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SVSU History: Robert S. P. Yien Award

Quick Reference

"The Robert S. P. Yien Freshman Writing Awards showcase outstanding English 111 Fall Semester writers.  Winning papers are engaging and significant within their genre and must exhibit the fine qualities endorsed b the English 111 rubric." -- Publication of Winning Entries, 2006

Award Recipients

Robert S. P. Yien Freshman Writing Awards

  • 2001-2002
  • 2002-2003
  • 2003-2004
  • 2004-2005
  • 2005-2006
    • Shannon Iafrate : "Closing the Gap in America: Fixing the Problem of Language Barriers"
    • Kristine Schlicht : "Queen of the Hill"
    • Emily Robinson : "Out from the Shadows"
    • Ben Petiprin : "In His Shadow"
    • Brandon Cummings : "The Wrestler"
    • Brock A. Martin : "Everything Happens for a Reason"
  • 2006-2007
    • Kate Marie Davis : Kitchen Wisks and Welding Tools
    • Sienna Wallace : Like A Virgin...But Not Qujite: An Analysis of Madonna as the Icon of American Sexuality
    • Rebecca Griffin : The Reigning "King of Beers": An Analysis of Budweiser as an American Icon"
    • Chelsea Smith : Loving Letters: The Journal of a Young Woman
    • Arian Zambron : The Intersection of South Graham and Lakefield Roads
  • 2007-2008
    • Jake Ballard : A War's End
    • Meghan Michelle Witzke : "You Gained Weight"
    • Kristen L. Latuszek : Learning to Love the Land
    • Haley Schieberl : Nike Advertising : Just Do It
    • Caitlin A. Chojnacki : Obesity: Who is to Blame?
  • 2009
    • Nathan Irby : "The Imperfect-Perfect Source of Energy"
    • Stephen Green : "The Rhetorical Effectiveness of The Simpsons"
    • Aaron Zimmerman : "The Importance of a Gym"
    • Aimee Wilson : "Caffeine: Our Generation's Dangerous Sleep Alternative"
    • Josh Campbell : "No Regrets"
  • 2010
    • Ashley Meyer : Bohnhorst's Effective Argument: A Rhetorical Analysis
    • Shaun Yankee : Civiian Contractors: Give 'em a Break
    • Rebecca Clifford : Mandatory Wellness Programs: A Quick Fix For Skyrocketing Health Care Costs, or a Detriment to Job Security and Employee Rights to Privacy and Non-Discrimination?
    • Hansel Vedrine : When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window: From Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Midland, Michigan
    • Devan Schlund : An Argument to a Proposed Solution
  • 2011
    • Brandon Cadotte : We Are the Caffeine Generation
    • Nancy Qwynne Lackey : The DREAM Act: Embracing Immigrants is to Embrace Success
    • Rachael Blaylock : Stories and Whispers
    • Abigail Rospierski : Hydropower: The Overlooked Energy Source
  • 2012
    • Kefira Zink : Why Are You Offended by My Baby's Lunch?
    • Ashli Maser : Something To Sink Your Teeth Into
    • Clare Christe : The Right to Write
    • Allyson Poag : Nuclear Power: Is It Worth the Cost?
  • 2013
    • Devon C. Waslusky : The Popular Culture Meme: An Art Form for the Young Culture
    • Brittany Thompson : Barbie and Ken Generation
    • Taylor Marie Jurek : The No Child Left Behind Act
    • Nikita Farooq : A Response to the Article, "You Have the Right to Remain a Target of Racial Profiling," by Eugene Robinson
    • Mitchell Tyler Irwin : Legitimizing the Oldest Profession: The Case for Criminals
  • 2014
    • Madison Martin : Infinite Stories = An Infinite Future
    • Emily Darling : Effort Is Not the Same as Education
    • Susie Balcom : A Parent's Responsibiilty of Teaching Sexual Education
    • Jaleah Hawthorne : Rags to Riches or "Ratchet" to Riches?
    • Cameron Pratt : Selfless Charity Does Not Truly Exist
  • 2015
    • Kelsey Setla: Standardized Testing Anxieties: Problems and Solutions
  • 2016
    • Jaymason Gold: Legalizing Sports Betting in a Modern Age
  • 2017
    • Carson Chapman:  A Cleaner and Healthier Future: Environmental Waste and Its Impacts on Human Health