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Online Course Support Librarian Program: FAQs

The essentials and history of the Online Course Support Librarian Program


Course Librarian Questions:
Q: How do I request a course librarian to join my class?

A: Contact your library liaison at
or contact Michelle Strasz at or 989-964-7094.

Q: Why do librarians need Teacher Assistant permissions within Canvas?

A: The Librarians need Teacher Assistant (TA) permissions in order to post/upload content such as video tutorials, subject guides, and handouts to your class. 

Q: How do I add a librarian to my course within Canvas?

A: Please, click here and follow the instructions provided.

Q: Will you be sending out a lot of emails to the students?

A: We are willing to work with professors to determine the level of activity that is needed of the librarian.

Q: Will you link databases articles into Canvas for me?

A: Yes, we will link articles from the library’s databases that you want to use in your Canvas class.

Q: What kind of response time can the students expect for research help?

A: Click here to see when the Research Services is available. 

We normally answer chat questions within one minute. We also have email research help during the week and also on the weekends and response time is within 24 hours.

Q: Can the course librarian create customized video tutorial on subject specific databases like CINAHL?

A: Yes, we will create customized tutorials on how to use different library resources including databases, as well as steps in the research process. Please contact your library liaison for further discussion about your request.

Q: So what if a student posts or emails a question at 1am,  when will they hear back from a librarian?

A: The student may not receive an answer until the next morning. At this time, the library does not have the personnel or budget to schedule around the clock coverage. 

Q: I need help finding more articles on this topic for my class. Would you be able to research this topic for me?

A: Yes, we will work with you on finding articles. Please contact your liaison librarian for further discussion. 

Q: I usually have an in class library instruction session, is there an option for this for my online class?

A: Yes, it is possible to utilize the video conference tool in Canvas to conduct and record a library online instruction session. Librarians also can use Microsoft Teams and ZOOM. 

Resources and Services for Academic Instructional Library Support

More FAQs

Access Questions:

Q: I can't access any library materials: my login doesn't work. What do I do?

A: If your login works for your SVSU email account but not your Zahnow  Library account you may have
special characters in your password that will not work with the library system (! ? <> {} %) . You will need to change your password to one that does not contain any of those characters. See the Library access Triage site for more assistance 

Q: I can't get access to specific library materials: my login doesn't work. What do I do?

A: If you are being asked for your login by the publisher Zahnow Library may not have licensed access. Use Tipasa to request the item:


Resource Support Questions:

Q: How do I put supplemental readings on my Canvas course?

A: Please see the information at

Q: How do I put books on reserve for my online classes?

A: For one or two book chapters, treat them as an article

Q: How do I get Interlibrary Loan (Tipasa), MelCat, Holds materials delivered to instructors and students?

A: Please see the information at
Q: How will my students get articles the Library does not own?

A: For articles see this video

Q: How will my students get print books the Library does not own?

A: For print book see this video

Q: How will my students get ebooks?

A: For ebooks search using this link:

Q: I cannot access an ebook from our catalog. What can I do?

A: For ebooks search using this link:

Q: I found an ebook online (not from the Library catalog) and my login and password doesn't work. help?

A: Contact your Library Liaison for assistance with that resource.

Q: What do I do if I am not sure how to get any materials the Library does not own?

A: Request the item through Interlibrary Loan/Tipasa and we will figure the rest out

Q: I requested something through Tipasa and it was canceled. What options do I have?

A: Contact Heather Fisher ( with as much information as possible. Some materials simply are not available. 

Q: I am having a problem uploading a video into my Canvas course, can you help me?

A: Yes, we are happy to work with you on this but for extensive Canvas help, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at 964-4225 or Center for Academic Innovation (CAI) at 964-2622.

Q: How can I embed links to materials from my Canvas course?

A: Please use the link below or contact your course librarian or library liaison