e-book readers for further information

Kindle: .arg, .azw(Amazon's File Format), .html, .mp3, .txt, .rtf, .pdf

  • Note: epub files are not compatible with Kindles

Nook: .epub, .pdb, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp

Tablet: Most file formats are compatible with tablets at long as the correct App is downloaded to the tablet.

Troubleshooting eBooks

For problems encountered with ebooks, it is usually best to contact the library first. We can often troubleshoot or advise quickly. 

Common problems with library e-books:

  • User Limits: If you are unable to check out a title on ebrary or EBSCO, there may be a user limit on the e-Book. If someone has downloaded or is viewing a book you want to read as well, you may be denied access due to the user limit. 
  • Compatibility problems: Not all file formats are compatible with all e-Book devices.
  • Browser issues: Outdated browsers and "mesy" caches can contribute to ebook problems. Always update your browser (most devices will do this automatically unless you change your settings, but it's good to check anyway). Clean your browser cache monthly at least.